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Guns and Gear for the Aspiring Accolite

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 04:25 PM

 Greetings all. I am Truedragon5374 and I am here to present to you a list of guns, armours, and implants that my Dark Heresy group found to be useful and fairly balanced. Some of these things were taken from various adventure books, like the autocarbine and chainglave. Some were to plug holes in the standard weapons list, like a repeating, non-compact, las pistol. Some were to match pictures in the books, like a tentacle mechadendrite or a bolter replacing a hand. Some were just missing, like why there was a concealed power weapon but not a steel one and why there were no toxic weapons a moritat reaper could use. The rest are just for fun. Please read, enjoy, and use any you wish. 

Please give me any feedback you have along with any ideas. Thankyou for your interest.

(P.S. I live in Everett, Washington and i am looking for a new Warhammer 40k RPG group since i moved here. If anyone needs a new player please email me at truedragon5374@aol.com)

Custom Dark Heresy Weapons, Armor and Gear


Las Weapons      type                       range rof     damage   pen clip  rld              weight cost availability

Gatling laser        Class heavy(las),  150m, S/-/8, 1d10+4E, 2,  120,   Rld 2 Full, 35kg,   800, Scarce   Special reliable

Takara Mark VII    Class basic(las),  100m, S/3/-,  1d10+3E, 0,  60x2, Rld 2 full, 5 kg,    130, Average   Special reliable

Takara Mark IX     Class pistol(las),   30m,  S/-/-,   1d10+2E, 0,  30x2, Rld 2 full, 2 kg,    100, Average   Special reliable

Solaris las gun     Class basic(las),   30m,  S/-/-,   1d10+3E, 0,  12,     Rld full,   5 kg,     110, Scarce   Special scatter

Helios las pistol     Class pistol(las),  10m,  S/-/-,   1d10+2E, 0,  6,      Rld full,    2 kg,     80, Scarce   Special scatter

Military las pistol     Class pistol(las), 30m,  S/3/-,  1d10+2E, 0,  30,    Rld full,    2 kg,     75, Average   Special reliable

Solid Projectile Weapons  type                     range rof        damage   pen clip rld             weight cost  availability

Anti-material Rifle            Class heavy(SP), 300m, S/-/-,     2d10I,      9,    6    Rld 2 full,  20 kg,   2,200, Very Rare   Special accurate

Autocarbine                    Class basic(SP),  60m,    S/3/10, 1d10+2I,  0,    30  Rld full,     2.5 kg,  100,    Average   Special -

Grinder                            Class basic(SP),  45m,    S/2/4,   1d10+4I,  2,    20  Rld 2 full,  8 kg,     110,    Scarce   Special inaccurate, unreliable (fires hand cannon rounds)

Huntsman Alpha/Omega Class pistol(SP),  35m,    S/2/-,     1d10+4I,  2,   6    Rld 2 full,  3 kg,      80,     Scarce   Special reliable

Bolt Weapons                type                      range   rof         damage   pen clip rld            weight  cost   availability 

Bolt revolver                   Class pistol(bolt), 35m,     S/-/-,     1d10+5X, 4,   4    Rld 2 full,  4 kg,      220,   Rare      Special reliable, accurate, tearing

Primitive Weapons         type                             range   rof         damage   pen clip rld            weight cost availability

Autobow                       Class basic(primitive), 40m,    S/-/-,     1d10+1R,  0     5    Rld 2 full, 4 kg,     150, Rare   Special primitive

Repeating crossbow    Class basic(primitive), 20m,    S/2/-,     1d10 R,     0    10   Rld 2 full, 3.5 kg,  40,   Scarce   Special primitive, inaccurate

Dart bracer                   Class pistol(primitive), 10m,     S/-/-,     1d5+2R,    1     4    Rld 2 full, 1 kg,     120, Rare   Special primitive

Melee Weapons  type         damage  pen special                            weight Cost  Availability

