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Where can I find a list of all miniatures that have been released for Wings of War?

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Posted 04 March 2009 - 02:09 PM

Where can I find a list of all miniatures that have been released?

A detailed list of plane , Ace (if applicable) and even product number (product number if possible). I am trying to order from my local game store and am haivng difficulty.

Even the minis out of print to be included on the list as I will hunt each one down on eBay if I have to.

thank you in advance!


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Posted 04 March 2009 - 02:14 PM

Ok looks like i found a list. I just want to verify with the regulars that this is the complete list if possible

The Series 1 planes are from the Famous Aces set:


Code Plane Pilot Country
WW07A Spad XIII Francesco Baracca Italy
WW07B Spad XIII René Fonck France
WW07C Spad XIII Edward V. Rickenbacker USA
WW07D Sopwith Camel William G. Barker Great Britain
WW07E Sopwith Camel Aubrey B. Ellwood Great Britain
WW07F Sopwith Camel Jan Olieslagers Belgium
WW07G Albatros D.Va Ernst Udet Germany
WW07H Albatros D.Va Ludwig Weber Germany
WW07I Albatros D.Va Kurt Jentsch Germany
WW07J Fokker DR. I Manfred von Richthofen Germany
WW07K Fokker DR. I Fritz Kempf Germany
WW07L Fokker DR. I Arthur Rahn Germany

The Series 2 planes are from Watch Your Back!, Recon Patrol, Top Fighters:

Code Plane Pilot Country
WW08A Fokker D.VII Hermann Göring Germany
WW08B Fokker D.VII Hugo Schäfer Germany
WW08C Fokker D.VII Ernst Udet Germany
WW08D Sopwith Snipe William George Barker Great Britain
WW08E Sopwith Snipe Thomas Charles Richmond Baker Australia
WW08F Sopwith Snipe Clement Verner Ryrie Australia
WW08G LFG Roland C.II Manfred von Richthofen Germany
WW08H LFG Roland C.II Richard Seibert & Arthur Pfleger Germany
WW08I LFG Roland C.II none (Luftstreitskräfte) Germany
WW08J De Havilland D.H. 4 Egbert Cadbury & Robert Leckie Great Britain
WW08K AIRCO D.H. 4 none (American Expeditionary Force) USA
WW08L De Havilland D.H. 4 Alfred Clayburn Atkey Great Britain

The Series 3 planes are from Watch Your Back!, Burning Drachens, Recon Patrol:

Code Plane Pilot Country
WW13A Nieuport 17 Gervais Lufbery & Georges Thenault France
WW13B Nieuport 17 Charles Nungesser France
WW13C Nieuport 23 Kibanov Russia
WW13D Albatros D.III Godwin Brumowski Austria
WW13E Albatros D.III Ludwig Hautzmayer Austria
WW13F Albatros D.III Werner Voss Germany
WW13G Ufag C.I Flick 23/D Austria
WW13H Ufag C.I Luftfahrtruppen 1 Austria
WW13i Ufag C.I Luftfahrtruppen 2 Austria
WW13J RAF R.E. 8 John Longton & Thomas Carson Great Britain
WW13K RAF R.E. 8 Gerald Ferguson & 2nd Class Air Mechanic Fry Great Britain
WW13L RAF R.E. 8 Aviation Militaire Belgium

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