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New player with 3 x-wings

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#1 cbtmed101



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Posted 04 December 2012 - 07:47 PM

I recently purchased x-wing and had child hood memories flood back of the original death star run. Then I found out I could field it at 100 pts. I have poored over the forums and have seem similiar builds to what I have but there is a slight change in my stratedgy. I would like to post the list and get some constructive feedback from more experienced players on my tactics. It is important to note I have not tried this list and as my only opponent is my spouse I get 1 game every three weeks or so. Hence when I do get a game in it needs to be as close to a finished product of a tournament army as possible and your feedback will help me move towards my final list.

Luke - R2-D2 and squadleader

Biggs - R2-F2

Wedge - R5 or R5-K6 and marksmanship

The idea is a close formation with luke giving his action to bigs to allow both the additional defense and a focus action. In theory and test rolling biggs survives the first head to head against 8 ties with 1-2 damage left on average. I have rolled this sequence 5 times and not once has biggs died but alass lady luck can flip you the bird any time. All three ships fire at a priority target. In mass tie armies I am thinking of focusing down the ships next to a swarm tactics tie. I have a crazy theory that while swarm tactics is amazing it looses it's value if there is no one there to gain from it and try to force my opponent to worry more about maneuvering his ships to benefit from swarm tactics that manuevering into my ships for better shots. Ideally I feel that if I can take down two ships especailly a named one that gives bonusses to other ships before I loose biggs I should be doing ok tactically even though I will probably be down in points. Once bigs is gone luke and wedge split up and unfortunatly squad leader is no longer effective. I have enough points for one ship to get proton torps and that will probably go to wedge for the first pass. I realize I am breaking from the traditional 1 y-wing and loosing that utility it afords but my childhood memories serve the y-wings getting blown up alot and it wasn't untill Tycho celchu in an A-wing and Lando made their run at the DEATH-STAR that it was General Salm who survived in a y-wing. Yes that will probably be my next force come Feb. Thank you for your time in reading this. I also apologize for the spelling, please do not flame me too much.

#2 Alamoth



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Posted 05 December 2012 - 03:08 AM

This setup looks very strong against 8x TIE Fighter, but against stronger ships such as X-Wings or TIE Advanced, will they be able to take out Biggs quicker?

#3 Vorpal Sword

Vorpal Sword

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Posted 05 December 2012 - 03:16 AM

I've played a similar list. You're right that when Biggs has both R2-F2 and Focus, you'll be able to shrug off most attacks--although watch out for lists that leverage synergy between Howlrunner and Mithel or Backstabber. Meanwhile, Wedge with Marksmanship is a pretty impressive force and will probably put out 1-2 damage every round.

But the first direct problem you face will be that your squad has to stay in formation, which is harder than it sounds, because TIEs like to get in the way. And that leads directly into the second problem, which is that if you collide with a TIE you don't get actions that turn… which means Biggs loses his protection and is suddenly vulnerable to focused fire.

I think your list will do very well against small Imperial lists (4-5 ships), but struggle against 6 fighters (not incidentally, I've found that to be the Imperial sweet spot). At 7 and 8 TIEs, the Empire is less able to put together offensive synergy and has to rely on luck and mass fire to damage Biggs, so I think you get stronger again.

But I would think very hard about what your winning scenario looks like against 6 Imperial ships, or against a hard-hitting Rebel list.

#4 Parakitor



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Posted 05 December 2012 - 06:16 AM

Wow. This list had never occurred to me. Excellent choice putting Swarm Tactics on Luke. That way Wedge can focus or target lock to increase his chances of one-offing a TIE.

I agree with Vorpal Sword's analysis of this squad's limitations. I think you will stand a good chance against heavy hitting Rebels because most of those squads rely on Torps, and he could probably stand 3 torps without losing shields…(maybe?) It's DEFINITELY worth trying.

I wouldn't start on an edge because TIEs willjust come through the asteroid field on your sides and you'll have to try to turn in formation and that's where things will get iffy.

"That starship won't fly, Bastila."

#5 Eruletho



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Posted 05 December 2012 - 08:54 AM

I would probably drop marksmanship for either expert handling or swarm tactics. I like Luke with squad leader, making Biggs unkillable or giving Wedge the Lock/Focus combo, since Luke really doesn't need his action most of the time. Wedge should take R2 astro if you give him expert handing, so that he can more easily erase those stress tokens and keep using focus to slaughter his opponents. The benefit with swarm tactics is all three of your fighters will have shot by the end of PS8. This makes it pretty likely that 1-2 of your opponents TIEs that finished the movement phase are not going to participate in the combat phase.

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