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wave 1 experimental rebel

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#1 Duraham



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Posted 08 January 2013 - 01:19 PM


I've been playing around, then I sorta stumbled upon this rather interesting list.
Wedge + R2 astro + Expert Handling
Luke + R2D2 + marksmanship
Horton + Ion Cannons + R2F2
100pts on the dot. I'm trying out Ywing on R2F2 = a pseudo Xwing with lower attack and a lot more hp, and since Horton can reroll dices, he's more suited to this idea than Dutch. Either way, I find myself dealing only 1 point of damage to TIEs with any attacks with 3 attack dice most of the time, so I don't particularly mind the low damage output from the ion cannons.
the problem is with the rest of the team. I have Wedge on the most economical combo, and Luke + R2D2 to try and maximize my staying power once ships start to drop like flies. I opted for marksmanship simply to get a full 100 points, and I do feel that it is a horrid waste of 3 points but I cannot think of any better way to allocate the points. 
anyway, I need your valuable inputs/insights. I cannot think of any better way to allocate the points to reach a full 100 (initially I was thinking of expert handling on Luke as well, but that would set me back to 99 points and I cant find any way to squeeze out that 1 remaining point.). This build is also rather strange as 3 ship rebels tend to be rather harmonious and have their effects helping one another or fulfilling some bigger combo/motive, whereas with these 3 ships they feel very standalone. Not exactly a bad thing, just strange. This does mean that losing any one of the 3 wouldn't affect my play too much, since none of them are truly vital to the team as a whole. On the flipside, if my opponent were to be flying this list, I'd take out Wedge immediately, as per standard operating procedures, then maybe try for Horton next, since Luke wouldn't be too much of a threat given how useless marksmanship is.
I haven't given this list a trial run yet, so I cant say how effective Horton on R2F2 is for now, but that's the exact part of the list that I wish to test, so please keep this in mind when making suggestions. ie, anything is fine, so long as R2F2 is super-glued onto a Ywing, preferbly Horton

#2 Parakitor



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Posted 08 January 2013 - 03:05 PM

Honestly, I like it the way it is. Yeah, Marksmanship is kind of a drag, but I can't think of another Rebel I'd rather give that upgrade to. Luke's innate defensive ability allows him the luxury of using Marksmanship instead of Focus, boosting his offense. And if you can get Target Lock in an earlier round, then Marksmanship at Range 1 you are golden -- especially against shieldless TIE craft. I'd try this squad out a couple of times, and then tinker with it.

And if I were to suggest an adjustment, I would probably scrap Wedge's stuff for a Proton Torpedo. But I know how much you dislike torps, so I'll save you the trouble of reading that silly suggestion :)

"That starship won't fly, Bastila."

#3 Duraham



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Posted 08 January 2013 - 04:10 PM

I'm ok with torps, just that I dislike the idea of naked ships in a 3 ship build.


if i were to switch Luke's marksmanship out for expert handling, any ideas how do I squeeze out something to cover the remaining 1 point?

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