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Burning of Sins & Red Redemptionists.

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#1 Saldre



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Posted 06 December 2012 - 03:37 AM

Hello All!

Two topics of discussions that may seem Trivial, but I wanted to see people's opinions on them. 

The Burning of the Sins involve a local priest read, out loud and in public, an individual's "heresies" and then- if they are too great to simply absolve, assign a monetary penalty that the individual has to either pay up or jump into the fire instead. 

As such, not all heresies are created, or valued, equally! 

If you were a priest in Hive Tarsus, the religious capital of the sector, what would qualify as a minor heresy? A medium one? or a Major one? Keeping in mind that it doesn't result in Immediate purging! How much would you charge for each?

1000 Thrones for Murdering an innocent imperial servant in the course of duty? 100 thrones for a stray, blashemous thought, or exposing yourself to something you suspect was heretical? 10 000 if you happen to be a [non chaos-tainted] mutant?

I've a few players that are going to be going trough that sooner than later- some ballpark idea of other people's opinions on the subject would surely help!

And about the Burning of Sins- it seems like a particulary appropriate moment for the Red Redemptionists to induce aspiring worshippers into full-fledged members of the cult… But what would the Initiation Rite of such an extremist group entail? 

I've always classed the redemptionists into groups, depending on the characters choice of background, classes & elite advance. 

Now, one of my players [who'd picked the background and the class] wants to take the elite advance, which, in my game, means he intends to join the cult proper and become an official "priest" of the red redemptionists. 

As an induction ritual, I was thinking that they'd spend him over to purge some perceived heretics, along with a bunch of other initiates. When he succeeds, he returns to the local chapel for the ceremony, which involves…. 

I guess it should involve walking on hot coals, a searing brand and lots of candles and firepits. Not to mention the handing over of the official red robes and mask…

Anyone got any ideas, or a vision, of how an induction ceremony into the Red redemption would happen? 

Would be very cool to hear about that!

[Also, as an advertisement stunt, I invite people to discuss these things and more in the chatroom!] 

#2 Thebigjul



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Posted 09 December 2012 - 07:55 PM

 I could easyly imagine a trial by fire with ritual branding withn whole holy text to write on your body,  "triple belss prometheum" shover, taking and keeping an admantium seal from a chemical fire burning flesh and marking the PC as a member of the order. Fire and holy text proving your pure soul and flesh.

Or why not a trial by act with a "heretic" community to wipe out in an underhive. Heretic being all none redemptionnist community of the underhive (think of Necromonda).


#3 Gurkhal



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Posted 12 December 2012 - 08:04 PM

Well I think the Red Redemptionists are not really down with paying Thrones for sins, but more physical measures are probably more common, such as forced to put the hand that did steal into a fire and things like that.

But giving the church money to gain forgivness for your sins is most likely what is going on for the majority of the population however.

#4 Ion288



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Posted 16 December 2012 - 07:46 AM

Remember that the church on a hive world works to keep the workers content and productive. Thus things like slacking during work and feeling anger towards your superiors would probably be considered minor sins. An actual heretical thought, stray or other whise would mos likly be seen very harshly. 

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