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At All Costs DS Deck

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Posted 26 January 2013 - 08:10 PM


Bought my second core set the other day and finally got around to working on new decks. Here is my second dualcore DS deck.
Sith Affiliation
2x Black Squadron Assault
2x Shadows of Dathomir
2x The Heart of the Empire
2x Fall of the Jedi
1x Council of the Sith
1x Reconnaissance Mission
Card Purposes

3x Sith Library, 2x Shadows of Dathomir, 2x Hearts of the Empire, 1x Advisor to the Emporor: To have plenty of resources on heavy Units and resetting a Rancor infested playboard after the LS has no Non-Vehicle Units or before your Nightsisters are eaten (unless you want the Rancor to eat one so you can play another out of your hand and commit it to the force for the last needed damage to take out an objective).
4x Nightsister, 3x Target of Opportunity: To do direct damage to objectives.

3x Heat of Battle, 2x Darth Vador, 2x Rancor, 2x Force Statis, 2x Force Choke, 2x Disturbance in the Force: To thin out the Rebels defense with direct damage or focusing.

2x Black Squadron Assault, 2x Vader's TIE Advanced, 2x TIE Advanced: To attack with both the unique and non-unique TIE Advanced's, strike with Vader's TIE Advanced, use Black Squadron Assault to unfocus Vader's TIE, attack again while using its ability to gain a possible attack bonus (only if you already have Vader in your hand or in play), hopefully now unopposed… strike with the other TIE Advanced and use its ability to do its natural objective damage, an additional objective damage, and then another one for being unopposed. Unopposed that is a garaunteed 1+1+2+1=5 objective damage.

2x Heart of the Empire, 2x Coroscant Defense Fleet: To waste the Trench Run pod(s) my making them irrelevent if the LS player has it in his deck and to give you 2 objectives that are potentially capable of taking 14-19 objective damage each. That being the case meaning you can concentrate on defending only 1-2 objectives without much worry about a second or third attack, the Coroscant Defense Fleet potentially being able to destroy any unit if you win the edge while on defense… pulling double duty.

2x Fall of the Jedi, 2x There is No Escape, 1x Counsel of the Sith, 1x Dark Precognition: After resetting the board, being able to get through your deck much faster to get back to your best cards.

With this deck you want use your ample defense and direct damage to give you the time to destroy the LS' defenses. Once you've done that then hit their objectives even harder to finish the game quickly.
50 card Command Deck
24 attack-capable (has a damage icon) Unit cards
8 Fate cards
What do you think?

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