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1st Place of Quimera Touney

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#1 Francisco G.

Francisco G.


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Posted 20 January 2013 - 02:21 AM

First of all let my put in context that there were 3 new players in this tourney and that we were only 11 players this time with 4 or 5 competitive (1 of them was 6-7th place in gencon and another didn't go to top16 because of a bye in that same tourney).

We new that this was more of a fun tourney so we invented a few experiments and stay with them for a week or 2 and tune them for this champions (we didn't wanted to lose either complice ).

Cristobal went with "Knightmares", a Lanni Knight of the Realm that was nasty. Juan Luis went with Greyjoy HoD, he used the location where the captains and raiders don't kneel in the first challenge…plus other greyjoy things. I, FranciscoG, went with Martel HoD Dorne (look in agotcards for the list of what i call "ABOBI"Dayne"TION), it started as a sandsnake cheap deck but it was BAAAAADDDD so i change it to house dayne (more icons per character not dependent on each other).


Now to the tourney…..

1st round against Targ/TMP (Nicolás….one of the more experienced players in our meta) …..maesters, dragons, fake dragons, and dragon locations…..tough match which i had lost against in testing…..fleeing to the wall (metagame added for this and lannis), the greenbloods and qoyne + a late viper after his valar won me the game. 1-0

2nd Round against Lanni/Kevan (Cristian…an up and coming players who is getting more competitive by every tourney and playday)……a good deck with enslaved, pentoshi manor, wrong dwarf, iron throne, and house divided (this was a surprise and very good against the daynes)…. almost cost me the game. I was building my board slowly and won just at the time limit mark (50m)….he calls it thinking (to cancel house divided) plus qoyne (again) were my allstars in this one. Didn't see Starfall advisor all game to cancel his events. 2-0

3rd Round against Stark/house of dreams bear island (Roberto…he went with us to gencon too)…..coming to this game i was scared (bear island can deal with any character i got)….. cyvasse and blood for blood + a lot of chars (and no valar from his side, and he had one,thanks for that….if you know him he tends to loose concentration during games that at the end cost him a lot) won me the game pretty fast…especially when he got out all of his big guns to overpower me (and that means no fear of a valar next round) and i only drop a little sad viper (hehehe) with an Arianne in play in a retalliation turn. (An Arianne that he didn't kill with Bear island the turn before to kill an advisor…in my mind i thought he was going to valar and i could save the advisor with a healer in play) 3-0

4th round i was playing my friend and testing partner Cristóbal with his "Knightmare" build which was pretty evenly matched to my build (several matches two nights before and a match for which he had metagamed against with forgotten plans after eating 2 times dry season with 2 manors and 2 golden tooth mines that night). In this game though….i destroyed him, it ended in first one (at least his drive was ended).

I started with retalliation (he some claim one plot) and I had a blood for blood and a cyvasse in hand. After marshalling turn 1 he had cercei, jaime (the kneel and kill) and 2 1 cost weenies……I had 2 house daynes (one of them the cavalry, the other a Knight) an orphan and a house messenger…….I orphaned his cercei and he attacked me in military……i cyvasse with the messenger sending 1 of the cost 1 weenies to his hand, then kill the messenger for claim and use blood for blood to kill his other 1cost weenie, then i go military with a 2 claim and that was basically game…he never could recover from that. 4-0 (He was mad cause the lanni no agenda (kevan) player got 2nd place because he had a bye and less strength of schedule…but hey….it happens)


….Now i'm thinking what if i leave the dayne maesters the cavalries and the squires and change the other daynes for maesters and ad the conclaves……suddenly it becomes really scary.

Especially since Dorne is so good that, with 0 gold (blockade), 2 squires, two 2cost daynes, and 1-2 starfal cavalry, you can drop everything (btw, i have done that in games) and go through your opp low income marshaled chars easely.

Have a nice day!!!

Francisco G.

#2 Danigral



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Posted 23 January 2013 - 08:33 AM

Thanks for the TR, and congrats on building up a good sized meta!

How often were you hampered on set-up, and how often did you run out of cards? My experiments with rush builds using HoD out of Martell tended to encounter these two problems.

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