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Idea for a new class: The Sage

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#1 Drake Masters

Drake Masters


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Posted 13 December 2012 - 10:23 AM

I've seen a lot of people on the forums here making custom classes, wanted to try my hand at it, and so I present to you all for reveiw and suggestions, The Sage;



Archetype:  Domine, Mystic

Life Point Multiple:  20

Life Points:  +5 per level

Initiative:  +5 per level

Martial Knowledge:  +30 per level

Innate Psychic Points:  +1 each 3 levels


Primary Abilities

Combat:  Limit 50%

                +1 Attack:  3

                +1 Block:  3

                +1 Dodge:  2

                +1 Wear Armor:  3

                +1 Ki:  2

                Accumulation Multiple:  15

Supernatural:  Limit:  50%

                +5 Zeon:  1

                MA Multiple:  50

                +1 Magic Projection:  2

                +1 Summon:  2

                +1 Control:  2

                +1 Bind:  2

                +1 Banish:  2

Psychic:  Limit 50%

                Psychic Points:  20

                +1 Psychic Projection:  3

Secondary Abilities

                +1 Athletics:  2

                +1 Social:  2

                +1 Perceptive:  2

                +1 Intellectual:  2

                +1 Vigor:  2

                +1 Subterfuge:  2

                +1 Creative:  2

Reduced Cost:  None

Innate Bonuses:


                                +50 Zeon per level


                                +5 Occult per level

                                +5 Magic Appraisal per level


                Can use either Magical Level or total Martial Knowledge for Learning Level


While some people seek out to separate the differences between the powers of the body and the spirit, the Sage knows that these powers are one linked closer than realized.  Sages study the powers of both Magic and Ki to find the truths in creation, whether it’s to protect or destroy.

#2 Nurddude



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Posted 13 December 2012 - 11:45 AM

After just quickly looking it over, the only problem I have is that all secondary costs are reduced to 2. 

#3 Drake Masters

Drake Masters


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Posted 13 December 2012 - 02:51 PM

I mostly followed the pattern for the dual-archetype classes.  Warlock for example has no "reduced cost" secondary abilities (like Wizard has in Magic Appraisal), but all of it's secondary abilities are 2.  The only one this technically reduces from wizard is Vigor.

#4 F3nr1s



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Posted 15 December 2012 - 11:32 AM

This sounds like, that an mixed class usually takes the better of his two archtypes, which I must disagree:

The ranger (fighter/prowler) has a cost of 3 in the vigor group. Also is the costs of 3 in attack and block "weird", because the technican and Tao both have there costs of 2 (which usually means, that the dominion class could be an allround fighter class, but this sage build only focused on dodge).

Than, this "Can use magic level or martial knowledge": ATM, I'm playing an technican, who started with 170 MK … okay, this would mean, that this character could learn magic like she had and magic level of 170. I can't look at the magic learning level table, but I think, this would mean, that she could learn very high spells in no time.

Also, the Illusionist class (which is an mixed mystic/prowler) has cost of 60 for MA.

I can't point my finger at a particular point, but I have the feeling, this class is somewhere broken. Perhaps there was always a balacing problem with a mixed mystic/domine class and therefore, there where no such class be published.

So long,

#5 Sidisessinu



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Posted 15 December 2012 - 10:01 PM

I have to agree that the MK and ML being intergangable does seem a bit broken, too much power too quick…..


Why not put it that they count 1/2 their actual amount towards the other, for example: MK: 50 ML: 60  effective MK: 80 and ML: 85 …. and also the class gain MK and ML at about half or third the speed of the full  classes…..

#6 Drake Masters

Drake Masters


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Posted 16 December 2012 - 06:30 AM

F3nr1s:  I see, I'll re work some stuff on it, see if I can make it more balanced.  My inspiration came more from a warlock ish class that was between technician and wizard, but instead of focusing on combat, focus on the more esoteric effects of KI.  The secondary abilities costs come from more of the balanced mentality as opposed to a more focussed idea.  Rangers probably have the vigor increase because of the perceptive decrease.  With Wizard having a 3 in vigor, and Technician have a 3 in intellectual I felt 2's across the board was fair. 


Sidisessinu:  I'll change the learning effect.  I honestly only thought of it from the KI side, but yeah, the learning for the magic side would be rediculous, 200 puts you into the highest bracket with magic, and yeah…  I like your idea on the averages, but I'll probably go back to the drawing board.


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