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First few play sessions impressions and some experiences. Some spoilers.

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Posted 22 December 2012 - 10:25 PM

Little bit of spoilers for beginner adventure and Long Arm of the Hutt

Having a blast so far. This may end up being a long post so please bare with me. I will try and keep it to the point.
I figure some might like to know our level of experience with gaming and rpgs in general so here are the people this group consists of to help better understand our viewpoints.
There a four of us. Two are around 16 and two are late 20s. I have very little xp with rpgs but have been playing other advanced tabletop games for several years. So although my rpg knowledge is pitifully suffering, I feel I have a fairly decent grasp on strategy and what a good game feels like, to me anyway. The other upper 20 is my wife who really enjoys playing new games but is also very new and inexperienced to rpgs. She has had a tendency so far to try and game the system a bit. It has been a switch of mindset for her, and me as well, to go from a competitive min/max play style to a narrative/"everyone has fun" play style. I for one love this switch and it has made for some really great times so far. The idea of rules taking a backseat to narrative if need be is foreign to us as a group and takes some adjusting. The two that are around 16 are fairly new to tabletop gaming in general and have no real rpg experience.

So first if all I love the setup of the Beginner box. I feel it was worth the money and has already provided a fair amount of fun. Going through the beginner adventure first and using it as a learning aid was very effective. By the end of it not only did the group have a good understanding of the basic rules, but I as the GM felt I learned a good amount of what was expected of me. I feel a lot more confident as a GM and our last playthrough (Act 1 of Long Arm of the Hutt) went incredibly smooth and even featured an off the cuff drinking contest to see who would be captain of the ship. It felt completely organic and something just "clicked". The Wookiee was checking against his resilience while the Twi'lek was using a deceit check to throw the shots over her shoulder. It was hilarious and it made for some great discussion.

Our biggest set back so far has just been keeping a good pace while our group decides how to proceed in some situations. By that I mean how to spend advantages or triumphs etc, or what to say or do and what skills to use. Part of this is definitely due to the inexperience. Another part is just running out of ideas sometimes. I too sometimes am at a loss and I feel the pacing suffers. This is not a complaint against the system rather just an issue we have run into with our particular group. I end up suggesting different ideas if they take to long and have actually felt myself a little drained. Towards the end of our last session we were just keeping it very simple. For example spending advantages for strain recovery or threat for strain loss without actually narrating it at all. WE did have some very epic triumphs including an accidental cave in trapping a PC in a cave. I was particularly proud of that one as it involved a well spent destiny upgrade.

I actually have a lot more to say and I am going to go over my notes and try to post some more of my thoughts in this thread. We have had a few issues pop up and I it will take time to really be able to tell if any problems we are having are totally our fault (lack of experience/ignorance) or if it is something imbalanced etc. We have spent a good 10 hours or so playing but that really is nothing in the long run. Everyone has had a great time, and I can't imagine a better introduction into the world of role playing. I am hooked and I can't wait to play a PC! Huge props to FFG and design team for a great experience. Please keep these adventures coming too. I don’t know what I (noob GM) would have done without them.

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