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Running Dead Stars with an Ascended group

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#1 Darth Smeg

Darth Smeg

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 12:28 AM

I'll be subjecting my players to the torments of Dead Stars soon, but the group has ascended and include their own Inquisitor. The descriptions and handout from the book refers to Acolytes, and certain NPCs object to being subservient to them.

So these things need changing obviously.

But apart from the obvious, any tips or suggestions for changes that should be made to better suit a group of Ascended supermunchkins? 

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#2 Gurkhal



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Posted 15 November 2012 - 12:59 AM

At first glance I would say you will need to make the fights alot tougher if your Throne Agents are as powerful as I suspect they will be.

#3 Luthor Harkon

Luthor Harkon


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Posted 15 November 2012 - 01:13 AM

Well, it depends on how the campaign went so far. The adventure is made for characters of rank 7-8 if I remember correctly, so not far from Ascension actually.

I would include maybe one more strong faction to the chase (e.g. Logicians, Serrated Query, maybe more opposing Inquisition involvement, the Spider Bride from TF or the Mourners from HoD&A).

Add Master Nonsuch to Miss Book from the Amaranthine Syndicate if he survived that far (I did for my rank 6-7 characters and they survived the encounter with two burned Fate Points). Equip some Mercenaries with Grenade or even Missile Launchers.

Add the Heron Mask with stats from the female False Prophet from DotDG (Including Daemon Sword (I even used the first and most powerful Daemon Weapon from RH instead of the one featured in DotDG as he lost the latter in my campaign (TF))) to Ghast Priestkiller. Equip a few Pilgrims with Eviscerators.

Increase the size, equipment and capabilities of Inquisitor Herrod's retinue so that it fits your group as sort of an counterpart of equal power and capability.

Maybe give the Maccabian Janissaries Ryza Pattern Plasma Weapons and let a few of them go insane or become possesed (do not oversretch this though) and let them fire their Plasma Guns at Maximal from behind at Point-Blank range. Power Armour won't help them against that…

Play the Psychenuein to the full (this cannot be (this cannot be emphasized enough). Let them appear in groups of 3-5 and run amok…

More Splinter Shades and maybe even more Cold Dead (even though the latter are really nasty) per encounter. I would not increase the number of encounters too much though as the adventure lives from the almost tangible suspense. My PC are in the middle of it now (almost deep levels of Mara) and they are frightened as hell, even moreso than in the Red Cages of TF, which was at least sort of natural and more "mundane"…

All in all their full Inquisitorial mandate won't help the much beneath Mara. You might though take care that the encounter with the Dusk Hag works as you want it to. Ascension PCs might get carried away with their munchkinism and attack her on sight and then even an unbound Daemonhost as recommended in the adventure won't stop them most pobably (you could use the stats of a Lord of Change for her though…).

#4 breez



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Posted 15 November 2012 - 06:47 PM

Things I tried to upgrade the Opposition

- Uses horde rules from deathwatch, you can find the rules in the support page ( a few hordes of Pilgrims, nurglings and twilight stalkers).

- Upgrade the Pilgrim of hayte to a full false prophet.

- As the players descended in level, I made the use of psyhic powers more difficult,. At the first level, they could not use fettered talent. At lowest level any use would result in an automatic psychic perils table.


In all, the players only ended up burning 1 fate point.


Things I would have done in hindsight;

- give the Pilgrims /amarathine mercenaries serious firepower ,(flamers, plasma/melta guns, trip-wire traps).

- Given Herrod a forcefield ( he got blasted to bits before he could get within melee range and has no dodge worth talking about).


#5 Alox



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Posted 17 November 2012 - 02:35 AM

In the beginning of the adventure where it is pretty cold you could play it as extremely cold and require resist cold or a successful survival skill roll or they will have one fatigue as long as they are in the cold area.



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