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Expanding Force Powers

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#1 Thebearisdriving



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Posted 06 November 2012 - 12:33 PM

So, I realize that this is the beta, and that force users aren't supposed to be a big deal right now.  That's cool.  I just tend to muse a lot in my work and I want to throw some ideas out there.  If people agree or disagree with the appropriateness of these powers please say so. 

So my first thought is to expand the move power with a third pair of columns.

These columns allow for a blast of kinetic force blast and various alterations and modifications.

row 2, columns 5 & 6 strength upgrade: Force Blast; Activation: O; make a discipline contest using the same difficulty as a ranged light attack. base damage: 5; Crit: 4; range: Short; For every additional O spent, increase damage dealt by 2.

Further upgrades up the rows would increase the range, add a "knockback" quality, a blast quality, and burst style power, and even a grip branch

Also, I'm thinking a basic darkside power, something that might add a boost die to a combat skill check, with expansion columns for a corruption/wound style power, a rage power, a hatred power…

besides "i don't think it's needed at this point" do people have ideas for scaling, bench marks for damage/effect, other thoughts?

#2 Donovan Morningfire

Donovan Morningfire

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Posted 06 November 2012 - 01:55 PM

Well, Move can already be used to deal direct damage to a target, by means of the Row 3 Control Upgrade combined with at least one Strength Upgrade and possibly a Range Upgrade, as you don't actually have to hurl an object at the target; simply hurling them with the Force either causes a "whiplash" type of effect or the target takes damage as a mix of the sudden impact of kinetic force and the hard landing.  A "burst" effect can be covered via the Magnitude Upgrade, letting you damage multiple targets in a Force Wave/Repulse type of effect.

As for a Dark Side power, I've got something that I've been working on for a while, and the limited playtesting done so has proven it's fairly good at being a direct damage sort of effect, being not too powerful at the lower end of the spectrum but a daunting power with sufficient Upgrades.  Sort of like the negative emotions aspect of Influence, it's fueled by Dark Side Force Points (meaning most PCs would have to suffer Strain to activate it).  Ostensibly, it could even be skinned as Force lightning if one so desired, though I prefer to think if it along the lines of Force Grip/Choke/Crush.

As for attacks being "fueled by the Dark Side," that's sounds to be of such a narrow focus that it might be better off as a single talent rather than a whole power, or even being attached to any sort of power.  Of course, the question comes if making it a talent of "what does the Force Exile lose in exchange?"

Although about the Force Exile, perhaps instead of set abilities such as Overwhelm Emotion, Balance, et al, perhaps have a sort of placeholder talent that permits the Force Exile to select from a short list of Force-based abilities.  That way, you get to keep the original talents, and don't have to worry so much about swapping things out to make room for new Force-based talents.  Just a thought.


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#3 Thebearisdriving



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Posted 06 November 2012 - 04:01 PM

Place holder talent is an interesting idea.  Something to consider.

I want to work up a preliminary jensaarai and Zeison sha spec, maybe a jal shay as well.  That could be a useful idea.  Initial problem is tracking that could be a burden.  but I suppose if it's house rules i've already consented to a larger paperwork burden.  :)

#4 Thebearisdriving



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Posted 06 November 2012 - 04:30 PM

And of course… I'm not sure how to edit.

So how about instead of a blast addition:

Column 5&6, row 2
when activating the move power you gain the ensare 1 quality.  If not using the power as an attack, the target is considered ensnared and can not be moved unless another creatures succeeds at a difficulty 3 athletics check.

column 5 & 6, row three
when activating the move force power instead of violently thrusting the target you may attempt to crush the target.  (activating this power still requires spending at least one "pip" of force) The attack is a discipline check rolled at a difficulty of the target's sihluette.  The base damage is 3 damage and the grip attack gains the breach 1 quality (this is to bypass any likely soak, as the grip/crush attack tends to deal damage direct, bypassing armor and fun stuff). Additional damage of 1 point for each extra "pip" spent.

I'm thinking maybe further upgrade would include on that can stagger the target, but can only be activated with dark side "pips"

Also, if something like this was used, would it be fair to allow the range upgrades, power upgrades, etc.

I have a healthy love for force grip, and find it to be an iconic SW power.  I'd like something that I can use in the near future until something more official comes along.


#5 Thebearisdriving



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Posted 08 November 2012 - 01:30 PM

®Not being able to edit is annoying.  if anyone know how to edit I'm all ears.

Further musings and changes.  For ease of reference, the control upgrade located in columns 3&4, row 3 in the beta is refered to as control upgrade: Thrust, and this symbol @ means darkside point (a result of a black "pip" on the force die).

Force power: Move

Column 5&6, row 2
[]Control Upgrade: Slow
O: When manipulating an object with the move basic power the object may considered immobilized if no contest is required with activating the power.  if an outside force attempts to move an immobilized object (say attempting to retrieve a blaster that has been levitated) the attempt requires a difficulty 3 athletics check.  If the move basic power is used offensively (control upgrade: Thrust) against a target capable of self propulsion (an NPC that can walk, a landspeeder, a missile) the attack gains the "Ensnare 1" quality.


column 5 & 6, row three
[]control Upgrade: Grip
When activating the move basic power instead of moving the target you instead have learned to apply presure across the target's surface. The effect affects one target at engaged or short range though the range may be increased by spending force points on range upgrades. The effect is resolved as a discipline contest rolled at a difficulty 2, making a move power check as part of the pool. The base damage is 2 damage and the grip attack has the "Breach 1" quality. This is not considered a ranged attack, does not gain a benefit from aiming and is not affected by defense or cover.  You may grip multiple targets with a single check, increasing the difficulty by one and paying force points to activate magnitude upgrades.  the attack is considered to have a crit rating of 4.
O: Deal 1 additional damage.

Column 5, row 4
[]Strength upgrade: Crit
O: When using the move basic power augmented by control upgrade: grip the attack is considered to have a "Crit 3" quality and "Breach 2" quality.

Column 5, row 5
[]Strength Upgrade: Damage
When using the move basic power with the control upgrade: grip each force point spent to increase damage deals 1 additional point of damage. This is cumulative with control upgrade: grip

Column 6, Row 4
[] Effect upgrade: Disorient
O: When using the move basic power augmented by the control upgrade: grip the attack gains the "disorient 2" quality.

Column 6, Row 5
[] Darkside Upgrade: Constrict
@: When using the move basic power augmented by the control upgrade: grip the attack cains the "Concussive 2" quality.

Column 7, Row 5
[] Darkside Upgrade: Cripple
@@: When using the move basic power augmented by the control upgrade: grip the attack gains the "Crit: 2" quality and the "Viscious 2" quality.

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