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Awaken to Your True Form

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 06:31 AM

Fireborn is a unique roleplaying game campaign setting from Fantasy Flight Games available for download through rpgnow.com and drivethrurpg.com. The GameMaster’s Handbook and the Player’s Handbook provide everything you need to create adventures and campaigns for this modern and mysterious setting, and The Fire Within provides players and GMs with an introductory adventure. In Fireborn, players take on the roles of powerful scions, human beings with the souls of immortal dragons, as magic begins to return to the streets of modern London.

The Soul of a Dragon

A powerful ritual has taken effect deep beneath the city, and karma has begun to pool there, bringing magic back into the world. With this mystical force’s resurgence, strange things have been occurring in the busy streets and winding alleys of modern London. Shadowy creatures prowl the depths beneath the city, and Londoners whisper of inexplicable accidents and miracles. Magic is slowly returning to rest of the world, but London is at the center of this new gathering of power.

As magic seeps back into reality, each scion begins to awaken to his true, and sometimes terrifying, nature. Beset by visions of fire and blood, these scions are finding that they each possess the soul of an immortal dragon from an age long forgotten. Faced with this realization regarding their identity and the discovery of incredible power, these scions must determine how they will use their newly recovered draconic memories and power.

Will you seek out your former broodmates, or focus on hoarding treasure? Choose whether to embrace your draconic nature in full or deny it in an attempt preserve your humanity. What are the creatures that prowl the streets of London, and what does the awakening of the scions mean for London? What does the return of magic mean for us all?

With the rise of the scions, the horrifying threat that destroyed the legendary world of the dragons has also begun to stir. What is this terrible and corruptive force, and how has it come into being? What is the goal of these shadowy enemies, and is there any hope of stopping them? These mysteries are at the heart of what the scions must seek to discover before history repeats itself and the dragon’s ancient enemy rises in full strength.

Flashbacks to a Time of Legend

The scions have begun their awakening to their true selves, but their knowledge of their past lives is incomplete. In order to reclaim their memories, the scions must seek out objects from their ancient hordes. These items still retain karma from a bygone era, and can trigger flashbacks that will fill in the missing gaps in the scions’ knowledge.

During a flashback, the players take on the roles of their scions’ ancient selves, allowing you to play as a powerful dragon in an age of legend. Remembering your past is vital to uncovering the mysteries of the present. The enemies that have begun to emerge are a vaguely remembered nightmare for the scions, and only by collecting the remnants of their past can they begin to understand the threat that they face.

Flashbacks to your past can uncover a wide range of things for your scion. Discover the location of a powerful artifact that you buried in a former life, or perhaps reveal a vital weakness of your enemy by experiencing the memory its defeat in the past. Scions build on their karma by recovering their memories in flashbacks. Seeking out flashback triggers not only grants your scions knowledge, but also adds to the pool of power that they may draw from.

Two Sides to Every Scion

In Fireborn, each player designs two characters: a scion and a dragon. Scions come from all walks of life from cops and doctors to mystics and bikers. Create your scion’s background and choose a draconic sire to guide his principles. In the world of Fireborn, anyone could awaken the with the soul of one of these powerful dragons.

When players design their dragons, they can choose to create this creature from scratch or simply amplify the power of their scion to extraordinary levels. Maybe your scion is a direct reflection of his former self, or perhaps his reincarnation and time spent as a human has changed him in a fundamental way.

For more information, visit our Fireborn website. The GameMaster’s Handbook, the Player’s Handbook, and the introductory adventure, The Fire Within, are now all available at rpgnow.com and drivethrurpg.com. Enter the world of Fireborn today to create the perfect combination of scion and dragon and set out to solve the mysteries surrounding the resurgence of magic in modern London!


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