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Moritat & Shuriken Catapults (Development thread)

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#1 Drop Bear 2.0

Drop Bear 2.0


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Posted 21 December 2012 - 02:00 AM

Ok starting a rules development Thread for my "Moritat & Shuriken Catapults" down in General discusion, the Tech part came fairly easy, but still working on the "Elite Advance Package"


hear is the weapon stats and Fluff: Shuriken Catapults of both ainchent and modern human construction use a configuration little or if ever used by Eldar weaponsmiths in the modern era. insted of using Graverty Acclerators in the body of the weapon to propell a compact solid core projectile that also alows the Xenos to craft a much more compact and easer to handle weapon, Imperial weapons use a pair of distinctive Polar Fins well foward of the weapon to cerate a Magnetic Vortex Gravitic Reaction to propell it's Mono-Molecular cuting edege disks, this pattern alows for higher velosities afording better range, Penetration and Damage potenchial compared to a Graverty Acclerators patern of a similer Technology level but at the expence of rate of fire. Most huma made Shuriken Catapults place their Fins on a horosntal plane but some far less common veriants insted opt to arange them on a vertical plane. It should be noted Eldar Shuriken Catapult Technology is far advanced even to even Archotech Shuriken Catapult Technolodgy alowing them to make up for any compromises made by using Graverty Acclerator model layout.


The very few places in the Imperim that today produce Shuriken Catapults are far removed and highily isolated from the Calixis sector making them as dificalt to aquiere as Xenos modles.


Archotech Shuriken Catapult: Basic  100m   S/3/5   1D10+4R   6   30   2Full   Reliable, Tearing     5kg   9,000-15,000+   Near Unique

Reproduction Shuriken Catapult: Basic   80m  S/3/5  1D10+4R  4  30   2Full   Tearing     5-6kg   1,500-2,000    Very Rare



Ammo: 150/Clip  Scarce

#2 IdOfEntity



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Posted 04 January 2013 - 01:38 AM

Question: What do either of these have to do with the Moritat?

#3 Cymbel



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Posted 04 January 2013 - 10:11 AM

Because Moritat NEED powerful weapons very badly. Nevermind that they can have a couple high end weapons (Cadence Widower) and if your GM is nice, expand the list even some more (Stake Crossbows and Needlers) to make sure they have some nice ranged capability, but no, they need shuriken rifles apparently. And Archeotech Human models at that (so no heresy)

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