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#1 lostguardguy



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Posted 19 October 2012 - 05:51 PM

 The Imperium of Man is truly a galaxy of guns. So many forges, foundries, manufactorums, and weapon smiths producing solid projectile fire arms, las, bolt, plasma, and melta weapons. With such an unbelievably large number of variants in hand held death they could never all be completely listed. And to represent this staggering variety the makers of the games give us a surprisingly small number of any of these weapons to bring to bare against the enemies of the God Emperor.

So it is up to the players to make there own. To explore the galaxy of gun with the good old pioneers spirit. There is no status qwoe jest imagination and a bag of bullet. It is time to look up at the GMs. To shout in a defiant voice to that being beyond the heavens that controls life's direction for you lowly guardsmen and say "Excuse me Mister/Miss GM could I pretty please requisition a AK47 ( Assault Kapella "47"/ or other name that makes some sense) its an Armageddon rifle with a "clip" of 30 and one more damage and pen but has ridicules recoil giving it a -10 BS unless braced and cuts the range by 20%."
As well as up to the GMs to keep an open mind and even if something sounds ridiculous to you don't out right say NO try to meet half way. Bring the idea down to Tara. If you cant bring it down to a sensible level at least you tried and remember you have ultimate veto power .
Inconclution as a community we need to represent this galaxy of guns, so please put guns of your personal design here. So we can expand the galaxy one autogun, las cannon ,and bolt pistol at a time.

#2 Lord Steel

Lord Steel


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Posted 27 February 2013 - 04:17 PM

Weapon Name: Lathe Pattern Rifle 0vrk1ll

Weapon Class: Sniper Rifle

Weapon Specs: Twin Linked, Maximal, Accurate, Reliable  s/-/- Range 150 M, Clip 20, Pen 4, Dameage 1d10+3 E, Reload 1 full, Rarity, VERY!

Weapon History: Part of Project:Redacted: from Lathe World :Redacted: This weapon was commisioned to create someting that could deal a devestating punch at long range and put downt eh enemies of man hard. Desigend by Magos Kleinsmen the 0vrk1ll is the proud apex of over 200 years of work, testing, and fighting with the more fundamental of the Ad mech. Thanks to its twin barrels a well placed shot can deal twice the damage as a normal long las could, which when combined with a Max Charge and placed in the hands of a well trained marksmen can put a dent in even the most terrifing foe. Due to requests from the Imperial Guard the vetting process is expected to be shortened to a mere 25 years and full production to follow.


Weapon Name. Unknow

Weapon Class: Heavy Bolter (heavily Modified)

Weapon Specs: Twin lined (X2) Storm, Heavy, -/3/5 Range 100m, Clip Must be paired with a Ammo Backpack, Pen 3 Damage 1d10+5 R, reload 2full, Rarity One of a kind

Weapon History: Found on a dead Hiveworld in the expance this weapon is belived to be a heavly modified Heavy Bolter, who modified it is up for debate since the planet it was found on was completly devoid of life nor was the any evidance of there ever having BEEN life. Complecating matters is that on examination the weapon seemed to have been modified by completely different mind sets at different times as there are examples of Ork, Eldar, Tau, Ad Mech, and as of yet unknow tech present. The weapon was deemed to be Extermly Hertical and slated for destruction when the Explorator ship it was lost in a warp storm. It was later found in the market place of Foot Fall, with no explanation of how it got there. It was bought by a Rogue Trader and born away before Ad Mech agents could recover the device. All Ad mech are to keep on the look out for this device and should the chance arise reclaim it.  

#3 Angel of Death

Angel of Death


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Posted 17 March 2013 - 01:17 PM

Kavan Munitions
Maker of weapons that make you go huh.

Kavan Munitions “Deathstalker” Pistol

    The Deathstalker is an odd mix of the a revolver and a monoedge fighting blade.  The gun not the most accurate, given no sights and no way to mount any.  And when used as a fighting blade, the gun part unbalance it.  Still it finds it way into the hands of people, including some naval hands.  As a result of the naval service it was designed to also use the fragmenting ammo at the cost 40 throne per 20 rounds and it is Rare, when loaded with this ammo gains Primative and Tearing traits.

    Class: Pistol (Solid Projectile)
    Range: 25m
    ROF: S/--/--
    Damage:1d10+2 I
    Penetration: --
    Clip: 6
    Rld: Full
    Special: Inaccurate
    Weight: 3.75 kg
    Price: 120
    Availability: Rare
as a Fighting Blade
    Class: Melee
    Damage:1d5+1 R
    Penetration: 2
    Special: Mono, Unbalanced.

Kavan Munitions “Kracker” Shotgun Pistol

    The Kracker is one of the scariest weapons ever put into a pistol form.  It fires standard shotgun shells out of it short barrel and 8 shot revolving cylinder.  If the shot from one of these doesn’t knockdown your target, the noise and muzzle flash still may drive them for cover.  Yet this weapon’s ferocious recoil, and poorly weight unblanced design, means that you need a strength bonus of 4+ to fire one handed.  Now there is the Kracker 2, that adds a forward pistol grip who stats are in quotes where they change.

