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Who among you dare build the nastiest assault marine?

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#1 Senior Cardinal Ignato

Senior Cardinal Ignato


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Posted 26 January 2013 - 04:03 PM

The Senior Cardinal Ignato has been blessed with the opportunity of serving one of he most celebrated of all positions in the Imperium, a member of a kill team of the Deathwatch, the only thing is anyone who knows the Cardinal is chuckling right now because anyone who knows the Senior Cardinal has usually only see him slay a hefty dinner at best.  So I come straight forward to the Forum and ask WHO AMONG YOU DARE BUILD THE NASTIEST ASSAULT MARINE POSSIBLE? 

I only come to you honestly because the FORUM has always given very good to excellent advice on all matters of the Imperium and beyond.  This is not a way to steal, which the Senior Cardinal frowns upon greatly, but for insight on the forum on how exactly one would go about building a walking, talking, eating, um…. wash closeting warrior of a rather unheralded chapter of the Space Marines, known as the "Iron Snakes".  Lexicanium gives them a solid profile as a bit of house rules are being used as five of us "PC's" have teamed together to rid the reaches of space of Xenos and other things we just feel need a good bit of boltering!  And somehow the Senior Cardinal has been selected to be the most upfront nasty fighter of the bunch.  I suggested taking Literacy and we almost lost our Apothecary to a rabid laughing fit!  

The Senior Cardinal is going to be rather blunt, and has no idea what may come of such a topic, be it helpful advice, straight numbers, or even rude hazing are to be expected.  One may ask why the Senior Cardinal ask the forum how to construct such a character when that is half the fun of any game, the thing is in over 25 years of being blessed by Holy Terra the Cardinal usually, now come to think of it always plays characters that stay away from violence as much as possible.  Of course this is impossible, but now that I think of it, and it must be part of a deep rooted psyche issue I have never, not a once created what in gaming would be a straight forward warrior/fighter/troll slaying like character. Even when I play Talisman I hope to be the thief or silly pied piper, anything but brute strength.

So what would you do with 120 points to spend on Characteristics, a maximum of 14 to each and a minimum of 6 to each.  Also a mind boggling 13,500 points of XP  ( I am used to the paltry yet sensible starting stats of Dark Heresy for the most part so Deathwatch starting stats blow my mind), to my knowledge the aspect of Squad based rules that make Deathwatch interesting to me have been thrown out and everything is pretty much solo.  Honestly, I have no idea where to start with that much booty and an already deadly killing machine, that can't read but can spit up acid on a copy of Cervantes if need be;)  It would be of great help and almost an arena of danger for me to see what such a knowledgeable group of players, yet so diverse think the most deadly assault marine would be.  Of course there is a myriad of factors, such as who is he enemy, who else is in the kill team, but if you don't know and you are building the most vicious being slaughtering Xenos in the Jericho Reach, what would you look like?

#2 Decessor



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Posted 30 January 2013 - 02:26 AM

First of all, do you have an idea of the character's personality? What goals he has? His preferences for fighting style?

There are variants on the assault marine. For melee, I'd go for WS / Ag / T / S in that order. Weapon skill to hit, agility for mobility, toughness to survive the inevitable mauling without cover in melee and strength to do a tad more damage. For a gunslinging assault marine I'd go BS / Ag.

Either role benefits from perception, especially combined with the assault marine's mobility. You can be the group scout if you wish. If not, the xp can always go elsewhere. I do recommend taking at least a few not obviously assault orientated skills and talents, if only so your character has a role when he's not in combat.

While you have 13,500 xp, 12000 of those are sunk into just being a space marine. See Deathwath core book p27.

Deathwath core book p36 lists your starting skills and talents, those include Literacy.

For an Iron Snake specifically, I can't say as much since I don't know the chapter well. The Ultramarine advances from the core book or the codex chapter advances from Honour The Chapter are obvious choices.  Though the custom chapter advance schemes in Rites of Battle could suit better.

In any case, good luck.

#3 Senior Cardinal Ignato

Senior Cardinal Ignato


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Posted 31 January 2013 - 05:34 PM

The Senior Cardinal knew that if he asked for the light of the Living God Emperor's insight it would be bestowed.  Decessor thank you and may the Emperor shine light upon your lead.  Blessed be the Bolter.

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