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DMed my way into a corner. Need some ideas for saving my players from an exciting chase that I can't figure out an exit to.

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#1 Autarkis02



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Posted 08 January 2013 - 11:02 AM

So long story short, the players are  visiting (raiding) the tomb of a long dead Inqusitor who got his reputation about 200 years after Saint Drusus.  Some small craphole planet made a surprisingly large shrine to him (which is where he's currently enshrined) on a planet that was described as: "An unpalatable little whelp of a world, mired in thick gasses with a grotesque array of predatory beasts.  I believe the only reason it was not classified as a death world is some Administratum simpleton believed the trees were not tall enough.

So they're exploring the planet and have a few encounters with some "dog like, sort of reptilian critters."  These critters have "long hooked claws for forearms."  Later they encounter a few more that have some weird growths on their hands, and fire biting little beetle like critters that tear into flesh.

So far the doglizards haven't been too bad, they're animalistic and do stupid crap like sniff out grenades.  For those with good visual imaginations, you can probably pin what they're dealing with.

They're in the tombs, raiding it, taking things of value, etc.  I plan on having a Tyranid Warrior show up and completely turn the adventure from exploring spooky tombs to being a chase to GTFO with their ill gotten loot. 

Problem is, to do this, there has to be some way they can escape.  Their ship had to land relatively far from the city (it was never designed to have any landing facilities, and most of the buildings are very vertical and have conical roofs.  Even getting to the gates would be bad, cause they made sure to keep them sealed, and gaunts can scale them far faster than the players.  And realisticall, I doubt the party could do too much to a warrior, much less a warrior with synapsed gaunts.

So I'm trying to think of a few things I might describe slightly differently to keep up with a good chase, but give them somewhere to go.  Also, nobody had the sense to get a flamethrower.  Everybody has decent single target damage, but I don't see them getting close to the warrior to melta him in the face

Right now I'm thinking of finding a relatively flat roof to hole up on in the hopes of getting their Valkyrie to smack on it and to a quick dustoff.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

#2 Darksyde



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Posted 08 January 2013 - 01:30 PM

What about standard sci-fi tropes and some fantasy elements for good measure. Ancient safe guards (read traps) that could be set on their way out to slow down pursuers. Bulkheads that could be sealed, old power supplies that could be detonated.  If some of their loot is techno why not have some of it be limited use items against tyrandis? Then they have to balance the chance for profit with the chance of survival.


The place is way old so maybe they can rather dramatically cave in a cone shaped roof to give them an exit. If one of the buildings is tall enough may haps they can slide down it and fall off onto the back of their transport. Oooh, what if he was entombed with his equally famous/infamous inquisitor rhino/hoverbike/combat bike, or some such that they can barrel their way out of the building/buildings. Here they are, running for their life, down corridors, around corners, and through a pair of heavy doors into a dark room. They slam the doors shut baring or locking them to by some time. They slowly turn to investigate the dark room and find an enshrined, personalized, Landraider. (or what have you, I've a soft spot for landraiders and if I could justify it I'd get the book there in just to have one in a RT game. Bit unbalenced though I grant)

#3 PantsCommander



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Posted 09 January 2013 - 06:40 AM

One thing to remember is your Warrior doesn't need to be a stat-bound monster but could be used more as an abstract threat. Don't worry about the "actual" capabilities of it, think more cinematically. I like Darksyde's idea of ancient safeguards coming to life. Not only makes sense for an inquisitor's tomb, but it makes the chase essentially a three way fight.

You implied one of the characters has a melta? Around these parts we call that a "skeleton key" since it can open any door. Most walls too. And walls don't fight back or dodge. Valkyries are also good at making openings in pesky sides of buildings. If the players don't think about it, maybe make a comment about the crumbling architecture or something.  

#4 Autarkis02



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Posted 12 January 2013 - 08:07 AM

I already figured the warrior wouldn't have any actual mechanics, otherwise it would just cream them all.  That's what got me thinking about the chase idea, then realized I don't know if it's been set up well for a good chase scene.  Hence the asking for ideas. 

Thanks to both of you for the suggestions.  I'll see about subtly hinting at some of this stuff when they're deeper in the tomb.

#5 htsmithium



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Posted 16 January 2013 - 03:27 AM

another way to have fun is to find the inquisiter's lengendary set of hand flamers that amasingly still have fuel ( mabey only what is in the tank thou) you also mentiened that this is practicly a death world right? so having some of the native flora trying to take a bite of the guants to distract them could help with the chase.

you may want to do yourself a favor and never tell the players they where facing tyranids thou, that could lead to ackward questions latter, where is the hive fleet? why hasen't the local life been infected? how much money can we get selling these things before the inquisition burns the planet?  another gimmic is to have your players find a back door to the tomb that leads thru the woods into a clearing where they have to make a last stand untill there gun ship swoops in the rescue them…or gets shoot down sonreir

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#6 DigitalRedneck



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Posted 16 January 2013 - 09:09 AM

The Warrior could be starved, sic or injured as well. This would give the players a chance yet still keep them nervous. 

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