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What Skirmishes are included in the Tribes of the Vale & Brotherhood Expansions?

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#1 LordofBrewtown



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Posted 05 January 2013 - 06:39 PM

Those are 2 expansions that I haven't purchased; & the details of the skirmishes could affect my decision.  

Can someone list these, and provide an opinion on how fun these were to play if you tried them?  

Any other details?  For instance, I was fairly disappointed with the 'Steel Rain' skirmish in Lords of the River:  not very interesting, and also was disappointed that the individual skirmish cards didn't provide for any Rivers as possible terrain - that makes Marq Piper's and the River Riders 'Riverborn' trait worthless in skirmishes.  

I'm hoping that there's another 1 Commander per side skirmish (like Casting the Net); and I'd also like to see a Skirmish allowing 4 or more commanders per side.  

#2 lannister4live



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Posted 06 January 2013 - 11:01 PM

Tribes of the Vale has;

Momentum: Lannister

3 commanders with total value 5 or less.

2 unit cards, two terrain cards, side A

Terrain within 8 hexes, units and commanders next to own markers

4 rounds, 3 command tokens, 5 order tokens, three cards, rout on both sides

Player with most objectives at end of round 4 wins

Both players may take terrain cards from tribes of the vale

Each player places an additional crags terrain

Before placing units and commanders, players take turns in placing own markers on crag fields



Brotehrhood without Banners has:

Momentum: Stark

3 commanders with value 7 or less, Beric is not allowed

3 unit cards, 2 terrain, side A

Terrain within 6 hexes, commanders within 4, units next to commanders

4 rounds, 4 command tokens, 4 order tokens, 4 cards, rout on both sides

Before placing terrain, Lannister places the Beric token on the middle row

Units ending their turn on Beric can take him with them on their next turn, getting one less movement (min one)

If the unit dies or retreats, Berics token stays where it is

At end of round 4, a player wins if the Beric token is on his side of the map




Played none of them so far, but thats the raw facts :)

#3 jack merridew

jack merridew


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Posted 08 January 2013 - 05:37 AM

do people have a favorite skirmish, im gonna play one tommorrow and im not sure if were gonna play Steel Rain, Westerlands Bounty or the Lions Den,   just curious if people had one they thought was more enjoyable

#4 Mr_Brightside



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Posted 08 January 2013 - 09:33 AM

I play a lot of skirmishes and I would say that the battle over Beric is my favorite second to kings ransome (I think that's what it's called were you have to secretly go after one of the opponents leaders).


#5 jack merridew

jack merridew


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Posted 10 January 2013 - 02:58 AM

ok So i just played Steel Rain skirmish and a few things came up that i wanted to ask for help with


-the skirmish card says place terrain within 4 hexs of your boards edge? doesnt that leave the whole middle of the board open like a giant braveheart battle? maybe we set up incorrectly but thats what we did and it made it so the 2 armies had very clearly defined sides of the battle?

- in a scenerio like Steel Rain where your only real objective is to not get units killed while killing your enemy, what benefit is there to actually engaging your opponents army, for the first 3 rounds we barely risked anything, just slowly inching up while firing off ranged attacks it made for a very boring scenerio

- When using the crossbowman aimed shot ability against a red unit i discarded a green token and used Kevan Lannisters add 2 ability to have them roll 4 dice against a red rank calvary and eliminated them with 3 greens, this isn't a question i just thought it was really cool

- what do we do in case of a tie at the end of the game

- whenever my opponent would have only one figure left in a unit he would retreat that unit back to his board edge, so we wouldnt give me the VP, seems like a crappy way to avoid losing, anything i can do to stop this outside of calvary running him down

-what do you use to mark VPs dice? a tokens?

- if a command card says order 3 units of the same rank can you only order 2 if thats all you have available?

- a blue ranked house brax pikeman unit is attacking a green rank calvary inside a forrest, the pikeman are in hedgehog formation, how many dice do they attack with?

- this scenerio seemed lacking for me, anyone else have a better choice, the only expansion i dont have is Brotherhood


#6 LordofBrewtown



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Posted 10 January 2013 - 02:17 PM

L4L:  I think you omitted the details for the objectives (placement & #) in the Tribes skirmish.  


Jack:  Regarding Steel Rain - I've purposely avoided that skirmish because I thought it might proceed as your game did - without objectives, why attack?  

Also, I do think that the terrain placement can be a negative to skirmishes.  That's why the only skirmish I've tried so far is 'Casting the Net' (uses board setup for Clash on the Kingsroad).  However, so far Stark always seems to win this skirmish.  It's been pretty close each time; but, it seems like the Lannister courier has to be cavalry to have enough movement to exit the board by game end, and generally has to move too far ahead of other units (exposing themselves to attack) in order to be in position to win.  My mistake may have been not choosing a red rank cavalry as the courier.  

One thing I did notice for Casting the Net is that it suits Marq Piper very well (especially as the Lannister) - his leadership cards' ability is awesome, & you have the extra cards to discard by round 2.  Additionally, he allows you to choose the Tully River Riders for extra units - and 'Riverborn' opens up the board to the other side of the river.  


RE:  commands - not sure, but I've been playing that you can order only 2 units on the 3 unit card if that's all you have




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Posted 24 January 2013 - 03:45 PM

jack merridew said:

do people have a favorite skirmish, im gonna play one tommorrow and im not sure if were gonna play Steel Rain, Westerlands Bounty or the Lions Den,   just curious if people had one they thought was more enjoyable

"Westerlands Bounty" and "Lion's Den" by far, Skirmish Rocks!!  "Westerlands Bounty" is the one with the secret bounty leader that you have to kill to score 3 VP's, "Lion's Den" has the situation where you place some VP space markers on the gameboard, very cool.

We play Tournament Skirmish, it's truly awesome (even if I do say so myself), I will post here if you are interested.



(SFRR) aka Siferr Stark

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