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Y-wings for the win @ the Kessel Run!

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#1 Clancampbell



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Posted 16 December 2012 - 03:50 AM

So I went to the Kessel run yesterday. I went with the somewhat unorthodox force of:


Luke w/R2-F2

Gold w/Ion (x3)


Round 1 I played against a tie swarm. He had Vader with swarm, 3 Academys and 2 others. (Black squad maybe?) Anyway, I manuvered through the asteroids, (insert all the jokes here) while he went down the left side of the board in almost convoy formation with Vader at the front. This might have been his undoing. My Y's kept out of his fire arcs while using their turrets to inflict some damage. I was able to get behind his lines and keep Ioning the already Ioned ties, while his lead ties had to turn around. I took out a couple of ties before he ever got a shot off! With his other ties turned around and back in the mix he opened fire. My Y's lost some sheilds but I was unfazed. I ioned a few more and started to take control. With so few ties that weren't ioned I was able to keep out of his fire arcs for the most part. His Vader did manage to drop one of my Y's, but I finished off the rest of his force by then. With just Vader vs. an untouched Luke and 2 Y's he conceded the game. Great guy, and he had some terrible dice luck.


Round 2 I played my friend Tom. He Had Wedge, Dutch and 2 Rookies. This was the closest game of the day. I feared Wedge and tried to get behind him and take him out. I did manage to Ion him a few times early which gave me some breathing room. We pretty much traded fire and lost ships at an even rate. I lost all my Y's and the end game was Luke vs. a rookie. Time was called and I won by a mere 10 points!


Round 3 I plaed vs. Wedge, Luke, Biggs combo. We spent the first few turns manuvering. When we game to grips he shot the sheilds off of one of my Y's. I returned fire and since all my shots had to to go on Biggs they did. Biggs was heavily damaged after the intial pass. My Ion turrets kept me able to shoot him while he couldn't shoot me. I destroyed Biggs, and Ioned the other 2. That was the game right there. I simply stayed behind them and kept Ioning them. They were helpless at that point. I even caused Luke to hit an asteriod and take damage.


The stories of the day 360 feilds of fire are awesome. That and the board control offered by that many Ion cannons is just sick.


I lost in the final and took home a Slave 1.

#2 TimeLapse



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Posted 16 December 2012 - 11:14 AM

I won my kessel event with a simaler list.


My Kessel run list was


Wedge 29

-R2-D2 4

Horton slam 25

-Ion cannon 5

Gold Squad Piolt 18

Gold Squad Piolt 18
I found it was the durablity of the Y-Wings that gave me the edge, since Wedge could recharge shields between him and Horton slam i won all my games.
In my first vs a 2 x-wing 1 y-wing list deck out, i tabled my opponet without taking any damage cards, just sheild loss.
the 2nd game I took out vader and 2 tie fighters and took only one card of damage apart from shield loss.
For my last game it was my list vs a Rebel list with wedge, biggs, A gold y-wing with ion and another x wing. I dont remember his list to well but I tabled him as well with only losing one of my own y-wings and having on damage card on wedge (though by the end of the game i had full sheilds again, thank you R2-D2)
So for the final game I played the light side with the Falcon and do to good movement on my part i avoided slave one for 3 turns and took out both his fighters with only losing one shield. the game was called then since my opponet had to leave so I won the falcon. It was great. Doing the kessel run with 3 y-wings is a badge of honor we both share. my full detailed report with more photos of the final game can be found here if you are intrested, http://wftlw.blogspo...ings-and-x.html

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