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How do you convert a character type into a career? Fantasy Battle, WFRP 2e, WFRP 1e

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#1 DurakBlackaxe



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Posted 22 January 2013 - 09:38 PM

I have been researching the Knights of Morr, that is the Black Guard and the Raven Knights of Morr.

In Fantasy Battle, the Knight Orders publication, they are shown with the normal knights weaponery, lance, hand weapons, horses etc.

But when you read the Night's Dark Masters they are shown to be mainly a ranged weapon based knighthood, seemingly the best may to kill undead is from range. They also seem to have BS type of skills. Which I dont correspond into 3e, unless I am wrong.

So how are you guys converting the stats and skills into a 3e character?  Is there a system or method



#2 Yepesnopes



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Posted 22 January 2013 - 10:02 PM

I have done some convertions from WFB, WQ, and WRPG 2 into WRPG 3, and I have invented some also, but I do not use any method. I try that the new career fits in the idea of the warhammer 3 system, that is all. It is not difficult at all.

One thing it has proven useful is discussing the things on this forums, you can get very good ideas from the people here. Afterwards, you can use them or not, that is up to you complice




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The Dark Side - Witches, Warlocks, Dark Magic and more

Secrets of the Anvil - Advanced Dwarf careers and runes

Dice statistics calculator for SW EotE

#3 Boehm



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Posted 22 January 2013 - 11:11 PM

Like Yepes said ….I dont have any standard method - usually I will simply start out by looking at excisting careers and then simply changing up a few things ….


Now in my invisioning of a Black guard I would take the following approach:

Use a regular knight as base template …for skills and stats etc.

- SKILLS: A templar should definately have Piety, A black guard should perhaps have Education to reflect Academic Knowledge about the Undead.

- STATS: A black guard should perhaps have Willpower as a stat? (unless going for career option b) or c) in which case you could argue - that would replace the need for high willpower).

- # of Actions, Wounds etc.: I would stick with the default, perhaps giving the Black Guard another skill …and reduce another characteristic such as Actions or W or something.


Brainstorming options for career ability:

a) +1 damage vs. undead (booring - I dont like it but its consistent with the Witch Hunter vs. mutants)

b) Spend a fortune pt. to add an expertise die to any knowledge checks about the Undead or when rolling Discipline to resist effects caused by the Undead.

c) May substitute Piety for Discipline on any checks when dealing with the Undead.


When making the above I would also consider if I intended to make just a single career  …or splitting it up in a more basic combat orientated (Basic or Advanced?) Black Guard … and a more advanced 'academic' (who actually what he is doing) Black Guard Captain (Advanced or Elite).  - In the latter case I would go with NOT giving the junior Black Guard Education - and giving them career option c) and then giving the Captain Education skill and career option a) or b) and definately Willpower or Int as a prime stat.



#4 gruntl



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Posted 23 January 2013 - 12:14 AM


I actually made a career card+ability for a Templar of Morr just yesterday for fun. 


There is no art on these, I found a nice image on deviantart, that could be overlayed easily on the image if you want (http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=templar#/d5n1xvv). Although the cross symbols should probably be  replaced by ravens or more skulls. High-res versions can be found if you click the images.

This is my idea of the Black guard in any case (I didn't write the text though). It fits the description of them in C.L. Werners Witch Finder. The templar would be the first career for a Knight of Morr, then the actual Black Guard career could be a Champion version of it. One could perhaps also imagine a Squire of Morr career.

#5 DurakBlackaxe



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Posted 23 January 2013 - 02:30 AM

A Black Guard  defends where the ravens are aggressive.

 I think the way the career entries list them, a Black Guard is intermediate where a Knight of the Raven is advanced.


They likely end up a mixture of knight and outrider, and knight of inner circle for the advanced option.

Entires for Black Guard are Knight, Priest (Morr), Sergeant, Squire, Vampire Hunter and Witch Hunter

Exits are Captain, Champion, Priest (Morr), Knight of the Inner Circle, Knight of the Raven and Vampire Hunter


I will compare these 2nd edition with their 3rd edition when I get home,  To get a comparison.

Willpower,(Agility or toughness)  are the highest stats.



#6 DurakBlackaxe



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Posted 23 January 2013 - 10:52 AM

Need to find a nice image source for Blackguard and Knight of the Raven.


Not sure on what Oath to create as of yet, have to read the other Oaths. Had to edit the code to let me use Oath in eon.

I know when on duty they have an Oath of Silence.  No idea yet how to give a benefit to them for this. More Focused hmm


But heres an attempt to convert 2nd Edition Black Guard to 3e. Not sure why knights have piety, but took it anyway since it is a religious order.

Advances are Conservative with no reckless as they are a defensive unit.


Black Guard


This is not a finished career, still alot to work out.  The image needs to be changed to something better

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