Rapier                 primitive   1d10-1R  0    fast, primitive                  1.75      100   Scarce

Chainglave *       chain       2d5+5      2     tearing, unwieldy           12         550   Rare

Stinger Sword    exotic     1d10-1     2     fast, unbalanced, toxic   2          150   Rare

* requires 2 hands to wield

GATLING LASER The Pulsar-pattern gatling laser is medium support weapon issued to navy marine and guardsmen units expected to perform in airless environments. Essentially built from 6 stripped down long-las barrels, mounted in a central brace shaft, rotary motor and coolant system, it offer a squad level support weapon that is much more portable than the much heavier multi-laser. The weapon is powered by a the same style of back-pack power cells used with hellguns, it can be fitted with standard las packs but they only provide 30 shots worth of ammo.                                                                                                                                                                                                


TAKARA MK VII & IX The Takara mark VII lasgun and mark IX las pistol are the fine products of Fane Takara of Gunmetal City. They both feature a second power pack doubling their shot capacity. Users often load a hotshot pack as a deadly surprise.                                                                                                                                                         

SOLARIS AND HELIOS LAS WEAPONS The Solaris-pattern lasgun and Helios-pattern laspistol are both fairly recent inventions, both being only 150 years old. They are the latest endeavor by the Divine Light of Sollex mechanicus sect to fully replace crude solid projectile guns with holy laser technology. Often called shot-lasguns or scatter lasers, the Solaris and Helios use a large, synthetic crystal, refraction lens to “splinter” the las beam into dozens of smaller ones, similar to a shotgun blast. The Solaris is slowly being adopted as the weapon of choice for Skitarri Marines on board Explorator vessels where the low penetration of the individual beams decreases the chance of damaging a ship's systems. Imperial Navy Marines still prefer the greater stopping power of their traditional weapons. The Helios is gaining popularity among the well-to-do as a powerful (and reusable) weapon of personal protection. It is possible to hotshot or overcharge Solaris and Helios weapons but it is dangerous. If this is done, they become subject to the Overheats and Unreliable rules. These weapons are average availability in Mechanicus vessels, space stations and enclaves and are scarce everywhere else.                                                            


MILITARY LAS PISTOL While the ubiquitous laspistol is an adequate weapon for civilian or guard duty, many professional soldiers prefer a somewhat more capable weapon. There are hundreds of models of military laspistols being used across the Imperium from the Catachan Long Tooth to the Sheridan-pattern used on Armageddon. Military laspistols feature more efficient repeater capacitors and a more robust frame.                                                                                                                                                         

ANTI- MATERIAL RIFLE Imperial Guard regiments have used sharpshooters and snipers since they were first formed, millennia ago. But when long las' and sniper rifles can't reach the enemy commander safe inside his tank, a more powerful weapon is required. The Imperial Guard use several models of weapons collectively known as Anti-material rifles. These rifles fire large, high velocity rounds capable of penetrating light vehicle and power armor with ease from a half a kilometer away. The Brontian Long Knives of the Calixis Sector favor the Night Hammer-pattern produced on Lathe. Only the most skilled snipers are issued these weapons and they are punished severely for even slightly damaging these powerful weapons. Anti-material rounds cost 10 thrones each and are rare.                                                                                                                               


AUTOCARBINE The autocarbine is a lighter, cut down version of the autogun, it has a smaller caliber and a shorter range but is easier to carry and aim, often coming with a folding stock. They are favored as self defense weapons by vehicle pilots and covert bodyguards. Autocarbines can be fired in one hand with only a –10 penalty rather than the normal –20 for basic weapons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

GRINDER Some describe the Volg Grinder as a “crudely ingenious” weapon while others mockingly call it a “poor man's boltgun”. Built in the under-alley workshops of Volg from industrial castoffs, grinders resemble little more than a brick shaped, metal casing with handle, foregrip, and protruding box magazine, completely lacking sights or a bracing stock. Essentially an oversized SMG designed to fire heavy hand cannon rounds, it kicks like a mad grox and is prone to jamming. None-the-less it is a devastating weapon in the close quarters of a hive and its deafening retort if often heard in the near constant Volg gangwars.                                                                                               

