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My 2 current decks

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#1 spiral813



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Posted 13 January 2013 - 04:29 PM

First, I gotta say that I'm really impressed with how much fun this game is. I don't think it's quite balanced yet as, from what I've seen, Rebels and Imperials struggle in the edge battles against Sith and Jedi respectively.

Because edge battles are so important, I wanted to make decks that would excel at them, while still having lots of combat tricks to help get out of sticky situations.

My DS deck (Sith);

2 The Heart of the Empire

2 Fall of the Jedi

2 Black Squadron Assault

2 Counsel of the Sith

2 The Emperor's Web

I tried to sprinkle in Scum and Villainy, but after playing Boba Fett, I find he's not all that great on the offensive. No Blast icon sucks. And even though he's probably the most fearsome defender in the game, IMO, he's overpriced for his stats. I also don't really care for Heart of the Empire. I'm not a fan of objectives that stay exhausted for multipul turns. I prefer to always be able to start fresh each turn. So when looking at my first 4 objectives at the start of the game, it always gets put back in the objective pile. I'm looking forward to being able to swap that out at some point after the new chapter packs are released. Black Squadron Assault is next on the chopping block as well. I've tried mixing in Imperials, and running straight Imperials, but I just prefer the higher force icon cards a straight Sith deck provides.


My LS deck (Jedi);

2 The Secret of Yavin 4

2 A Hero's Journey

2 Forgotten Heroes

2 In You Must Go

2 Last Minute Rescue

When I first made this deck, I had Smugglers and Spies so I could run Han and I had left out my 2 The Secret of Yavin 4. But Han is so fragile and at the end of the day, having 4 Guardians of Peace and 2 Lightsaber Deflections were > 2 Han and 2 Swindled. Having 4 counterspells (2 C3PO and 2 Counter-Stroke) means that Imperial decks will have to think twice before spending 4 resources for a Superlaser Blast and Sith decks won't be able to use ALL of their events with impunity. The deck runs well if I can get decent board presence, or am able to get a good chunk of my combat tricks running.

I like both of these decks because they run well against one another (Sith is probably a bit better) and they roll over weenie decks because they can both win edge battles easily. I've playtested the hell out of these 2 decks, and for better or for worse, they fit my personal play style.


#2 TGO



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Posted 13 January 2013 - 06:44 PM

I agree with you assesment on Han. He is a fine unit but his two health really holds him back. As long as your opponent doesnt have Defense Protocol, Darth Vader and Force Choke he is ok, but otherwise he is too fragile.  

Probably played a dozen or so games against a LS deck just like, he did have the Red Five objective set in his, that today and it was tough. The Guardians with their shielding and protect ability are able to keep Luke and Obi-Wan from taking too much damage, DS pretty much needs a force lightning to deal with them. 

I was hoping that Superlaser Blast was going to be so much better but unless you have a good board presence or its a game winner I think its overrated. I think I would rather have a unit being put into play.

Why not include a copy of A Journey to Dagobah objective set? You get an objective killing machine in Red 5, Double Strike, R2 and Target of Opportunity? Seems almost worthy of 2 slots?

Im gonna try something like this:

A Hero's Journey x2

In you must go x1

Forgotten Heroes x2

A Journey to Dagobah x2

The Secret of Yavin 4 x2

Last Minute Rescue x1


I am wondering if Yoda might not suffer from the same problem as Han, only having the 2 health. I think I would rather have 2 Obi-Wans and 2 Luke's because of the 3 health. 


In regards to your DS deck, have you tried Cruel Interrogations? I like that objective set more than Black Squadron Assault.  Boba seems pretty good, if you win the edge you get to capture the best unit and tactics their 2nd best unit. Sure, he doesnt have a blast icon, but thats not why you are playing him, you play him to capture stuff. If you can live the dream and get Boba with his armor and the blaster, he will become a really aggresive unit that will need to be dealt with by your opponent. 

#3 muggin



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Posted 18 January 2013 - 12:50 AM

If you want a nice write up on the pros and cons of yoda check out http://teamcovenant....efense-of-yoda/ A good look at when and why he can be very effective in your deck.

#4 Kordos



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Posted 18 January 2013 - 09:14 AM

My Jedi Deck is pretty similar except for 2 x Jedi Training instead of the 2 x Forgotten Heroes in yours


its works pretty well, those 2 objective sets above are pretty interchangable in this type of Jedi deck and the whole deck works very well together - as you said having 4 Guardians is just freaking awesome - in one game I had all 4 out at once and my opponent just couldn't get through my defence



As to your DS deck, you don't like Heart of the Empire or Black Squadron assault so why pick them over the following???


Cruel Interrogations which gives you great cards for locking down your opponent

and Shadows of Dathomir which comes with 4 excellent cards that suit your higher force icon and thus force control of the game theme you like, and it has the situtational rancor


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