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Meet the Heroes of Andor

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 08:57 AM


In our last preview of Legends of Andor, a cooperative adventure board game for two to four players, we examined how the heroes and monsters of the realm traverse the land of Andor. In this preview, we’ll take a look at the heroes that will work to save the day and the treasures and tools they’ll use to fend off the monsters!

Becoming a Hero of Legend

As the heroes traverse the land of Andor, defeating monsters and exploring the foggy forest, they will need to be ready to face whatever challenges come their way. An adventurer needs a strong arm and an iron will in order to save the kingdom.

Whether a hero’s power lies in potent spells or a sturdy sword-arm, a character’s strength points factor directly into the outcome of combat. We’ll look at combat in depth in our next preview, but be assured that a higher strength value means a better chance to best foul beasts.

Strength isn’t everything in the quest to save the realm, and the success of the heroes’ quests may depend on sheer force of will. A character’s willpower points serve two purposes, willpower represents the health of your character and can be worn down by losing combat or continuing your turn after nightfall. A character with a strong will also gains more dice to use in combat. While each hero begins the game with one strength point and seven willpower points, heroes can increase these values to become stronger and more durable.

The warrior “Thorn” with his starting willpower and strength values. Note the empty spaces on the character portrait for equipping new items.

Heroes refresh and reinforce their spirits by stopping in a space with a well and partaking of the cool, clear well water. A single use empties a well, and gives your character an additional three willpower points, up to a maximum of twenty. Wells refresh at the start of each new day, so a wise adventurer will drink up when he gets the chance. 

The archer empties a well, granting her three additional willpower points. The well will not become active again until the next day dawns.

In order to increase a hero’s strength, he must find one of the few merchants that remain in the wilds of Andor during this time of trouble. The merchants of Andor can sell a hero a combat training regimen that will increase his strength by one point for two gold. Players should take care to spend their money wisely, however. Merchants offer a whole host of goods other than a bit of extra muscle.

Players may spend two gold to acquire any equipment or items that the merchant offers. Grab a wineskin to move without spending an hour, equip a bow to gain the ability to attack monsters in adjacent spaces, or purchase a falcon to carry helpful items to your fellow adventurers.

Exploring the Realm of Andor

Merchants are not the only way that heroes can acquire items to boost their chances of defeating the monster horde. The foggy forests of Andor hide all manner of surprises. The brave adventurer who ventures into the mist may find himself face to face with a gor, forcing him to engage the beast. The forest, however, is not filled with threats alone. Players may find rewards in the form of gold, extra strength points, a spare wineskin, or a boost to a hero’s willpower.

The heroes are not alone in the mysterious and misty woods. The elusive witch wanders the woods, collecting ingredients for her potent witch’s brew! If the heroes find the witch, they can purchase her potent potion. The mystical concoction doubles the result of one die when a hero takes a sip, giving the character a big boost in combat.

Ancient artifacts scattered throughout the realm also lend their power to the heroes. In some legends, the heroes can seek out and gather various colored rune stones. If a player collects three different-colored rune stones, then he may roll the powerful black die in place of one of his usual dice. As we’ll see in our next preview, the black die has much higher number values on it, giving a hero the upper hand in battle.

Unique Heroes Create Many Ways to Play

An adventurer can collect and use any of these treasures, but no two heroes are created equal. Each character comes with his or her own special ability, allowing players to contribute to the quest using different skills.

Thorn, the Warrior of the Reeded Lands, is a resilient fighter and gains five willpower points, rather than three, from emptying wells. Kram the Dwarf receives a discount on strength points if he’s purchasing them from the merchant that has set up shop in the entrance to the underground labyrinth of his homeland in the mines. The wizard Eara has spent long years in study of arcane forces, and her incredible focus increases her chance of striking an enemy with her powerful spells. During battle, Eara may flip any one of her dice over and use the value on the opposite side of the die to determine her combat value. This allows Eara to turn a roll of one to a six or a two to a five, for example. Finally, Chada, the Archer of the Watchful Forest, will always receive a discount on the witch’s brew, and can use her bow to attack monsters in adjacent spaces!

Each hero has a crucial role in the struggle to save Andor from the monsters swarming toward the castle! In our next preview, we’ll present the particulars of combat and talk about what it takes to win the day in Legends of Andor!

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