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Turkey of the Emporer's Eleven

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#1 Cryhavok



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Posted 22 November 2012 - 10:29 AM

An obscure tribe on a nameless world in the kronus expanse has an annual tradition of a hunt. The purpose of this hunt is to represent and remind of the emporer's battle against the forces of chaos. Following a the hunt is a feast, that cleanses the tribe of the aftermath of the hunt. This is what they hunt:

Turkey of the emporer's eleven

WS 57

BS 0

S 45 (unnaturalx2)

T 68 (unnaturalx2, demonic)

Ag 47

Per 36

Int 12

Wp 80

Fel 12

Demonic aura

aura of corruption-everything within 30 meters of this beast gains 1 corruption point, + one more for every round they have spent within the aura. These corruption points are removed only by consuming the flesh of the beast that gave them

Psy rating 6 - all powers of the telepathy and telekenisis disciplines


Price of failure-if the tribe (or someone) doesn't kill this each year when it reforms, then the world will be consumed by a warpstorm for the span of 1 year, when they will have another opportunity to kill the monster.

size 4

armor 4 natural all locations

2 talons 1d10+8 r 4pen tearing razor sharp

beak 1d10+8 r 4pen tearing razor sharp


Have fun with it everyone

#2 Plushy



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Posted 23 November 2012 - 11:10 PM

 Seeing as the creature has no listed Wounds, it's a small wonder the poor people of this planet haven't all been killed by the constant Warp Storms.

That's a somewhat important detail, my friend.

My apologies to anyone I offend; FFG staff, playtesters, and forum users alike. 


Please check out my Dark Heresy to Only War conversion! You can find it on the main Only War forum. I'm always looking for more people to playtest it!

#3 Cryhavok



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Posted 24 November 2012 - 01:49 AM

lol oops. just a measly 10 wounds. I made this while bored so its not really serious or anything.

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