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World Champs and Making it Better

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 03:47 AM

Throughout the event, on the live coverage feeds, the moderators continued to ask one question.  "How do we make this better?"  The answer is simple:  MORE!  As a long time CCG/TCG/LCG guy, I've seen the good, and the bad in many of the games and here's my two cents:


MORE COVERAGE:  Every one of the FFG games are loved, and so deserve their own focus.  As such, each game needed it's own channel so each round and each 'feature match' for each game could be watched by the players who love them.


MORE TIME:  There has already been discussion about expanding Worlds to be one day longer.  As one of a myriad of people who play ALL of your games, having to pick and choose which events to play in is heartbreaking.  Expanding every event (not just Worlds) to allow for players to participate in every game is critical to ongoing OP success.  The more games you add, the harder it will be, but it will be worth it.


MORE INFORMATION:  The world hates a net-decker.  However, information about decks, decklists, deck-construction, deck-strategy, game-strategy, card interactions, metagames, and everything else that pertains to a game is absolutely critical to build a stronger and broader player base.  People don't want to make a trip to an OP Event if they don't have enough experience or enough information to compete at the level they expect.  Take a lesson from Magic/Wizards of the Coast.  Publish decklists, hire writers, put time and money into match commentary.  What you do is fine, but from a competitive perspective, theme decks and chapter pack overviews are not enough.

The nay-sayers will argue that this just creates a group of players who do nothing but build the 'deck of the week'.  But the benefit is a metagame.  Players learn to deck-build in response to metagames.  Players learn to deck-build from the lists played by 'pros'.  This is coming from a guy who has played and play-tested with some of the best play-groups from Magic, Vs System, and WoW.  Knowledge is power.  Some of the most innovative decks in those games came from widespread metagame knowledge.  Heck, many of the games changed mechanically because of metagame interactions that would never have been identified had there not been widespread knowledge of the games. 

You can look at your own current hall of fame members and world champs for confirmation of these statements.  Why are these players the best of the best?  Because they have large play-groups in which they are able to test, strategize, and learn about their game.  Players from areas with small or NO support systems will NEVER succeed, and so the games will not grow.


FFG wants to improve their OP and to have their games to grow in popularity and player base?  Here are your answers to helping that happen.  That and continuing to develop and produce some of the best games on the planet.  But they've got that covered . . . .


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