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Deck Building

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#1 Rottencat



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Posted 23 October 2012 - 04:24 PM

Hello all,


I was wondering when you build a deck. Do you have a standard number of ICE you put in the corp deck? Cause of my 2 corp decks… one never seems to have any ICE when I need it, and the other seems to draw to much.

Also the runner deck, How many Breakers do you find yourself playing and still have a working deck?


Well I guess I could count these cards in my decks so I have numbers to compare…



#2 Frosty Hardtop

Frosty Hardtop


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Posted 23 October 2012 - 05:03 PM

People seem to agree that 35%-40% Ice is appropriate in a Corp deck. If you're running a 49 card deck (which is recommended) you should be squeezing 18-20 or so. My Haas-Bioroid deck is 65% at 32 Ice, though, but that's just me. Ultimately, fill your deck with Ice to fit your playstyle. If you're not getting enough, add more. If you're getting too much, take some out. Depending on your strategy you may need more or less.

Ice Breakers is a little different. I like 8, personally, with my Criminal Deck (2 Gordian Blade, 2 Ninja, 2 Corroder, 2 Femme Fatale) but some people run way fewer (1 of each) and have Special Order to get the one they need. Depending on who you're playing, your need for more or less will change. Same deal, if you find you have too few, put some in, if you find you have too many, take some out.

#3 PWBrian



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Posted 24 October 2012 - 04:28 AM

 Frosty's estimation seems about right to me.  I'm currently running a Haas-Bioroid deck with 22 (or 23?) Ice in it, so it's around 45% of my deck.  For Runners, I like to make sure I have good coverage for handling the different varieties of Ice.  So, somewhere in the 6-8 range is usually right for me, depending on the setup and what else is needed in the deck.

#4 Dogen2112



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Posted 06 November 2012 - 12:16 PM

 I have 19 ice in my HB 46 card deck.  

And I play 10 ice breakers in my Runner (Shapers) deck.  I play Diesel and Wyldside for draw, and I don't run special order; finding i draw the icebreaker(s) I need.   

#5 NanoXstatiC



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Posted 04 February 2013 - 06:50 AM

You need to look at what faction you are playing and try to synergize with it as best you can.

In the case of HB, you want to have that trigger of install for cred once per turn available to you EVERY TURN, regardless of whether you use it or not.
You want to play Advanced Beta Test and be able to optimize the trigger of the effect with consistantly top decking ice. These are the MAIN two reasons you will see HB decks run heavier on ice than other factions. Of course this is IN GENERAL, not set in stone. This game has TONS of room for unorthadox play.

In the case of criminal, building in such a way that facillitates EARLY AGGRESSION seems to be the concensus as to how to do it right. Hit HQ, get creds, back door in to HQ via archives, get creds. PERIOD. Anything that facillitates fast economy is an added bonus as you are not going to be able to just run in all game long. The corp is going to do what they can to shut your plans down. Jinteki that plans to flatline you with traps is a very common build right now. Bring infiltration. Crypsis, though cost heavy in the way of virus counter managment is a catch all and with 3 special orders to tutor it up you can make a far more consistant game plan of it. I personally like Femme Fatal X2 in my criminal for consistancy. I like drawing more cards so I don't need AS MANY programs so I bring Diesel along for the ride and Gordion Blade is just pure good stuff. That is how I generally make use of my influence. I splash straight up shaper to great effect.

Cards like Sure Gamble go in every runner deck. Period. Same with Hedge Fund for Corp. Learn what cards are staple and it removes a LOT of the guess work from builds. Generally after your synergistic options, your good stuff and catch all options and your staples there really isn't that much left to guess at and you have the better part of a functional deck on it's way.

I hope this helps offer up a little guidance as to how to flesh out a good build from scratch.

Good luck and happy gaming.

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