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Captain, my trait grades are failing!

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#1 Lengytam



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Posted 11 November 2012 - 03:11 AM

The title is self-explanatory, I need the help of the Grimm community, cause I'm very confused how to handle disadvantages that penalizes your traits below the 1st grade.

Two examples:
-If I make a dreamer character with the "Farm kid" origin talent, my Cool goes down to -1. There is something in the "Customizing your traits" section that states, you can only lower a trait to a minimum of 1st grade. So I need to spend 6 of my starting credit to maintain the 1st grade, or if I need to roll on my cool I need to get two boost to be at the 1st level, or what? :)

-You have scrap rank at 1st grade, and you fight with a monster at moose size, so you got a -2 penalty from stature differencies. The monster has a scamper grade of 1, (it's a giant mushroom thingy or something :D) so you need to roll two sixes simoultaneously to get the same grade as the monster?

Any answer you can give is really aprreciated.

#2 Laughmask



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Posted 22 November 2012 - 06:08 PM

So to address the first issue. I don't have the book on hand so I am having to go off memory, but when creating your character, after picking the stereotype, you assign your traits. After traits come perks/talents/feats or something, which includes the origin ones. If Farm Kid reduces Cool by -1 (which I am assuming is the case) then it would be entirely possible to get a kindergarten grade Cool. This would occur if you reduced the trait down to 1 during the trait assignment step, since that is where the rule regarding "a minimum of 1" comes into effect, then in the next step, it gets reduced further to kindergarten as a result of the origin perks. For that you would otherwise follow the rules for traits of Kindergarten grade.

For the second issue, if a kid were to go up against a moose sized creature, the bonus depends on which defensive trait the creature chooses to use. So you with your scrap of 1 would get +2 if he uses scamper (since he is larger/slower/easier to follow). However, if he were to use scrap as a defensive trait, he would receive the +2 bonus - not you. This represents the increased strength or heartiness. 

Say the Giant Mushroom has Scrap 1 and Scamper 4

Me: Scrap 1    vs.   Giant Mushroom: Scrap 1(+2)         [1vs3]

Me: Scrap 1(+2) vs Giant Mushroom: Scamper 4          [3vs4]

In this scenario, you would have better chances going up against the higher scamper, because bonuses will bring it to grade difference of 1, as apposed to 2 against scrap. Unfortunately, you as the player don't get to choose which trait the opponent uses to defend with.

#3 Lengytam



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Posted 23 November 2012 - 01:41 AM

Thanks, you're right, it's in the 21th page of the book, at the "Traits and Talents" section, if someone has the same problem as me.
(I swear I've red at least 10 times the "character creation", and the "traits and talents" chapter, but it seems I slipped through that part )


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