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Problems with final adventure.

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#1 The Octagon

The Octagon


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 11:19 AM

Hi fellow heretics and such. I have a problem, or problems actually, which with your help can be solved. I hope. I'm a GM for a group of five, soon to-be six with the next adventure. 1  Khorne renegade, 2  undivided hereteks, 1 Nurgle Sorcerer, 1 Slanneshii psyker and one upcoming 1 Slanneshii Champion. Good thing to know for you is that this will be their last adventure, whether they survive or not. Note that this will at least take two sessions to complete.

My Concept is this: The group travels thorugh the warp in the screaming vortex into the unkown. They have left Berin with 800 orks running around in their konverted Iconclast-class destroyer, happy to be on an adventure. But will the group trust the big Mek who followed them to control the green horde? Here they will have three or four days to do things, whatever they have in mind. When the time is right, klaxons begin to wail and they will exit the warp outside this world. Myriad ships are in orbit and they all call to investigate this lone ork ship. For those with sharp eyes will notice that a Dark eldar will focus solely on their female "friend" Telashyr. (I began it all with Broken Chains and added this Dark eldar telashyr) At last, there is only one face left. A boy who speaks for Martellus Levant, Master of the company of the pleasure filled vice which offers them a job. If they accept the offer, then the Slaaneshii champion will accompany them to ensure the success of the job. If not, then there will be alot of single player for the champion :P 

The world they will land on is a arena for the chosen of chaos. Here come all kinds to gather followers or find a place in their gods eyes. It is undivided, although there are city ruins controlled by Khorne (which are the strongest of them and this adventures bad guys depending of how you look), Nurgle and Tzeentch. No ruins for Slaanesh and this is where my group comes in. Martellus Levant wants to transform this world into a garden of all things forbidden, a paradise worthy of The Dark Prince. My idea is that the group have to gather the support of some of the factions on the planet in order to take on the fina Khorne "boss" which in their case, wants to make this planet arena, an arena of blood, brass and skulls. Their first port is controlled by the steel brethren and from there on, it's a sandbox adventure.

Now, my problems.

1. Telashyr and her fellow kin. My idea is to let her leave them when they land because there is no reason for her to stay. She can come back later, as a faction with other Dark eldars the group can call upon for the final battle. For a price of course. But it kind of feel strange to her nature to help humans. Thing is that the group will turn this place into a place of Slaaneshi worship. The Dark Eldar will not like that of course and it will lead to awkward situations.  But I don't know. What to do with their Dark Eldar friend Telashyr?

2. Orks. If they don't sell them for equipment  or alliances or whatever crosses their collective mind, then there will be trouble. The group will leave all the orks with a destroyer. What will/should happen if the players won't neutralize the green threat?

3. The sandbox theme. How big the sandbox? To much freedom will lead to nothing. Previous adventures have been kind of straight forward, going on rails and that will choke the fun.

4. Not mentioned before, but there is a radical inquistior running around with the imformation of the plans to turn the planet solely to khorne. The Imperium will execute him on sight, but he still fights for the Emperor. If the group kills him when confronted, the inquistior have a ring with everything needed. Where to place him? Let him to be killed by the big bad guy to give the characters a taste of what to expect? 

5. New guy. If the group doesn't accept martellus Levants offer, then there is no particular reason for the new guy  to join the group. Should I force them to take the job, so he can join, and then give them the oppurtunity to explore the world?

6. Alignment. Two Slanneshii followers, two unaligned, one Nurgle and one Khorne as mentioned before. If the groups mission's to turn the planet into a pleasure dome, then the Khornate or Nurgle would like that. There will be confrontation. Should I help them widen the rift to make it all more interesting? 

Well that's all the questions I could figure out for the moment. Go on and ask if I forgot something or being unclear. May add more later on depending on your answers.



#2 Cifer



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Posted 11 January 2013 - 02:27 PM

What's the renegade's relationship with his deity? If he at all worships Khorne, it will likely be next to impossible to convince him to participate in wresting away a world from Khorne's grip, especially if it's on the verge of becoming a daemon world already. Depending on the loyalty of the group, he may well convince the others to decline as well. Forcing him to participate in a compact that would have him eviscerated by his patron deity (or at least showered with failure Coruption) is less than fair as well.

#3 The Octagon

The Octagon


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Posted 12 January 2013 - 12:38 AM

She's indifferent to most things. All she cares for is bloodletting. If something doesn't happen immediately she stumbles away in hope of more skulls to take. My thoughts are those that the group will find out almost at the end (who can trust a heretic?) what the real plan is (turning the planet into a garden of love :P) instead of just interrupting the evil Khorne guys. That will give the renegade a chance to backstab them (If she want the planet to be skull covered with fountains of blood) when the time is right. Also, if the nurglesque sorcerer play his cards right, he will be able to gather the nurgle factions and have shot at using the original ritual and turn the planet into an endless bog. 

Also something I forgot to mention before. The planet is a vulcanic harsh landscape, where armies clash in an effort to be seen in the eyes of the gods. The ruin-citys are more strict, but "accidents" happen. 

#4 Gaius



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Posted 13 January 2013 - 10:36 AM

Regarding the new player joining I would suggest perhaps the group finds them and give the Champion enough details to pitch the adventure towards the players. Perhaps encourage the Champion to reveal the true plan to the other Slaaneshi character… or a limited amount of scope of said plan to the whole party bar the Khornate renegade stating that if left unchecked the Khornate faction on world will destroy the others. A new Slaaneshi faction could balance the scales so to speak.

Since it is the last game you could try and do something a little risky in when you are helping all the players with their personal objectives give them additional over riding objectives individually. The Slaaneshi characters get better bonuses and perks if the world is turned into a paradise world for the Dark Prince. The Tzeentch and Nurgle characters get bonus perks if they can redress the balance or even better skew it in their gods favour. The Khornate could be given the goal of undermining the endeavour and ensuring Khorne is in ascendance on this world when the dust settles, the one god to be worshiped. This last one might be a little tricky to do but the potentially more level headed undivided character could be used as an intermediary in this regard, perhaps they recieve a vision from a Khornate Daemon Prince, or are contacted by a Tzeentchian of some kind playing some long game or even the Dark Eldar NPC and encouraged to betray their allies for the glory of the Blood God. It depends on the group of PCs, some might OOC love the the internal politicing as well as dealing with outside forces. If you do this I'd suggest giving the non slaaneshi characters a chance to take over their own god aligned factions on world if they play their cards right. Perhaps even have someone put the idea into the head of the Undivided character that only they could unite the world, with or without their unwitting allies help. Becoming lord of this world with all bowing before them.

As for the Orks, if the PCs use them for combat soon after landing then they wont have a problem as it will satiate the Orks bruttish battle lust and thin their numbers… though dangerous they could be managed in the medium term… perhaps being an asset in the short or medium term if the PCs are clever but turning into a potential long term liability in the adventure if the players leave them bored and idle too long. It seems like the PCs tried to get them so as long as they handle them with care why not let them play with their new toy.

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