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It Could Be an Imperial Code

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 10:07 AM

“I am fluent in six million forms of communication. This signal is not used by the Alliance. It could be an Imperial code.”
–C-3PO, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Want to learn more about Game Night Kits? Click the applicable link below:

What’s a Game Night Kit?
How Do I Use a Game Night Kit?
How Do I Order My Game Night Kit?

Retailers: Organized Play for Star Wars™: The Card Game begins with our Season One 2013 Game Night Kits! Featuring exclusive versions of the Core Set Darth Vader and Red Five cards titled in Aurebesh, the written form of Galactic Basic.

In addition to these cards, Season One 2013 Star Wars Game Night Kits each feature a deck box, two sets of acrylic focus tokens, and a promotional poster.

These Are the Cards You’re Looking For

In Star Wars: The Card Game, light side and dark side players duel for the fate of the galaxy. While the light side player races to make tactical strikes against dark side objectives, the dark side player works to reinforce his position of command.

During their battles, players will command some of the galaxy’s most memorable characters and starships. They’ll send Han Solo and Rebel troopers to engage Imperial forces on Endor’s forest moon, or launch fleets of Star Destroyers from the Kuat ship yards. Stormtroopers, smugglers, X-wings, TIEs, and bounty hunters will all make appearances, too. Of course, there will be epic lightsaber duels as well, and players will be able to recreate the classic confrontations between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader,

The Aurebesh versions of Red Five and Darth Vader.

The innovative deck-building model for Star Wars: The Card Game truly permits the game’s most legendary heroes, villains, and starships to shine. Because the game is not granular to the card, whole sets of six cards are balanced against each other, permitting the feature cards to excel in the right moments. The Aurebesh versions of Darth Vader and Red Five in the Season One Star Wars Game Night Kits will further call attention to the awesome power of the Force™!

What’s in the Season One 2013 Star Wars Game Night Kit?

Each Season One 2013 Star Wars Game Night Kit comes with materials built to support eight players as they participate in the game’s fast-paced tactical strikes and dramatic edge battles:

  • Nine copies of Red Five, titled in Aurebesh*
  • Two copies of Darth Vader, titled in Aurebesh
  • One Star Wars™: The Card Game deck box, featuring Darth Vader unleashing his fury upon a squad of Rebel troopers
  • Two sets of seven acrylic focus tokens
  • One 19.5” x 13.5” promotional poster fit to rule the galaxy

*The ninth copy of the Aurebesh Red Five and second copy of Darth Vader are intended as rewards for the Game Night organizer.

Are You a Player?

You can do your part by telling your favorite local game store about our Star Wars Game Night Kits!

If you’re really interested, here are some other ways you can promote Star Wars Game Nights:

  • Encourage your friends to join you and play at your favorite local game store
  • Ask your favorite local game store if you can post a sign-up sheet
  • Offer to run a demo day
  • Volunteer your services as event organizer

The Red Five and Darth Vader Aurebesh cards are exclusive to the Season One Star Wars Game Night Kits. These cards are mechanically the same as those that appear in the Core Set; only their titles and flavor text have changed, having been written in Aurebesh. These Aurebesh cards will be tournament legal, though because their production may alter slightly from the cards in the Core Set, players using them will need to shield them in opaque sleeves.

The Aurebesh Red Five and Darth Vader will be available only for a limited period of time and won’t appear anywhere else, so be sure to talk with your local retailer about hosting Game Nights for Star Wars: The Card Game!

Check Back on January 14, 2013!

We recently posted our Organized Play calendar of events for 2013 (pdf, 1.2 MB), and the first day to order our Season One 2013 Game Night Kits is January 14. Check back then to be among the first retailers to order the Season One 2013 Star Wars Game Night Kits, complete with their highly collectible Aurebesh cards!

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