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YAKST- Yet another Kesselrun Squad Thread

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#1 peshk



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Posted 05 December 2012 - 05:50 AM


and another "my kessel squad"-thread. Help would be appriciated.


I am thinking of taking either the tie all stars or a rebel build.

I like barrel roll very much, but at heart I am more a rebel.


So I was thinking of:

Wedge with EH and R2 and Dutch with Ion. I even had that idea before I read it here ;)


With those two, I am not able to get a four ship build. So:

Total Squad Points: 99
Pilot: Biggs Darklighter
Upgrades: R2-F2

Pilot: Wedge Antillies
Upgrades: Expert Handling, R2 Astromech, Proton Torpedoes

Pilot: "Dutch" Vander
Upgrades: R5-D8, Ion Cannon Turret, Proton Torpedoes

The only thing I am not really sure about is R5-D8 because it takes an action to activate. The Torps are there because I can't use the points otherwise and maybe I get lucky ^^


But the problem for me is, that I am not very good with the manuevering yet (only had three games and probably won't be able to have another one bevor the event), so Biggs is a challenge. He moves first and has to stay in range one.

Now I am thinking of switching Biggs for Garven+Astromech or Luke without astromech. And maybe one proton torp less…. and than there are many possibilities ^^

Wedge would be more of a target, but manuevering wouldn't be as cruciable. With Garven against a 8TIE-Swarm Wedge could attack with TL and focus and get a focus to defend….


I hope that wasn't to confusing and my english is understandable. If somebody has suggestions, please post ^^

#2 Parakitor



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Posted 05 December 2012 - 06:08 AM

If you decide to keep Biggs I would just recommend taking R5-D8 off of "Dutch" and giving him R5 astromech instead. It doesn't require an action, but it can turn those pesky "Direct Hit!" cards into regular damage cards during the end phase. This way you let "Dutch" take the target lock action the whole time. Or if you aren't worried about keeping him alive, use R5-K6 to reacquire a target lock on a ship you just spent your shot using your target lock.

If you decide Biggs is a little too risky for your first engagement I recommend you decide how you want to play your squad and post another well thought-out alternative. Like you said, once you take Biggs out there are innumerable possibilities.

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#3 peshk



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Posted 05 December 2012 - 07:08 AM

I think I would like to let Biggs go, if I find another feasible squad.


The least manuever relying I can think of with my start configuration is this:

Total Squad Points: 100
Pilot: Luke Skywalker
Upgrades: (Expert Handling, R2 Astromech) OR (R2-F2)

Pilot: Wedge Antillies
Upgrades:Expert Handling,Proton Torpedoes, R2 Astromech

Pilot: "Dutch" Vander
Upgrades: Proton Torpedoes, Ion Cannon Turret, R5 Astromech

Dutch can give out the TL up to range 2, mostly this will go to Wedge, so Luke is either fully free to roam, or on the other side of Dutch, but only dealing with range 2 is better than Biggs range 1. R2-F2 would be nice, as I would have a comparibly defensive ship in play. Expert Handling on the otherhand can be offensive and defensive, but is more situational and gives a stress token.


My second list is more range relying, but less than with Biggs.

Total Squad Points: 100/99

Pilot: Garven Dreis
Upgrades: (Proton Torpedoes, R2 Astromech) OR (R2-D2)

Pilot: Wedge Antillies
Upgrades: Expert Handling, Proton Torpedoes, R2 Astromech

Pilot: "Dutch" Vander
Upgrades: Proton Torpedoes, Ion Cannon Turret, R5 Astromech

Garven can give his Focus to Wedge for defensive purposes for all the TIEs that didn't shoot yet, or to Dutch for defense or offense. Possbile would either one more torpedo or R2-D2. I like R2-F2 a bit more, but I need the focus action.

#4 Hrathen



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Posted 05 December 2012 - 10:15 AM

I am not a huge fan of Torpedoes, but Dutch feeding Wedge a Target Lock, and Wedge shooting it off first turn (with the wedge power) and a focus is pretty likely to one shot a TIE.  Probably will just do two damage, but Wedge shoots first.  Since Wedge fires first, someone else can shoot at the same TIE to finish it off first turn.

The best way to beat a TIE swarm is to kill as many as you can first turn.  Hopefully before they even get a chance to fire.  Focu your fire on the lower skilled pilots, becasue they haven't shot yet.  (at least in the initial head to head)

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#5 peshk



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Posted 05 December 2012 - 06:39 PM

I haven't had real luck with torpedos either and don't like them that much, but with my initial setup the only way to get four ships is fielding a 18p Y-Wing without an Ion canon, and I don't like that either. So I am stuck in a three ship build if I want to go with my first thinking and if I do that I have a lot of points to use. That is why I have two to three torpedos in the list.

Thx for the advice :-)


Does somebody have an opinion on the new squads?

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