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Possible imperial list for a kessel run13/01

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#1 deviant-dj



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Posted 12 January 2013 - 11:51 AM

So tonight i have been doing final testing on some lists and i hit on this for a combo. imp 1-2 (93pts)

100pt Empire Roster (Standard)
Empire (Standard) Selections:
TIE Fighter (24pts)
T/F Academy Pilot (12pts)
Barrel Roll, Evade, Focus
T/F Academy Pilot (12pts)
Barrel Roll, Evade, Focus
TIE Advanced (34pts)
T/A •Maarek Stele (34pts)
Barrel Roll, Evade, Focus, Target Lock, Unique Pilot Ability
Cluster Missiles (4pts), Markmanship (3pts)
TIE Advanced x1 (35pts)
T/A •Darth Vader (35pts)
Barrel Roll, Evade, Focus, Target Lock, Unique Pilot Ability
Concussion Missiles (4pts), •Squad Leader (2pts)
Profile Summary:
Name Pilot Skill Primary Weapon Agility Hull Shields Upgrade Bar
the idea is vader and marek run as a pair, they close range with vader doing the long range alpha strike on something while marek waits to get cluster ramge, when he does he target locks, vader gives him an action to use marksmanship and then hopefully maximise damage (ive seen the damage output work more often than not)  the academy pilots sit out on a flank to be used as move blocking or to get range on something, ideally they throw my opponent off by moving first which allows me to limit thier movement options. In play testing it's worked against both imperial and rebel fleets people usually leave the academy pilots alone to try and go after marek before he looses off his barrage. 
Having yet to play this competitively i thought i'd ask guys he how viable do you think this fleet is, the plan is to blind side and alpha strike something hard

#2 magadizer


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Posted 12 January 2013 - 04:24 PM

I flat out would not take a 4-ship Imperial build to a tournament. Against Imperials you might be OK but against a 4-ship rebel build they will eat you up. A 4-ship rebel build will likely have 20 - 23 or even more hit points on the table, where you only have 16. That alone should give you pause.

Be seeing you.

#3 Iceplague



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Posted 13 January 2013 - 07:59 AM


First of, that was really messy to read, no offence ment. You don't need to have all the actions on what they can do, we know that by now, or look it up to refresh our memory in case we'd forget. :)

This would have been much easier to read.

Empire roster 93p

  • Tie Academy Pilot 12p
  • Tie Academy Pilot 12p
  • Mareek Stele w/ cluster missiles, Marksmanship 34p
  • Darth Vader w/ concussion missiles, Squad leader 35p

This way it's clean and simple and we can see exactly what you have.

Aight, let's have a look. Well as magadizer said, a 4-man Imperial list will get eaten alive by rebels, and most likely by Imperial lists aswell. I made a similiar list to this due to the lack of Imperial ships, but without the missiles and I got in Dark Curse in there aswell. And you've only used up 93p, leaving 7p, that's nearly a 3rd Tie academy pilot into this build.

I can't say that I'd be worried facing this build, too few ships to be a real threat.

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