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Question about PoD scenarios (spoiler containing)

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 07:20 AM

I bought 4 PoD scenarios and translating several flavor texts now. Korean sellers do not sell Yellow Sign PoD yet. (sigh)



Question. Is there any official FAQ or Errata Document for PoD scenarios?


From Season of the Witch

Question. 5th event card comments no ending for Objective 1A, and restricted ending condition for 1C. Do these mean that Keeper and Investigators can have infinite, never-ending game? 

(of course, infinite number of threat tokens and mythos/trauma cards will DESTROY all the investigators, though)


From 'Till Death Do Us Part

Question. Can ABSORB Keeper action card used multiple times a turn, if I have enough corpse? In addition, can it be used on fully-healed Shoggoth just to collect sample? For example, to complete 1A, can I use ABSORB 4 times (paying 4 threat) on full-health Shoggoth to complete the Objective?

Question. Keeper's Guide notices the Clue 4 means "where the Machete is". But the position Clue 4 directs has Flesh wall and Sheet Music. Can I consider the Keeper's Guide made mistake?

Question. No objective or event card cares whether Widow Fenstrom (the named Witch spawned with Event 3) is dead or alive. Does this mean she can be dead, raise-deaded as Zombie, or absorbed to Shoggoth? What should I tell the investigators when I read the flavor text then? Dead witch speaks?

Question. Can "The Cure" be destroyed by mythos cards, for example, Low-graded Manufacture? 


From House of Fear

Question. Objective 1C enables an action,

  • Once this objective is revealed, the keeper may spend 2 threat during his Action Step to discard a Lost Soul card in the same room as a monster.

I think this action can be done once per Keeper turn. Am I right? Also, I cannot understand why it says "in the same room as a monster". Does this action have restriction? Or should I read this "in the same room with a monster"?

Question. Which names should I use for Movie flavor text, if there is no Male or Female investigator? Should I force them when they choose?

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