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Science and Sorcery Collide

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 09:09 AM

Think about it. Dragons are among the most powerful creatures in the universe. They’re smart, full of magic, and they live forever. And the older they get, the more powerful they become. It’s almost inevitable that they’d be in control of things. [...] The dragons’ tendency toward isolation didn’t survive the discovery of star travel. When they learned to travel between worlds, dragons found that they weren’t so rare after all.

Dragonstar, a roleplaying game available for download through rpgnow.com and drivethrurpg.com, is a unique space-fantasy campaign setting for the d20 system from Fantasy Flight Games. The Starfarer’s Handbook provides everything you need to run adventures and campaigns in this exotic setting. Players can incorporate their own fantasy world into the Dragonstar universe or introduce high technology and space opera elements into an ongoing campaign.

In the world of Dragonstar, dragons have taken taken up residence in deep space throughout the galaxy known as the Serpent’s Eye. The metallic and chromatic dragons rule the explored worlds of the galaxy in an uneasy alliance dubbed the Dragon Empire. For five thousand years, the benevolent metallic dragons have ruled, but that time has passed. Dragonstar sets adventurers at the dawn of the rule of the Red dragons, and the cruelty of the new Red dragon emperor, Mezzenbone, knows no bounds. Drow soldiers in immense mechanized suits of armor powered by magic brutally conquer new worlds in the name of the Dragon Empire and its bloodthirsty new Emperor.

The World of Dragonstar

The boundless universe of Dragonstar is characterized by the union of magic and machine, science and sorcery. Intrepid adventurers explore the Outlands in starships powered by fusion fire and arcane rituals. Dwarven prospectors work veins of pure adamantine in remote asteroid belts, and elven lore-masters conduct secret experiments in living space stations. Grizzled mercenaries augment their bodies with bioengineered spellware, and orc raiders armed with pulse lasers massacre innocents on isolated colony worlds. Set out for the far reaches of space with Dragonstar, and discover what magic lives in the far flung corners of the Serpent’s Eye galaxy!

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