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Shopping Options in The City

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Posted 11 January 2013 - 05:42 AM

The City offers adventurers in Talisman, the classic game of magical quests, an opportunity to visit a vibrant and exciting center of civilization and commerce. Previously we’ve examined some of the perils of city life, how to collect on Bounties, and the new characters available with The City. In this article, we’ll take a look at the shops that keep the gold flowing in The City.

If an adventurer is looking for a bit of an edge, there are a whole host of options to help gain an advantage in dealing with the threats both within and without the city walls. Some of the stock carried by the stores in the City’s shopping district will be nothing new to seasoned adventurers in Talisman. These stores pride themselves on convenience, rather than the novelty of their items. Players looking for certain items to augment their character’s skills may be able to just purchase what they need rather than simply hoping for it to appear through the luck of the draw. Of course, different shopkeepers do business in different ways, and no two shops carry the same items.

Shops to Suit Every Situation

Some shops carry a steady stock and offer paying customers a list of goods to choose from. The Stables always have horses on hand to give an adventurer some assistance. Whether you’re looking for a noble Warhorse to ride into battle, or a Mule as a beast of burden to help you haul loot, an adventurer should stop by the Stables to pick out whatever hoofed companion he requires for the task at hand.

The Armoury has a wide array of weapons and armor for those characters that need more than their bare hands to take on their enemies. This dealer of battle-ready gear sells Full Plate for a bit of protection in combat, or your questing character could buy a Battle Axe for dealing some damage.

The owner of the Magic Emporium has traveled to world to find people to supply him with a steady stock of powerful magical objects and trinkets. The Magic Emporium’s roster of options includes a Magic Ring for increasing your Strength and Craft and a Scroll that grants you an extra spell. If your character is big on Craft, then they may find just what they need at the Magic Emporium.

While magical trinkets can help in a pinch, many magic users prefer to have a few spells ready at their fingertips in case of trouble. In the shopping district, there is a Sorcerer who deals exclusively in spells. If a player has been holding on to a few spells that they’ve never found the occasion to use, they can sell them for one gold apiece in the Sorcerer’s shop. If your spellbook is empty and you need to purchase some power, a player can pay two gold to draw a spell from the Spell Deck. You won’t know what spell you’re getting, but having some magic on hand probably won’t hurt your chances.

Spells can be extremely useful, but they’re a costly purchase and, unless your craft is high, you may not be able to use them. An adventurer looking for a little bit of a boost in battle can stop by the Apothecary for some powerful potions. The potions brewed at the Apothecary take time and rare ingredients to create. Due to this scarcity, only three potions may be purchased at a time. Each potion costs one gold, and a player draws the potion from the Potion Deck. Keeping these potent potables on hand may be the key to victory in a difficult situation.

The Soothsayer offers more than just simple goods, as she can show an adventurer what their future may hold...for a price, of course. At the Soothsayer, a player can pay one gold per token to replenish his character’s fate up to his fate value. Spend wisely, and your adventurer may avoid a terrible end by parting with a few coins.

Powerful Pets

Most of the stores in the shopping district offer items to the adventurer that are nothing new, though the factor of convenience is more than enough to make them worth a visit. Of all the places you can spend your hard-won gold, only the Menagerie offers something entirely unique to an adventurer in the the City.

The Menagerie features a collection of Pets from all across the land of Talisman, and they can all be purchased as Followers. Each one brings a special ability that is sure to aid in your quest for the Crown of Command.

Especially odd animals from all over the realm have been gathered by the Menagerie’s shopkeeper. Luna the owl brings her owner the ability to alter their destiny directly. If an adventurer has Luna as a follower, whenever he pays a fate to reroll a die he chooses the value to use rather than letting luck decide. While Wart the toad isn’t pretty, he can be a powerful ally. If you’ve encountered a fellow adventurer and Wart is among your Pets, then the character must roll to see if he is transformed into a slimy toad for three turns. Whiskers the cat is always curious, and digs up something extra wherever he goes. With Whiskers as a Follower, a player can choose to draw an extra Adventure Card on any space that instructs him draw at least one Adventure Card. Players should be careful when deciding if they want to draw that extra card, however. While you may find treasure with a little luck, the old adage about curiosity and cats may rear its ugly head in the form of an extra enemy.

The Menagerie has cats and toads, but discerning adventurers searching for something more exotic in a Pet need look no further. Singe is a small dragon that can be taken on for a boost in battle. Dragons are both physically powerful and innately magical, and Singe gives your character an additional point for both their Strength and Craft scores. Dragons are proud creatures though, and Singe will leave if he doesn’t think you are strong enough. If an Enemy Dragon defeats you in battle, you’ll have to discard Singe. Glitter the unicorn is an especially magical beast, and taps into a deep well of arcane strength. A player who possesses Glitter always has at least one Spell card, regardless of his character’s Craft. If you spend all your Spells, you immediately gain another thanks to the unicorn’s powerful magical influence. These are but a few of the animal companions available to players who pass by the Menagerie.

While these Pets make great additions to your allies, they are expensive. The owner of the Menagerie wants to be sure that any adventurer who takes on a new Pet will be committed to their new friend, so he makes sure a buyer puts his money where his mouth is. Your first pet costs two gold, and each pet you purchase after that increases in cost by one gold. Purchasing Pets can become costly rather quickly, and there’s always more to buy in the City’s shopping district.

The shopping district in the City is filled with opportunities for any adventurer who has a bit of gold on hand. Swords, spells, pets and potions await those who are looking to buy a bit of an advantage in The City! Look for this expansion to go on sale later this quarter, and check back soon for more updates!

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