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Drusus: The Sermons

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 03:19 PM

It is the details of mistakes we most remember…

125 Scint per Auditor. Equipment may be purchased without resort to Inquiry from the Dark Heresy Core Rules only. Any weapons possessed by the Auditors and listed in the Inquisitor's Handbook that require special ammunition for their use may be purchased, but require a successful Challenging (+/-0) Inquiry Test to locate. Aside from that, any other purchases are limited to the Inquisitor's Handbook, but require seperate successful Difficult (-10) Inquiry Tests to locate each item. Fate Points may not be used to re-roll Tests; you either find the item(s) you seek or not.

Please save your receipts (provide a list of purchased items upon arriving to the game).

…and upon which all shall be judged.



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Posted 17 March 2013 - 05:43 PM

Seek not to escape from misery in death…

Evee has assembled a selection of gear and kit that she suspects will be more fortunate than not to possess during your voyage through the void. The following list includes items provided to all Auditors of Cell 1:

1x Micro-foil Slip-suit: Contained in an envelope-sized pouch that easily slips into a pant or coat pocket, this suit will stretch to fit over normal clothing [including Mesh-weave], may easily be worn inside most void suits, will retain body heat [if exposed to extremely low temperatures, such as the void, it will protect the Head, Arm, Body, and Leg locations; hands, feet and face excluded] for an additional TB Rounds, is outwardly heat reflective [+10 to Toughness Tests if exposed to extremely high temperatures that may cause Fatigue], and is highly resistant to hazardous chemicals and bio-hazards [+10 to Toughness Tests vs. Toxic splashing/splattering chemicals, noxious vomit, and chemical Spray weapons such as the Dark Eldar Liquifier Gun], and is not a fully enclosed/sealed environment [Auditors must use Re-breathers/Filter Plugs and goggles/masks as appropriate] Note: This suit will provide protection from the heat caused by fire, but affords no protection from [or bonuses to avoid] catching fire. The Micro-foil slip-suit provides no AP.

1x Salvation Auger (basic model, Inquisitor's Handbook, pg 127)

1x Nutrient Recyk Stent [requires a successful Challenging Medicae Test to insert…and a distinct lack of modesty]; this device consists of a fist-sized, egg-shaped coil pump/recyk filter with one long tube and two shorter tubes. One of the shorter tubes is inserted into the urethra, while the second shorter tube and its longer counterpart are inserted into both ends of the alimentary canal [esophagus and anus]. Bodily waste is captured within the Recyk filters, approximately 100 micro-layers of synthetic weave that trap toxic impurities, and the remaining nutrients are then pumped directly into the wearer's stomach for re-consumption and hydration. It is recommended the esophagus tube be inserted well past the tongue, otherwise recyk nutrients have an extremely unpleasant "earthy" taste. Nutrient Recyk Stents will operate for up to one week without requiring a rinse [one half liter of anti-bacterial gel, or 4 liters of water], but will otherwise provide the necessary nutrients required to prevent malnourishment-related Fatigue.

1x Plastek bladder containing 2 liters of anti-bacterial gel.

3x Micro-hypo Injectors of Panimune [stored in a velco armband, Inquisitor's Handbook, pg 130]. Each hypo contains 1 dose.

The following items are Auditor-specific:

Specialist Phaenom Borba- Psy-Blok Torque: Your Emperor-given gifts will act as a siren call to the denizens of the Aethyric Realm. While the Duke Largess travels within the Warp, it is recommended you wear the torque to silence this clarion. When the clasp is twisted together you will feel a nearly-imperceptable vibration, the circuitry of the torque "blunting" your ability.

Specialist Censurist Gaius- The hand-crafted pamphlet found among Pietro Ur's collection of ware guides [this pamphlet is small enough to fit within a wallet or pocket, and is filled with much useful information that can be used to verify the authenticity of Xenos-manufactured items, providing +10 to Forbidden Lore- Xenos Tests made to identify/authenticate items of Eldar, Ork, Stryxis, and Tau origin].

Specialist Exhumator Lionus- 2x Blind Grenades [these have been "dismantled" and may be packed with the remainder of your "treasure" miscellany to disguise their nature; it requires a successful Difficult Tech-Use Test to reassemble them, with 3 or more DoF resulting in an Explosive Mishap, see Dark Heresy Core Rules, pg 137], 1x "blank" Ward Accessor [Inquisitor's Handbook, pg 128].

Specialist Praedator Timur- Skem Net, Volonx [Inquisitor's Handbook, pg 103].

Specialist Exculpator Peace- Syckle Oil, Tygress V [2x applications; Inquisitor's Handbook, pg 104].

…for He That Is Most Mighty gathers not the selfish dead to His side. 



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