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Falcon lists

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#1 Eruletho



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Posted 12 December 2012 - 02:08 AM

I saw a thread earlier toying with the idea of running 3 stripped down Firesprays, and wanted to try something similar with my favorite faction: The rebels. So here's my first shot at a Falcon-heavy squad.

Outer Rim Smuggler (Gunner, Milenium Falcon) 33 points
Outer Rim Smuggler (Gunner) 32 points
2x Prototype Pilot () 17 points each (34 points total)

There's a 99 point squad that doesn't look half bad, but I'm not the biggest fan of A-wings.

So I started off with 2 Outer Rim Smugglers with Gunners, at 32 points each, and 2 Prototype Pilot A-wings, for another 34 points. The gunners give the YT's a lot more dependability on their shots, since they basically get a new, free attack if their first one misses miserably. I didn't really like the inclusion of the A-wings, though, with their smaller damage capacities. So I dropped them and added ANOTHER ORS with a gunner. Although, looking at it now, the 2 A-wings are actually MORE defense than the 1 ORS, since they both total 10 hull and shields, but the ORS has 1 agility and the A-wings are 3 each with Evade. That brought me to 96 points, so I still had room to play. Luke is a free hit from a focus, so on one YT I replaced him in, for 98 points. To get to 99 to win init against PS1 swarms (stupid PS1 proto-falcons) I upgraded the Luke YT to the Falcon with the title card.

All told, the final squad is:

Outer Rim Smuggler (Luke Skywalker, Milenium Falcon) 35 points
2x Outer Rim Smuggler (Gunner) 32 points each
Total squad is 99 points

Any way this could work in a semi-competitive manner? I really want to use 2 or more YT's in a single match, and this is the only somewhat reasonable way I could see to use 3 of them. To use 2, I would probably do:

Chewbacca (Milenium Falcon, Gunner) 48 points
Outer Rim SMuggler (Gunner) 32 points
Green Squadron Pilot ()19 points

That puts me at 99 points there, but I kind of want to add Veteran Instincts on either the GSP or Chewie, making Chewie PS 7 or tying the GSP with him at PS 5. The ORS can be a blocking machine, shooting at whatever is in range, while Chewie is a crit-immune tank and the GSP flies around being annoying.

#2 Eruletho



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Posted 12 December 2012 - 02:10 AM

Math is bad… the A-wings total 8 hull and shield, not the 10 of the ORS. But still, 3 agility and evade vs 1 agility

#3 hothie



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Posted 12 December 2012 - 11:56 AM

Semi-competitive? not with asteroids on the table, my friend. And likely with a tricked-out Firespray and Soontir going against you as well. Granted, the YT's are tanks and do take a long time to kill, but they do go down. Maneuvering will be very difficult, and you're likely to lose lots of actions running into things. If you can, try it out though, and see how it runs.

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