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Imperial Civil War (Local League)

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Posted 29 December 2012 - 02:45 AM

Ok wrighting a Localised Civil War Secenario.


Basic Breif: on the edge of an active War Zone there is a uncontested Imperial held world, it is turning out War Goods and a vital world in maintaining local trade networks needed to generate taxes to help fund the War, only on one continent for decades there has been an ongoing civil war between a Theologically Orthodox and Politically Concretive (O/C's)) faction and a Theologically Purists and Politically Progressive faction (P/P's). the O/C's hold more and richer land and have a higher population but tithe less to the Empire than the P/P's who offer up a higher quality tithe as well as a larger one.

The P/P’s Purism extends only as far as approved sects of the Imperial Creed so the Ecclesiarchy is not actively working against them, but the Adeptus Ministorum actively support the O/C’s due to their Orthodoxy and ongoing Tithes finding their way to the Ecclesiarchy.

The P/P’s have the support of the Adeptus Administratum and the Worlds Ruling House, but neither has been overly aggressive (at least openly) in their support for fear on provoking the Church, until now, recently the Imperial Guard have suffered some minor reversals and have not been able to follow through and press advantages else ware due to minor supply short falls.


The Orders: The Characters Bregade along with others has bean deployed to support the P/P's and end the civil war as soon as posible. Meterial and Infistrutuere Damage is to be kept to the barest of minimums and Enemey Faital & Didability Casualties are to be avoided as much as posible as PoW's are to be inducted in to the Guard for Off-Worrld Deployment or returned to Civilion Profesions as soon as practicle.

TO&E: both local Combatant Armies are prodomntaly using Solid Projectile Weapons with simple Flack Armor for protection though both armies do have units equiped with Las weapons, the majority of the O/C Las weapons are Las Carbines and Pistols provided by the Ecclesiarchy on a Lend-Lease agreament. the P/P's have a limited range of Guard Weapons and a small stock of Guard Armor in use by a few Spechial and Eleite units. the Guard Forces being deploied in support of the P/P faction will be provided with normal Guard equipment and will be allowed to draw on local stores.

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