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Timetraveling Game Idea

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#1 Cryhavok



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Posted 06 December 2012 - 03:09 PM

So I play rogue trader, and have had the idea for a ship, possible to exist within the rules, that can travel back in time, but until recently I haven't had a good idea for a game that it could be of use in. I would like your opinions either way on it, and any ideas for improvement. I am also an thinking of a combined systems game for the good guys to counter this group (same players in each both games). Here is my Idea, in stages:

Stage One: Assembling the Pieces

A Thousand Sons Sorceror assembles a crew of Heretics (the players) to help him recover the lost lore of prospero. For reasons to become clear later, marines would be prefered for this venture. The first task in accomplishing this is to acquire the ship needed for the rest of the task. Due to this involving time travel the nessessary requirement of the ship is that it is a ship that shows up as a loyalist ship, and has survived through the ages as such since before the horus heresy. This is to avoid wasteful engagements with imperial authority. Research would need to be done as to it's whereabouts throughout history so as to avoid encountering itself during the journey as well.

After acquiring the nessessary ship, the parts needed would have to be retrieved as well. I'm not going to list them here as that would be getting more into rogue trader territory, and I'm not expecting everyone who reads this to have those books. Sufice it to say numerous dangerous mission to steal/salvage starship parts would be nessessary.

Finally after getting all the peices the whole thing can be assembled and the real journy begun.

Stage Two: The Journey

Here is the begining of the hard part. The journey consists of nuemerous, short distance warp jumps, that with your special parts will have you making steady progress into the past. It will take something 1734 jumps… or 33 years (player character time) worth of jumps, to make it to your goal: Pre-Heresy Prospero. Insert whatever warp spawned adventures your hearts desire. Put them into any era you wish. Seriously anything could happen. Upon surviving the journey, you will have reached the homeworld of the Thousand Sons Legion…

Stage Three: Bearding the Cyclops in his own Den

…The still Loyal to the emporer Thousand Sons Legion. If they detect the players, they will be hostile. Now hurry and go steal all the lost acane lore from that planet of psykers over there before they turn evil and the space wolves torch everything that moves… and everything that doesn't too. Once you do, that leads us to the next part.

Stage Four: Getting Home with The Goods

Here is where the players choose weather to stash the loot and recover it when they manage to get back to present time, or to secure it with themselves and return to present time, or set up a gaurdian order and roll new characters that are decendents of those who went back… or anything else really. If they decide they want to get back to present though, it would again be accomplished through warp jumps (with some systems disabled) and deliberately getting lost in the warp a few times, till you eventually get back.

Stage Five: What Did I Get Myself Into

So you have succeeded in bearding Magnus the Red in his own den. Congraz! You are now on his radar of people too powerful to remain alive! A high honor indeed. Also he wants the goods. So does every other sorceror in the galaxy. Every inquisitor in the imperium wants to kill you before you speak to another soul. Eldar farseers across the galaxy are now bent on your destruction, and the harlequin are mobilizing like its the end of time. And somehow they all know. Everyone. It might have something to do with the chaos you left in your wake on your journey. Enjoy the spoils of victory! Of course by this time, you might be able to take em all.


#2 Dramacydle



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Posted 14 December 2012 - 03:19 PM

Anything can happen within the Empyrean and it does. I think the hard part would be to find the ship for your characters, unless they are within the Eye of Terror. From what BC mentions is that real space time changes for each individual so in reality if the players were sent on a mission within the Great Crusade towards the tale end of the Horsus Heresy then what maybe centuries passing outside the Eye of Terror are only days, weeks or months. I would honestly give them the ship from the go and give them the orders to change time using the foresight of a powerful psyker witch that can see in the future. This would be your hook. I always made my game by throwing encounters at them. Maybe travailing through the warp takes them back to the time of the Primarch and the planet of Prospero. I would make an exciting world battle using your chaos marines and throw deathwatch hordes at them. Throw some guardsmen hordes and see if they can change the future. http://wh40k.lexican...ns#.UMvrbqzc_xA

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