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Lvl 3 Artifact & story help

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#1 Tylran



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Posted 25 November 2012 - 08:36 PM

Hello all!

I'm in the process of creating a character in Anima. The character is a Creationist (path-wise) Wizard, who originally was a dollmaker. The character's story in short is something like this:

The character was born in a poor family, who could not afford to keep him. He was sent to be an apprentice of an artisan dollmaker. There he learned that he had a knack for making all things beautiful, and he surpassed his master before he was twenty. He loved all his creations, and being without friends or real family, he was really lonely. However, he wanted his creations to love him back, so after bumping with a D'anyauni (however you spell that) cat-girl called Nekoko, he asked her to teach him the Creation Magic she knew. He started learning about Creation Magic and he gathered all sorts of rare materials for his ultimate doll, the true masterpiece of his existence. He learned magic and gathered the ingredients for six years, after which he built the doll for an entire year. When the doll was finished, he prepared a mighty magical ritual to give the doll a soul and make it living. What happened on the night of the ritual, no one knows, not even he. However, as he regained his conciousness, he was staring in the eyes of a living doll, a creation of his, who was breating, feeling and alive. He named the doll Lilyanne, or Lily for short, took up all his possessions that had survived the aftershock of the ritual, and left his home and workshop. Soon after he noticed that somewhere during the ritual his soul had become connected with Lilyanne, a connection that didn't come without hindrances. She was still somewhat dependant of Simon, my character, and thus is incomplete. Simon later found out, that creating true life would require divine power, so he has taken it to himself to become someone capable of finishing his work. Of course the question stands: how was Lily given soul in the first place?


Now you might have guessed that the lvl 3 artifact I'm talking about is Lilyanne. While she isn't and item per say, she is a powerful and not entirely living either. The character is very much influenced by Rozen Maiden anime, but besided that I'm a bit at loss with her abilities. My GM is lenient and has given me a lot of space with the abilities and rule-crafting of her.

So far I've given her the Gift, but what else? They share a very special bond, not only is Simon her father, but their souls are connected, although they are both autonomous and Lily only needs to be winded once in a while by Simon. Empathic bond? Able to share Zeon pools (Simon is wizard who gets 200 Zeon per level, so that'd be useful).

For those of you who have seen or read Rozen Maiden, think of Lilyanne as being Alice. She's not complete, because she needs Simon's maintenance, but other than that, she's Simon's dreams and hard work incarnate. She is perfect. Also, she doesn't have to be all-combat. The game isn't revolving around combat per say, so she could also have almost any type of non-combat powers.

Also don't be shy about limiting your ideas. We play a very high-powered version of Anima, where our characters start with 5 CP, and the limit of 3 points of Disadvantages is lifted (mainly to make more characterful PC's). And in our games, the Artifact levels are exponential. So Lvl 1 is something like a lance that can pierce any barrier or armour, lvl 2 might be a sentient weapon who can destroy Daemons and summon spirits and other things you might want to summon, as well as turn into a mecha or something like that. Lvl 3 is really a godlike piece of gear. Like Philosopher's Stone, but better. It could be an orb that reveals everything you need to know, be it about past, present, or future. Or a God-slaying sword or anything crazy you might come up with.


If you can come up with something, then please share. I might get an idea from your idea, or implement your idea in my character. I'm just so stuck with my ideas.


Thanks in advance!


#2 ElricOfMelnibone



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Posted 26 November 2012 - 04:51 AM

More than an "Artifact" advantage it seems to me that the doll should be built like a 3CP "Familiar" advantage. Following original rules, the doll should be a Level2 Construct Creature with pretty high Gnosis powers (like 30, at most, and this already takes into account the high power level of your campaigns). Constructs cannot normally be familiars (since they are not beings between worlds and hence they're not subject to summoning), but rulebending should be ok in this case, besides you may choose not to use familiar rules at all, although the bond between the Rozen Mainden and the Owner would be fitting for familiar rules.

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