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some questions

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#1 Turinqui



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Posted 31 December 2012 - 02:41 AM

Hello all,

Im sorry I posted this in the general section of the game, when I saw later there is a specific forum for rules about the game

after I got the card game recently I tried to play some games with my brother sadly were both not native English speakers so we have some questions regarding the rules of the game that we couldnt find back in the rulebook or at this forum yet.

I want to appologize upfront if someone already asked for these questions but I sincerely couldnt find an answe yet, and some of these questions might seem very foolish to you but if you have the time and can spend the effort we really would like to know the answer.

1- What happens with the stack of the runner when he/she ran out of cards, will the cards on the heap pile get shuffeled again and put back in the heap or is it just to bad that there no cards left anymore?

2- If the corp has more then 1 ICE of the same subkind, for example, 2 of the subtype codewall, can the runner use only 1 program to break first the 1st ICE and then the same program to break the 2nd ICE.

3- The card "Personal Touch" can you freely move it around any icebreaker card you have? Can you stack more then 1 on any icebreaker card? Can you use it for example when you encounter an ICE on icebreaker 1 and then when you encounter ICE 2 on an other icebrekaer?

4- What is the use for the runner to take a run at the archives server? Why would a corp discard a agenda card  there in the first place?

5- What is the use of the NON agenda cards that a runner may acces in the R&D server? Is it just to make the R&D pile go emptier faster so the runners wins that way? If the the cards have a trash cost and you can pay it you trash it if you cant pay it it  goes back to the server but if there is no cost it can be trashed in archives but will be it be faced up or faced down?

6- The card "Crypsis" can you keep spending credits to increase the cards strength, for example you pay 10 credits to gain 10 strenght?

7- The card "Nisei MK II" what does this card mean at all? What does the agenda token and what does it do?

8- If you have as the runner the cards "Magnus Opus" and "Armitage Codebusting" at teh same time is that any use at all?  Since you can get 2 credits for 1 click ALL the time for "Magnus Opus".

9- When do you lay cards face up or face down in the archives server?

10 - For the Corp, do you lay assets always face up or face down in the remote server? And what about assets that are an ambush?

11- The card "pipeline" does it work against teh card "Hunter" and can it break the subroutine trace then?

12- Do you lay traps/ambushes on the archives pile after a Runner made a run against your trap/ambush. Or do you leave them in the remote server? And o you lay them face up or face down if it goes to the archives pile?

13- Its not the case that the corp refills his hand all the time to 5 cards and that he discards all his cards after a turn, right?


Thank you very much for your time if you were so kind to answer these questions.

#2 Toqtamish



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Posted 31 December 2012 - 04:02 AM

1) Nothing happens as per the rules.

2) You can use icebreakers as many times as you want per run. There is no limit. Just need to pay for using them on each ice.

3) No, once installed on an icebreaker it stays on it.

4) Sometimes the corp has too many cards in hand, and Noises ability forces them to discard from R&D

5) Cards don't change facing when trashed. Cards with no trash cost listed cannot be trashed under normal circumstances. 0 cost cards can be trashed for free. Sometimes the runner might not want to pay to trash that card.

6) Yes you can use the ability as many times as you want/can afford.

7) The agenda counter lets you end the run for free by removing the counter

8) Both are good money generators but both at the same time probably not necessary. Stil Armitage Codebusting is a resource and can be trashed by the corp if the runner is tagged

9) Face up if they were installed, facedown if they were not rezzed or trashed from R&D. Cards don't change their facing when trashed.

10) All cards are installed face down until rezzed.

11) If you boost its strength to 4 yes. Hunter is a sentry and Pipelin is a killer icebreaker.

12) If the runner trashes the card it gets trashed, and really it is unlikely a runner would not do that.

13) No, why would you think that ?

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