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Obcure Ruling

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#1 Genesis Garland

Genesis Garland


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Posted 02 December 2012 - 09:55 PM

Hey everyone I've got a few questions on some Anima rulings that are just plain odd. I've read them over and over and ultimately succum to the majority of the vote of what it "might" be which in turn just simply throws things out of proportion.


So the first one is, where some instances of the book it reads "Speak with the GM" and "GM Discretion". For Example The Legacy of Dragon Bloodline. It is a 1 CP +1 Level adjusment modifier that is a prereq for use of the Techniques called Seals of the Dragon.yet the Dragon Bloodline reads "The most powerful and pure, fantasy at its purest state. Essence given to the mortal by The Dragon himself. Powers granted by GM Discretion.

Now here is where I am confused. I would think that this would mean that the GM and the player selecting and buying that bloodline would come up with a compromise between what the player wants and what the GM would allow however members of the game read it as the GM decided what the powers are indefinetly and the player has no say otherwise.

So does that constitute the GM giving abilities which the character cant use or whose backstory and personality dont fit in with at all. Like giving a swordsman who ONLY likes to abide by the sword, magical energy attacks? When argued against the would say "GM discretion, you dont like it its too bad dont choose it. It is overpowered already because you get to use the seals." That form of arguement in no way shape or form is valid considering the player is getting only the benefit of the seals but all the negatives of -1 cp, +1 level mod making him take longer to level and abilities he cant use nor has no possible reason in using as well as the seals having a 50/50 chance in instantaneously killing their character.


So does GM discretion really mean that the player cant express what he would desire and the GM can toss a random assortment of effects without listening to a word that the player has to say?


Another ruling is of the Magical Spell called Tragedy found in the Arcana exxet. Reading that it alters the fate of the person into death allowing the caster to write how the person dies in any creative way they so choose however they must have observed the person and know their true name. So for this ruling…

Would this classify as an Instant Death type of spell??? Because the spell reads quote "WILL die" The result is Death. meaning it is straight up death. Which there are abilites that help resist against that. However he stated that he could make it so that you die slowly so it doesnt classify as "Instant" death. Another claim is that He is not affecting the target he is affecting the targets fate and not the target themself so any attempt to stop the spell by removing oneself from reality (which there are abiities that do that) are futile and useless. Another claim is that he never that the target could use his abilites, he is unable to in response to that cast. (Which there are abilites that allow reactionstions such as +MR) So how on earth is it that you can possibly counter something like this? If the claim is true there is no way other than by passing that 180 MR check.

Another obscure ruling is the "OBSERVE" portion. observe how? Just look at them? So if the caster knew the persons true name but lets say he was under an illusion and took the form of someone else, would he still be able to kill him if he never knew what he ACTUALLY looked like?


#3 is, The Eyes of the End of All Existance bloodline. This ability allows you to bypass ANY and ALL damage barriers, AT,immunities, supernatural protections, Ect (yes quoted) And do Instant crits with each successful attack. This is due to the fact that you can see the thread that make up everything in the world and can attack those threads effectively knowing ever and all weakspots of anything in the world.( should they have any).

So for this rule, does that mean it can ignore psychic and magic barriers? such as a mage or mentalist puts up a sheild and attacks just ignore itand hit the caster?


For now I believe those are the major rules that or group seems to be struggling against. Mainly because they accuse the people that use things like "GM discussion/GM Discretion" of trying to get the abilities tailor made to their character to make them more "OP" and secondly, there is always that one person that tries to maximize the "OPness" of his or her character by investing all possible time on examining the rulebooks for loop holes to extrot them and then accusing the other people for attempting to do the same.


I know this is a long read but I really need assistance and if you have any other things that have happened in your campaigns or any obscure rulings please let me know i would so greatly appreciate it.


#2 F3nr1s



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Posted 03 December 2012 - 07:03 AM

At the moment, I don't have any books at my hands, but I try to answer some questions out of my memory.

1.: Legacy of Dragon Bloodline: If you use the "wording", the GM was the only person, who decides, what this legacy does (except of the gates). But usually the GM should talk with his players and try to find a "compromise". Reason: You are playing with your friends and you all (GM and players) should have a great time. So, everyone should play, that _everyone_ have his fun.


2.: I can't remember to have read this spell, but I would think, it is similar to the level 100 free access. With this spell, you can make a "rule" (for exmaple, the first son of a family will be killed by wolves). The "family" has only one MR-check and after this, they can't change their destiny. But every person, who isn't included in this "spell" can break it. For example, some funny lucky "dudes", which a speaking some weird english and are using words like "lol" (a.k.a. the PCs) could appear and stop the wolves from killing the firstborn. So, I think it could be possible with the other spell. With observe: I don't have the book at hand, but it could mean more thinks: Wizard must observe him, the moment he is casting the spell OR he must observed him before hand. Now, "observe" is more than "look at", it could mean "to study" him, to try to understand his destiny (so, to know how to change it).

3.: The eyes of ending all existings is the most broken advanteges I know, but it wouldn't ignore magic/psychic shields. Reason:  It only can use its powers, if the attacker has successful attacked, but the shields are against it. It is like to block with a shield or a sword. They aren't useless either.

To the "one player is using the rules for the maximum": Like I said, the rule is, to play that everybody has fun. My group has said "good bye" to some players, who have only played for their own fun, at minimized the fun of others.

So long,

#3 Ansalagon



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Posted 11 January 2013 - 12:23 AM


It think that this bloodline is either meant if ou want something outside the rules or if you want your GM to give your character some special power/powers that the player of the character don't know about… At least the last reason Iconsidered taking it (as a wizard).


Yes its an instant death spell against the character who it is cast one.. And as i understand it is that you must simply see the person, or have seen them/ know of them and they must be within the casters range when it it is cast.

and its tricky with the illusion.. if the caster held a picture of a the wrong person, it woul fail. but if he saw a person covered in illusion it MIGHT affect him, as the caster is in a sense pointing and saying "HIM!", so its hard to get wrong.

I would say he fails he dies, no save again. But i would say that, up untill he dies it might still be possible to dispell the effect though.

and Yeah, there IS a counter to these kind of things. First there is the "resist death" death subpath that give a bonus against these kind of things, then there is "increased resistance" creation path, and finally there i the 100% sure and simple way: Soul barrier! in the essence path, that automaticly stops spells of a certain value. Granted you have to be a mage or have one who cast them on you..

there are also improved magic resistance and supernatural immunity, but again they aren't easy to get if you alread HAVE your yoour character..

but the thing about spells like these, they are something that should be avoided most of the time, as it can be really ruin the game.. 



i would say "Pretend it never exsisted" XD

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