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Welcome to Hervara, Soldier

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 11:18 AM

Final Testament, the first adventure for Only War, is coming to your local retailer next week! This gripping story takes players to the war-ravaged mining world of Hervara, where they must do battle at one of the Imperium’s most brutal fronts.

Throughout the course of Final Testament, the Guardsmen will experience the tragedy of war and the harsh consequences of their own actions. While fighting savagely against a variety of enemies, they will navigate debriefing and interrogation sessions that require them to tread carefully amidst powers beyond their reckoning. In Final Testament, the players will constantly be challenged to innovate and overcome unusual obstacles, even as they strive to uphold the honor of the Imperial Guard—and perhaps even survive.

Knowledge is Power

Two weeks ago, contributing writer John Dunn shared his insights into the creation of the inhospitable (but strategically vital) planet Hervara. Today, lead developer Max Brooke will deliver a few important informational documents that may make the difference between the success and failure of your mission!

The mining world of Hervara is an eminently unpleasant place, yet another testament to the grinding war machine of the Imperium and its constant demands for raw material. Long ago, its verdant surface scabbed over with ash-wastes and its bountiful seas shrank into chemical swamps. Still, despite the ravages of industry, Hervara is a world of utmost importance to the power struggle in the Spinward Front. To the struggling Severan Dominate, it represents a critical resource in their beleaguered supply lines. Thus, to advance its strategy of attrition in the Spinward Front, the Imperial Guard must win a decisive victory at Hervara. With with the brutal stagnating in the tunnels beneath the polluted surface, however, both sides are beginning to scrabble for an advantage that will let it break the stalemate and win the war on Hervara definitively.

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When reinforcements arrive in a warfront, they are often (though not always) briefed with informational documents and propaganda directly related to their new environment and foes. Above and below this paragraph are several documents that the Player Characters in Final Testament can be given prior to their arrival on Hervara.


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These mission briefings and introductory propaganda (as well as other documents for when the capricious warfront inevitably shifts beneath the Guardsmen) will be made available on the Final Testament support page after the book is released, so that GMs can easily distribute these resources to their players as the adventure progresses.

Thanks, Max! Study these documents carefully, soldier. Your life may depend on them. The battle for Hervara begins next week!

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