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Missing from the Beastman Herd

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#1 Emirikol


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 06:19 PM

Beastmen really are quite the interesting species.  WFRP3 really only implies a few things for their herd.  Ungor, Gor, minotaur, and Bray shaman.  I think some expansion should be mentioned (and probably statted up as well) of the following for GMs considering using such creatures in their games:


Gave (mutant babys that turn into beastmen)

Turnskin (mutants of all kinds fall into this category)

Dragon Ogre (spoiler to BFP)

Hag Tree


* The "Gave" and Turnskins are from "The Lost and the Damned" supplement that people have been talking about on rpggeek.  The Hag Tree has been around for a while, but came up again when I was reading an old White Dwarf and bore mention again.

"Tailored" Beastmen per chaos power:


Pestigor (nurgle)

Slaangors (including slaancentaurs)


Centaur warloks

Chaos Spawn (those beastmen and mutants fallen completely to chaos and safe enough to have around the herd)

Monsters to include:  chimerae, cockatraices, dragons, eagles, giatns, gorgons, griffins/hippo', hydra, jabberwock, manticore, spiders, scorpions, chaos-treemen, wyverns, chaos hounds, rats, warhounds




#2 Karma Kollapse

Karma Kollapse


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 10:56 PM

I play Beastmen in the tabletop version of the game. There's definitely a lot of types of beastmen missing from WFRP 3e that is included in the army list, and most certainly the army list doesn't include all associated creatures with beastmen.

The main ones missing are Centigors and Bestigors. I did make some stats for Bestigors including some special abilities for them, but not yet anything for Centigors (important note for Centigors is they are quite heavy drinkers!). Off the top of my head, other missing types include the larger minotaurs (Doombulls and Gorebulls), Razorgors and Tuskgors (beastmen boars), larger monsters (giants and chaos spawns are already covered, as are Ghorgons, but the Jabberslythe and Cygors aren't) and beastmen leaders (Beastlords and Great Bray Shamans). I also think the Bray Shaman needs some serious expansion, as the one in The Gathering Storm is not that developed imho.

They seem to have moved away from the themed beastmen which I kind of like - we have enough themed chaos groups that ally with Slaanesh, Tzeentch, etc. that it doesn't really need to extend to beastmen. Whilst it does make sense for beastmen to ally with such factions, I prefer the idea that beastmen represent a more pure version of chaos - they simply are and don't follow the more focused forms of chaos. They are too primal for that. At least that's my take on it :)

I'll see if I can find what I wrote for Bestigors.

#3 Karma Kollapse

Karma Kollapse


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 10:59 PM

Ah, found!



Strength: 5+1W
Damage: 6
Toughness: 5
Soak: 3
Agiliy: 3
Defence: 2

Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3+1W
Fellowship: 2

Wounds: 14
Stance: R2
Difficulty: 4
Aggression: 5
Cunning: 2
Expertise: 2

Savage Strike
Fearsome Charge
Bestial Howl
Reckless Cleave


Despoilers: Bestigors are keen to take the weapons and banners of the fallen. After defeating an opponent, a Bestigor may take the fallen's weapon and wield it as a free manouvre (if the weapon looks to offer a stronger offense, of course). They may also choose to take anything else that looks particularly powerful, e.g. an ornate wizard's staff, with a free manouvre.

Animosity: Bestigors feel a need to assert their authority over their inferior Gor and Ungor peers. If a Bestigor is not engaged at the start of his turn, and is within close range of an unengaged Gor or Ungor, he must succeed a Discipline 1 check or attack the nearest unengaged ally with a basic melee strike. The ally may disengage for free on their turn, but the Bestigor must make another attempt at the Discipline 1 check in order to focus his attention away.

A Bestigor won't attack a larger beastmen in this way - at least, not whilst there are enemies around.

The largest and most dangerous of the beastmen rank and file, the Bestigors act as shock troops on the field, and the elite guard of the beastmen leaders. Equipped with the very best weapons and armour the beastmen can scavenge, they make for a fearsome and dangerous foe, and are usually armed with sizeable two-handed weapons such as axes. Beastlords, Wargor and Bray Shamen may often use them as personal guard but do so at their peril - Bestigors can be very ambitious and bloodthirsty, and will often seek to wrestle control of the tribe by taking the mantle of leadership away from a seemingly weaker Wargor. Whilst usually not as fierce as a fully fledged Wargor, adventurers should beware - Bestigors usually act in well coordinated units.

#4 Emirikol


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Posted 17 January 2013 - 06:38 AM

Great work!



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