HUNTSMAN ALPHA/OMEGA The Huntsman Alpha is one of the few guns the Belasco Deathworks produces for “passive” pursuits. This rugged, high caliber revolver is noted for its smooth action and durability. It is a favored weapon among Malfi's nobility as a hunting sidearm while on safari (or hunting mutants in the underhive).                   For double the price, one can own the so-called Huntsman “Omega” which features an underbarrel shotgun pistol as a last ditch defense against a charging predator. Due to their recoil, these guns impose a –10 penalty to hit if fired one-handed.                                                                                                                                                                         

BOLT REVOLVER The bolt revolver is the humble cousin of the more prestigious bolt pistol. Ill favored by the military due to their low rate of fire and limited ammo capacity they are none-the-less capable weapons. Bolt revolvers are just as rugged and reliable as their slug throwing counterparts, almost never jamming. The Raynor-pattern produced in Gunmetal City features an extended barrel, the weapon is as long as a man's forearm, making it extremely accurate. The Raynor is favored by duelists who prefer firepower as well as precision. The heavy, solid, single piece frame allows this weapon to be used as a club.


AUTO BOW The humble crossbow has long been a favored weapon of the Eclesiarchy and has evolved into powerful weapons like the Catachist and Purgatus. However there is a middle ground. The autobow is an auto-loading modern crossbow. It is a favorite weapon for acolytes of the Ecclesiarchy and the more zealous servants of the inquisition. Some say the autobow is an early Catachist model, while others claim it is a near-heretical knock-off.


REPEATING CROSSBOW The repeating crossbow is usually the first repeating ranged weapon a feudal society develops. It is a crude mechanical crossbow with a vertical block magazine mounted on an articulated lever on top of the weapon. Pulling back on the lever draws back the bow string and fires the weapon, then releasing the lever loads another arrow from the magazine. This lever action allow the user to fire arrows in quick succession but the jerking motion of the lever makes it very hard to shoot straight.


DART BRACER The dart bracer is a weapon of intrigue that evolved in the assassination rich environment of Malfi's noble class. The descendant of small, arm mounted crossbows, the dart bracer is a deadly covert weapon. It is a thin metal plate strapped to the back of the user's forearm with a quartet of tubes attached. Each tube is loaded with a razor tipped metal spike (often poisoned) that is propelled by a high tensile spring or compressed gas discharge. The spikes can be fired via a small trigger hidden in the user's glove. The spikes cost 1 throne each and are average availability.                                                                                                                                             

RAPIER Rapiers are the chosen dueling weapon of the social elite. These long, narrow swords can deliver lightning fast thrusts by a fighter trained in their use. Users must be careful when parrying with these weapons to avoid breaking the slender blade. They are often decorated with extravagant hilt guards.                                                        


CHAINGLAVE Chainglaves are largely ceremonial weapons favored by the ritual church guards of the Ecclesiarchy. They feature a half meter chain blade on the end of a 2 meter pole. The weapon is top heavy but is possible of causing viscous wounds. (see pg 246 of Ascension)                                                                                                                    


STINGER SWORD Malfian noble society is most well known for two things, prideful arrogance and the creativity of its thriving assassination community. “Stinger” swords are ingenious concealed weapons born from this fertile womb of lethal creativity. Although blade weapons concealed in walking canes, rods of office and even umbrellas are far from uncommon, few such weapons are as surprising as stinger swords. These weapons feature a half meter long, hollow, stiletto blade filled with a thick, concentrated poison, with a hypodermic sized hole in the tip, concealed in a rod or staff of office. A hidden switch on the handle releases the blade, allowing it to drop out of concealment and then lock into place, the motion causing a minute amount of poison to coat the mono-sharp tip. Pressing the switch again unlocks the blade, allowing it to drop back into the handle. Proficient users master complex motions that use swings and thrusts to release and withdraw the blade with each strike to confuse their enemies and keep the poison fresh. Stinger swords can be disguised as any manner of rod or staff at least half a meter long with a +10 Trade (armorer) test. Stinger swords concealed in staves require two hands to wield.                              

