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Oksana - Missing faction symbol?

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#1 The Thing In The Attic

The Thing In The Attic


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 06:06 AM

Just got Oksana and I noticed her character sheet is missing the Union faction symbol. I Checked Miah999's vidieo review and sure enough thats how his is printed too.

Now Regardless of Agreement and Accord rules, Oksana is special in that she can be picked to be on the Unions side regardless of using the mixed faction rules. The problem is the rules state [and this is even quoted in Oksana's rule book ] that all characters on a team must bear a matching faction symbol [mercenaries exluded from this rule] but Oksana only has the Matriarchy and the New Order symbols. the box she came in has both Matriarchy and Union symbols as does her rules booklet, yet her character sheet doesn't -  Kinda odd

It doesn't of course spoil my enjoyment of the game and her rules state how to play her even if the character sheet suggests otherwise, but its kinda of a big cock-up to make on this small mini expansion. the whole new cool thing about this character is that she's the first one to have both union and matriarchy symbols …. but… they… forgot to put it on her character sheet.

I don't know who playtests or passes the final product before mass printing but they should give him/her a pair of new glasses or something, every new game or expansion I buy from FFG seems to need simple errata that should have been picked up beforehand.

anyway that said - great game and i'm looking forward to putting her into action, if of course John Macneal wants her on his team… 

#2 FFG Brian

FFG Brian


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 08:03 AM

The text from Oksana's rule book is:

"Also remember that – barring a special exception – all of the characters on a team must share a Faction. Oksana shares both the Matriarchy faction as well as the Union faction."

There are not Faction icons on the Character Sheets, only Affiliation Symbols.

#3 The Thing In The Attic

The Thing In The Attic


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Posted 10 January 2013 - 06:13 AM

Yeah I know- the Faction symbol is on the Top left of the character sheet, and it shows only Matriarchy, this should bear both Matriarchy and Union motifs, but the designers must have done her on a Matriarcy template on the computer before they realised or remembered she's both.

She also has no common matching Union afflliations so if a scenario calls for Union only affiliations she's excluded, this isn't so much of an oversight as perhaps she shouldn't necessarily be a member of a union only unit affiliation per se.   

yes its in the rule book, and i'm fine with reading rules and acting on them, it really doesn't spoil my game, its just a shame that the attention to detail is missing, and from a company that prides itself on details- or does it; i'm begining to wonder…?   

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