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#1 Game of Pwns

Game of Pwns


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Posted 14 December 2012 - 07:31 AM

I love GoT LCG, so naturally my friends and I think about what cards we could improve upon, or create outright. Being a storyline bent player, I like to think op cards that would lend themself easily to G.R.R.M's world. Here are just a few ideas my friends and I have started. Let us know what you think about their concepts, & how balanced/unbalanced you feel they are.


Card 1 - "Change Your Ways"

  • Type - Plot
  • House - Any
  • Gold - 4
  • Initiative - 3
  • Claim - 1
  • Text - Choose one duplicated unique character in play. You may trade out duplicates from under that character. That character gains, "Immune to events this round, but must be chosen to satisfy claim of a lost military chllenge."
  • Idea - I am a player who carries different type of cards of the same character (i.e. King & Lord Robbert, Army drop Robb & +1 Str Robb, etc…) so I can use the one who fits best at the time. This plot card allows for a GREAT change of events. It can be used as a "King/Queen only" block too. If there is already an, "If Robb Stark is the only king in play then _____." You can cancel that out with "Change Your Ways" by making double renown Lord Robbert a King Robbert. I just see this plot doing MANY different & exciting things. We balanced it out with the claim satisfaction adendum. 

Card 2 - "An Agent In Place" 

  • Type - Condition
  • House - Baratheon (Possibly neutral)
  • Cost - 2
  • Text - Any Phase: Attache to an opponant's character. Once per round, you may look at a card at random from attached character's owner's hand. Then place it back into it's owner's hand.
  • Idea - Like as the small counsel, under King Robert's reign, had spies in Danenerys' camp, so does this card allow a Baratheon player to know a little about their opponant. I feel that this card could use some work.

Card 3 - "The Viper's Venom"

  • Type - Attachment
  • House - Martell
  • Cost - 2
  • Text - Attached character gains joust. Response: After you lose a challenge in which attached character participated in, kneel The Viper's Venom to give the winning character -1 Strength untill end of round. The next round give that same character - 3 strength, and is killed if strength is 0. An opponant may kneel a maester character to cancel.
  • Idea - Poisoned Spear & Venomous Blade are good, but neither of them do what The Red Viper's spear does to The Mountain in, "A Feast of Crows" like "The Viper's Venom" does. This allows for a long term effect. It balances with the option for ANY opponant to kneel a master to cancel teh -3 effect

Card 4 - "The White Cloak"

  • Type - Attachement
  • House - Neutral
  • Cost - 2
  • Text - Item: Attach to a non-King/Queen non-Maester character. Character gains Kingsguard trait & may only carry Item & Weapon Attachments. Any Phase: Kneel one influence to pay this card from hand to move it to a different character you control if you have a King/Queen in play.
  • Idea - Every highly competitive player will tell you that Kingsguard and Brotherood are the weakest agendas. This will give the KG a boost.

Card 5 - "Kingsguard Cloak Room"

  • Type - Location
  • House - Neutral
  • Cost - 3
  • Text - Marshalling: Kneel Kingsguard Cloak Room to search your deck for a Kingsguard character. If you have a King or Queen in play, or in your dead pile, you may pay influence to marshall Kingsguard characters.
  • Idea - In a Kingsguard agenda, its paramount that Kingsguard characters show up. Enter KCR.


Thanks for checking out our ideas. Let us know what you think, & what cards you have created!

#2 BBSB12



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Posted 23 December 2012 - 09:20 PM


Interesting ideas. You can try to design the whole chapter pack or cycle of cards if you and your friends are into design (I know that some MtG players do that for fun from time to time).
If you want your ideas to be discussed more you can try to repost this in "General Discussion" or "Deck Building" sections since I'm not sure how many people look at the messages that are at the bottom of "A Game of Thrones" main forum page (usually people go into subforums of interest, specifically most posts are posted and answered in "General Discussion" one).
About cards themselves:
1 and 2 interesting, not sure that they are powerful enough, so probably don't require balancing^___^. 1st one doesn't really matter a lot since even though there are situations when 2 Kings are in play, people wouldn't really consider the whole plot in order to change Duplicate text. 2nd 
3. This one rises question of how people are supposed to remember which character it was used on in previous turn (I guess you can change this attachment's text to "you move this attachment to character on the winning side" and then start piling up tokens on that character as sign of his weakness with text like "character gets -1 STR for each gold token on it)
4.  "non-King/Queen non-Maester character" is a bit of too much of definition for a card and the design seems to be too centered on restrictions. I know that this way it adds flavor and allows to add more balance, but it also makes it harder to enjoy/play with. I'd say that based on what I learned from Magic, best design cards are cards that grasp the core of mechanic/effect they want to project onto the gameplay while using minimum number of words for that (like, "When you play this event target character gains +2STR till the end of phase" is a better designed card than "When you play this event target non-Maester character gets +6STR till the end of challenge phase if there are no Army characters in play"). 
5. I think it sounds pretty good. Not sure if at 3 gold just first part wouldn't make this a very strong location (Haven't looked at distribution of Kingsguard charcters for a long time). Or too weak since you need to have a King in play
PS. Hope you don't take my critisism too personally, 'cause I like your idea of designing cards and I think of card designs for AGoT and MtG all the time (though most of them suck, IMHO=). So if you manage to design a card set, balance it and add to the game for casual players (even if it won't be legal for the tournaments), I'd be very interested to look at the final result (and so would be a looot of players).
PPS. Look up Adam ''Bone" on this forum or agotcards.org forums (there are a few threads there about card design) since he seems to have a lot of interest in discussing card designs and new ideas.

#3 Game of Pwns

Game of Pwns


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Posted 30 December 2012 - 01:25 PM

Not at all! Feedback is what we wanted to make a good card through colaboration. Thanks.

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