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Bilge Scraper & Hesh Pattern Rivet Gun

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Posted 23 November 2008 - 12:10 PM

Sean, whilst talking about play-testing, teased us about a few elements of products being currently play-tested. Of course me and PM102 wouldn't stand for that tease. This version has new fixes for the Bilge Scourer talent and a new trait for the Rivet Gun, both inserted due to feedback from the old forum.

Careers: Guardsman or Scum
Cost: 300

Amongst the military campaigns of the Imperium of Man are many heroes who go unsung, amongst these are the brave (and unfortunate) men and women chosen to be Bilge Scrapers. A task rated slightly above that of latrine duty, and considerably more dangerous, these soldiers have their civilian counterpart in those given the same duty in ship's not under the command of the Imperial Navy.

Civilian or military, it doesn't matter, the Bilge Scraper is usually the martyr that allows the crew of a ship to rest safely. During Warp-Transit they are tasked with patrolling the outer hulls of the ship, seeking for lost artefacts in those claustrophobic labyrinths, attending to the wounds of the ship and serving as the first line of defense when something does come through.

As the ship leaves the warp, they find no rest. In addition to the above duties, they are tasked with cleaning the outside the ship. More than a courageous Bilge Scrapper has fallen to a villanious Xeno attached to the hull. Nonetheless, they continued, because it must be done, for the continuation of their vessels depends on this.

It's rare, but at times a Bilge Scraper isn't overlooked by the Inquisition and is selected as an acolyte due to her diligence and ability to survive against the worst the universe can throw at her.

Apply the following changes to your character:
Talents: Bilge Scourer, Peer (Menial Servants), Exotic Weapon Training (Rivet Gun) and Resistance (Fear).
Insanity Points: Add 1d5 insanity points.
Equipment: Add a Hesh Pattern Rivet Gun and a rivet clip to your character's outfit.

BILGE SCOURER: Bilge Scrappers often operate in cramped and dark situations, and sometimes need to remove piles and piles of debris out of the way, as well as manipulating an ever ridiculous ammount of keys and other tools, to the point where it becomes rote. This talent grants them a number of extra half-actions equal to their agility bonus to manipulate things of size no greater than puny, as long as they are not quite sure of what they're doing (such as incapable of seeing), thus all such actions are made with a -30 penalty. For the purposes of this talent a character may use the same half-action more than once in a single round, as long as it falls under the purview of this talent.

(Yes, we know this allows the character to attack Void Rats about five times in a turn while blindfolded, but there's absolutely, positively no way around that as of present time other than GM discretion. For a more serious version, check below)

BILGE SCOURER 2.0: Used to patrolling dark corridors full of debris and worse, Bilge Scrapers are adept at being aware of their environment  despite the universe's best efforts to confuse them. This talent allows the character to ignore a degree of environment-imposed penalty (such as loud noises, darkness, visual clutter, et cetera) in all perception tests.


We may have made that up, but I'm not quite sure myself.

And since we're on the topic...

Hesh Pattern Rivet Gun!

A common weapon for Bilge Scrapers and tools for less desperate people, the Rivet Gun is a cumbersome instrument that fires mechanical rivets that twist and dig their way into targets, causing excruciating pain in living beings and making neat holes into mechanical objects. Absolutely perfect for extreme interior maintenance.

A box containing a set of 20 self-digging rivets costs 25 thrones in most certified retailers.

Name: Hesh Pattern Rivet Gun
Class: Basic (exotic)
Range: 4m
RoF: S/-/-
Damage: 1d5+2 I
Penetration: 6
Clip: 20
Reload: Full
Special: Abated*, Innacurate, Tearing
Weight: 6,5 kgs
Availability: Average

ABATED: A weapon with this trait loses much of its power at range. Cut down its penetration by a third for each range increment beyond Short.

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