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A Very Good Tale combo, deck list and notes

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 02:17 AM



The basic premise of the deck is to play a Dunedain Wanderer for 2 via Secrecy, then use his cost of 5 to exhaust for A Very Good Tale, ideally getting Gildor or Landroval in play. Gildor can be then used with Timely Aid, which is similar to A Very Good Tale, and Landroval can be used to put Brok into play while putting the dwarf hero that died back in to play.

Because this is a Secrecy deck, I used Wandering Took and Gandalf (core) to be used in combination with the combo as well being there to get back to Secrecy, 20 threat. Most of the card selections had that in mind even though there were other cards I would have liked, but could live without until I found a place for them (Faramir for example).

I'm interested to see what people use in what proportions, in terms of Ally/Attachment/Event, for 2 or 3 sphere decks, and average costs of cards in a deck. This deck seemed to have too many cheap cards and too many cards that served a purpose for the combo only, not the scenario's evolving state.

09 Gloin

07 Bifur


Could possibly have six turns to play Secrecy cards cheap.




2 Fili

3 Dunedain Wanderer

1 Brok Ironfist

3 Dunedain Warning

2 Steward of Gondor


3 A Very Good Tale

3 We Are Not Idle

1 Grave Cairn

3 Sneak Attack

3 Timely Aid




2 Landroval




2 Wandering Took

1 Kili




2 Erebor Record Keeper

2 Master of the Forge

2 Gildor Inglorian


1 Healing Herbs

2 A Burning Brand


3 Daeron’s Runes




3 Gandalf (core)


1 Boots from Erebor

2 Song of Kings

3 Resourceful






A Very Good Tale requires EXACTLY two allies.

Exhausting two allies can some times seem counterproductive.

This card helps find allies, reducing the number of allies needed in a deck, but also NEEDS allies.


Landroval never worked in combination with Brok.

I drew Landroval once and could  not play it as it was the only card in hand, and another time I selected Gildor instead (Timely Aid). (At least twice I had either Sneak/ally without the other pair and far too often had only one card TOTAL, in hand.)


Never free’d up Gildor’s stats, always needed to quest, to be able to use his ability.
Gildor’s ability didn’t suit this deck well because it seemed to have a lot of pockets of low cost cards. A first turn Resourceful, Steward or Timely Aid meant that most of the bigger cards were no longer around and so many other complimentry cards had no impact late game.


The deck played twice against Lake-town, against one Numenor quest and the riddle Hobbit quest. In all cases it was behind the 8 ball and Fili and Kili, among other cards, didn’t make enough impact or compliment anything I didn’t already have about enough of.


Boots only slightly let Gloin go undefended, and I have too little recovery and Bifur with A Burning Brand, so this was somewhat useless.


I often played We Are Not Idle to play a first turn Steward. This was not a must and in the intial turns of the game, the extra body would have often been better.

Steward and Resourceful were played off and worked very well. I possibly had too little ways of spending the resources and ended a game with more than a dozen resources, which had been there for more than one turn.


A Burning Brand and Warning worked as well as ever and allowed for a Smaug attack to be soaked up.


The Record Keeper was only marginally better than simply throwing him at an enemy. I used him once to ready a Bifur with Warning and maybe a Brand, but another time lost the resource to be used by the Keeper too, once.


Daeron’s Runes was often played first turn to combo out my first turn drops, however, I often played my opening hand so quickly, I didn’t progress much further.


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