Primitive Armours        locations  AP Wt     Cost Availability

Breast plate                   body        4     15kg  32    Average

Greaves                        legs        3     3kg    20    Average

Vambraces                   arms       3     2kg    16    Average

Helmet                           head       2     2kg    12    Average

Leather/Bone skullcap  head       1     1kg    5      Common                                                                                                                                                                                           

The common soldiery of feudal worlds and the enforcers of the under hive often protect themselves by wearing hammered plates of metal over their vitals and various helmets on their heads.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Implants                                     Cost   Availability

Gun-Arm                                    +500  Rare

Fine Manipulator Mechadendrite 500  Rare


GUN-ARM IMPLANT Mechanical arms are a common replacement for lost limbs for those Imperial with the means to acquire them but some individuals with to replace their lost appendages with something more destructive. Because most people lack the specialized Mechanicus implants to support the more refined implanted weapons for the Tech-priests and their Skitarri, others must settle for the cruder Gun-arm implant.                                                                                                                                               The gun-arm implant replaces everything from the elbow down in the recipient's arm with a cybernetic mounted firearm. The remaining portion of his arm is reinforced and the join with the implant features a built in shock absorber and thermal ablation layer. The implant allows a character to attach a Basic ranged weapon directly to his arm (organic or bionic). Once attached the weapon's functions are changed in the following ways: the gun (and any melee attachments) may be used “one handed” without penalty, the gun's range is reduced by 30% and striking an enemy with the gun does the same damage as an unarmed strike instead of that of an improvised weapon. However, the implant completely removes the character's hand on that arm and so suffers the usual penalties. A gun MUST be of average quality or better to be attached. Guns cannot be swapped out without partially dismantling the implant mount, replacing one gun with another requires a difficult (-10) Tech-use test that takes 1d5 hours and costs 100 thrones as a service. Installing non-human basic weapons requires a Very Hard (-30) Tech-use test and is considered heretical (GM's choice as to which weapons are allowed, may require a successful Knowledge (Xenos) test to figure out how to do it). Critical damage dealt to the implanted arm disables the implanted gun (the implant itself is still intact) until the damage is repaired. Any critical damage that destroys the implanted arm also destroys the implant and gun.                                                                                         

FINE-MANIPULATION MECHADENDRITE This light and flexible mechadendrite is designed for great dexterity in any task requiring fine manipulation. Built of lightweight metals and composites, this limb may be a long chrome tentacle or a thin, many multi-sectioned limb. This mechadendrite may extend to a length of three metres, and can reduce its width to pencil thickness. . When using the arm, the character treated as having only half his bonus to Strength Tests. This limb is tipped with very precise fingers or digits and grants a +10 to any test involving fine manipulation (picking someones pocket, rewiring a console, disarming a bomb, etc). You must have the Manipulator Mechadendrite Use talent to operate this implant. (may not be used to wield a weapon)

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 02:41 AM

Nice weapon descriptions. I like that these weapons are more than just stats. A little help with readability would be nice. Maybe make an upload with a PDF document to dark reign website?


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Posted 17 November 2012 - 08:28 PM

 Much as I would like to do as you say, i am afraid that i don't know how to post pdf files or documents or even how to make a pdf in the first place. I am not very computer savy. 

 Is that better? Man editing this thing is a *****. Why wont the font stay the same and why did the last paragraph turn black?

Thanks for the reply. I value input. Do you have a favorite or any suggestions or criticisms?

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