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Humanity's Shadow

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 08:12 AM

“Corporations like to forget the human costs of their achievements. They don’t like to think about the thousands of people who they’ve trod upon and who live in the shadows of their corporate offices. But every such person is a potential ally for all of us runners.”

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Humanity’s Shadow, the fourth Data Pack in the Genesis Cycle for Android: Netrunner!

Hardware and programs drive efficiency, but talent trumps them both. In the future of Android: Netrunner, humans compete for work with bioroids and clones. Business is built as much from programs and hardware as from cash and concrete. To find your way in this tech-centric world, you need to be savvy to the latest upgrades, and you need a good deal of imagination. Humanity’s Shadow gives you a chance to get your hands on both the most bleeding edge technology and the talent you need to make it sing.

With a new Criminal identity, a daring new resource, and unique sysops for the Corporations, Humanity’s Shadow profiles some of the most talented individuals pulling the strings behind the game’s cyberstruggles. New events for the Runners allow you to customize your strategies while the game’s Corporations look to increase their security with a more hands-on approach based upon new operations, talented sysops, traces, and traps.

Kati Jones, Smuggler

The megacities of Android: Netrunner teem with hundreds of thousands of people whose lives and careers have been ruined by the game’s megacorporations and their legal teams. Legal actions and corporate mergers ensure the megacorps face limited competition, and it’s not uncommon for these megalithic giants of industry to buy competitors’ ideas simply to bury them.

What happens to such buried technology? Sometimes, an enterprising individual, such as Kati Jones (Humanity’s Shadow, 91), may attempt to repurpose it through avenues outside of the law.

The pilot Kati Jones had just launched her express courier service when Haas-Bioroid sued her parents for copyright infringement on an android AI design they had built over a decade of hard work. Her parents were completely out-lawyered during the bitter, high-profile case, but the leading manufacturer of bioroids went above and beyond to discredit her parents’ design. Working with NBN’s media segments, Haas-Bioroid portrayed Kati’s parents as greedy upstarts and even implicated Kati and her siblings, falsifying a DUI incident that grounded Kati for a year when she lost her pilot’s license. Of course, without her pilot’s license, her courier business tanked.

However, Kati’s story didn’t end there. Unlike hundreds of others trampled into the mud by corporate schemes, Kati found a way to fight back. Reaching out to other inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs who had been similarly deprived of their livelihoods, Kati forged a number of profitable connections and reinvented herself in the shadows of corporate progress as a smuggler and black marketeer.

Now, Kati Jones offers her services as a courier of illicit merchandise to those individuals, like Runners, whose activities sometimes stray outside the standard, legal avenues of business.

Corps and Robbers

Kati Jones is just one of several unique thieves and corporate talents to appear in Humanity’s Shadow. Along with new hardware, programs, and events, the third Data Pack in the Genesis Cycle presents some of the talented individuals who put these tools to good use.

Look for Humanity’s Shadow to arrive at retailers everywhere in the first quarter of 2013!

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