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A question about the "100 Regiments for Only War" thread

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#1 dracopticon



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Posted 15 December 2012 - 10:31 AM

Hi there.

I have added my own idea for an IG regiment in the "100 Regiments for Only War" thread, but I can't see it. I did it earlier today, and my addition is not over long or includes any foul language or anything, so I don't think it's deleted. If one reads the thread starter page, it says, above "4 pages (58 messages). But I can only browse to reply #54 and not even that reply can be properly seen. It shows the creator of it, Paulus Rex, but not the message itself. And it's impossible to scroll further down. I'm reposting my idea for the regiment here instead, hope it's ok:



Motto: ”Hardheads Never Quit!”

This is a small  'Light Recon Regiment' newly founded on the backwater planet of Hardlanding. It's only 500 men strong and not very well equipped, using old Cadian mended and re-used military material, the most common guns are las carbines and autoguns.

Regimental Commander: Colonel Archibald Archer, ”Double Arch”.
A 65 year old coot with a rather senil personality, pretty much a grown child. Likes to dress up in parade uniform almost all the time. Loves big military parades, with setup men and guns. Would really like to "play" with "his soldiers" like a child with toys. Archer is put on his post by the planets only (poor) aristocratic family, but is in reality helped along with all mundane things by his adjutant, Ping, on a daily basis. Colonel Archer does not wield any real power of command in the regiment.

Real executive chief of the regiment is Colonel Pieter ”Re Pete” van Rinse (as in ”Rinse and Repeat”).
A rather lanky, youthful looking man in his upper middle age. Has a past in the Inquisition as a former Interrogator (dismissed from service for some unknown reason) and uses this in his profession when such contacts are possible to maintain. Has general insight in the work techniques of the Inquisition and can use such measures in the field, when appropriate. The colonels main rule is that all military attainments has to be learnt by repetition, again and again, hence the nick ”Re Pete”. Is otherwise the owner of a harsh personality, with not much thought of justice.

Master of Scouts: Captain Simon ”Too Much” De Tomaso.
Is either called only "Captain" or De Tomaso, the latter from his own orders. De Tomaso comes from locally well known Imperial Navy-family, nothing the captain wants to boast about he is rather softspoken with an extremly low voice and seldom holds anything but a low profile. Since the regiment has only 500 men, every company holds a small contingent of scouts, 10 per company. When De Tomaso gets a special assignment that demands a greater involvement from his men, the best scouts is picked and temporarily forms a small sixth "Scouting Company".

Chief Commissar: Rudolph Curzen.
A short but very broadly built man who has an impressive lung capacity and a powerful voice for talking and shouting on the field.
2nd Commissar: Ernst Raffel.
The younger, more mobile commissar who wants to be in the front of the battle, leading the men in heroic charges.

Confessor: Eberto Amarone.
A man with a raspy and hoarse voice and with oily dark hair. Often expresses a ”will to talk in private about heretic tendencies you've shown, my son”.

Regimental Medics: Chief Medic Nicola Sardo (collects preserved parts from corpses), assistant medic Ida Purj and Soren Jalonic.
Two men and a woman with former criminal background who has knowledge about several drugs and toxins, not learnt in school.

First Company: Captain Rickard ”Primer” Kregowitz.
A prematurely greyed thinner but tall middle aged man with a nack for reciting the "Primer" and who holds the knowledge of that book in the highest esteem. Everything has to be done by the book. Open-minded, outspoken soldiers who shows creativity (like De Tomaso) is NOT popular with him.

Second Company: Major Wolfgang ”Wolf” Hallendaar.
This is a personal friend of De Tomaso nad who's been watch captain with the Archer family, but who made himself dispensible through own expressed ideas of rationalisations the Archer family's will. Has a great libido and sometimes a hard time saying no to the lovely ladies.

Third Company: Captain Ruthger ”Fisty” Lindst.
This very large man has a tatooed and shaved head, and is scarred over many parts of his body, incl his face. He leads the heavy company taking all assignments that involves bombes, hvy weapons and demolitions. Has been a Hardhead Wrestler Prize Winner.

Fourth Company: Captain Jamel ”Mouse” Jacuba.
Besides De Tomaso, this is the best regimental tracker and scout. Has a past as a Tallarn desert warrior and still carries stuff as memories of that time, including a very long and filigraned Long Las. A light haired, black skinned man with blue eyes. Is actually not a good shot, but a master sneaker.

Fifth Company: Captain Urben ”Short Supply” Benner.
A whiny and greasily fat man man with overprotective tendenses towards the equipment he is placed to manage for the regiment. Equipment is always ”hard to get” or ”almost out of supply”. Always hoards stuff that is needed, especially for himeslf and for the brass. Can in single instances favorise certain soldiers that does favor for him. Even things that are in obvious abundance can be held back by this man. All with Van Rinses good memory, as the colonel likes a ”tight run ship” (= the regiment).

(The Hardlanders regiment has no company numbered six to ten).

#2 Paulus Rex

Paulus Rex


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Posted 21 December 2012 - 02:20 PM

Your post is there, I just checked. As for mine, apparently it got deleted/combined with another post. I don't know how or why, but that's what it looks like right now.

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Posted 22 December 2012 - 02:51 AM

Paulus Rex said:

Your post is there, I just checked. As for mine, apparently it got deleted/combined with another post. I don't know how or why, but that's what it looks like right now.

Thanks for the reply! I checked this instance, and still the page with your reply #52 is shown with a truncated lower part on my computer, but then the following page is totally ok to watch. It's strange. But thanks again for notifying me! Have a nice christmas!

#4 Lightbringer



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Posted 22 December 2012 - 05:54 AM

That's odd. I Set up the thread, but I certainly haven't messed with anyone's posts, nor would I! I'm not technically minded (to put it mildly) but perhaps the amount of text in the thread is causing problems? That sounds unlikely now I say it… I know FFG changed its forum software slightly recently - the emoticons have changed - perhaps that's got something to do with it?

All I can suggest is if a regiment doesn't show up properly, submit it again, no one will mind! :-)

#5 Paulus Rex

Paulus Rex


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Posted 22 December 2012 - 09:22 AM

Quite true. I'm still confused on what happened to my regiment, I'll probably repost it later. Merry Christmas to you all.

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