    Class: Pistol (Solid Projectile)
    Range: 15m    (8m)
    ROF: S/--/--
    Damage:1d10+3 I
    Penetration: --
    Clip: 8
    Rld: Full
    Special: Inaccurate, Scatter    (Scatter)
    Weight: 3.75 kg    (4.25kg)
    Price: 70       (100)
    Availability: Rare

Kavan Munitions “Pocket Puncher” Pistol

    The Pocket Puncher is a 3 shot snub nose revolver.  If you thought the Kracker was bad the shot from one of these doesn’t knockdown your target, the noise and muzzle flash will drive them for cover.  This is the handcannon for you if your planning on punching heavy armor, as it fires a Heavy Stubber round.  Give the  weapon’s ferocious recoil, it means that you need a strength bonus of 5+ to fire one handed, otherwise has a -10 to BS to hit.  .If you attempt to fire rounds faster then every other round take an additional -20 to BD to hit.

    Class: Pistol (Solid Projectile)
    Range: 20m
    ROF: S/--/--
    Damage:1d10+3 I
    Penetration: 3
    Clip: 3
    Rld: 2 Full
    Special: Inaccurate
    Weight: 3.75 kg    
    Price: 200
    Availability: Very Rare

"For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"


#4 puenboy



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Posted 17 March 2013 - 07:38 PM

Blast Rifle

Class: Basic (SP)

Range: 70m



Pen 0

Clip 12

Rld Full

Unreliable, Concussive, Blast (2)

Very Rare


Blast rifles were developed in order to clear up tight enemy formations of melee fighters, knocking them to the ground and stunning them. The blast rifle's concussive rounds are very large, thus giving it a shorter range than most rifles, with a drum magazine. While the drum magazine is enough to hold 12 shots , however, they are also known for frequent jamming. The destructive power of the blast rifle is great, causing explosions over a small area, stunning the enemy and knocking them down, slowing their advance while heavy weapons and vehicles give fire support.

#5 Lord Steel

Lord Steel


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Posted 27 March 2013 - 09:15 PM

( I have created a MONSTER!)

Name: Kaptain Felgor's Kustom Kombi Klaw (patent Pending)

Classification: Melee weapon/ Basic

State: Melee Range (with the orks reach about 8 ft) 2d10 Plus Str bonus Rending Pen 9 Powerfield unweildly + Basic ranged 90m s/2/5 1d10 + 5 I pen 4 clip 50 2 full reload, With Extra Barrels, Red Light, Spinny Chains Inacurate, Unrelalble  

The Freeboota Kaptain usally combines this ungodly contraption to his Kustom Mega Nob Armor which allows for his favored tactic of firing himself at the enemies bridge during combat and tearing his way in. Extrem caution is advised when confronting the Kaptain since this weapon allows him to fight effectively at range and close in and considering his strength both natural and provided by his armor he has proven able to tear Land raiders apart. he is also seen using what he calls Da Strange Shoota

Classification Heavy Rifle/basic Range 90m 1d10 +4 pen 6 E s/2/- clip 45 reload - Death Dreamers fragment Accurate. Death dreams fragment is from the latest book stars of inequity, it replaces its reloud time with extra damge, Any hit by the weapon must make a +0 will check or suffer 1d10 will damage and the gun reloads to full, if no will damage is delt and it runs out of ammo it gives the user 1d10 insanity points…and reloads

Weapon appears to be of unknow xeno make melding Cystal and metal into a rifle like shape. Those hit by the weapon and lived to tell the tail claim that as it ravaged their body, it ravaged their souls, The Kaptain on his part says that its "not proppa" and "No Dakka at tal" and has tried a few times to leave it somewhere yet some how it always winds back up in his personal "study" by the days end  


#6 WhiteLycan



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Posted 22 May 2013 - 06:09 AM


I made this type of weapon for a race I used in a game I ran a couple years back. Guess I'll throw it to the sharks, see what happens. I realize these rules are a little convoluted and complex, but they worked just fine in play because I had all the rules in my head. And once my arch-militant player picked one up, I don't think he ever sat it down.
Repulsor Rifle: Repulsor Rifles send out an intense bolt of force, potentially throwing their target(s) several meters backwards or merely stunning them.
     The rifle doesn't follow the normal rules for dealing damage. Instead of damage being reduced by Toughness Bonus and Armor, it is reduced by Toughness Bonus multiplied by how many steps the target is above Average size (x1 Average, x2 Hulking, x3 Enormous, etc).
     The Repulsor Rifle itself deals no actual damage. The damage comes from the target of the rifle impacting an obstruction, be it a wall or another being. When rolling damage dice for a Repulsor rifle, the result is how many meters the target is flung backward in a straight line. Should the target of a Repulsor Rifle be knocked into an obstruction, the target stops in that spot and takes damage as if he'd fallen the remaining distance he was supposed to be knocked back (Damage rolled minus distance travelled). The object/being the target hits also takes the same amount of damage, though theirs is reduced by armor as usual. If the target hits another being, the being can make an Agility Test to avoid taking any damage; the difficulty of the test is the remaining amount of space the target is to be thrown.
      If the target impacts no obstructions, it takes no damage, but ends its turn prone a number of meters away equal to the damage rolled. 
     The rifle has 3 firing modes: Normal, Maximal, and Spread. Maximal mode increases damage by 1d10+2 and adds the Recharge and Unstable qualities and also increases its Concussive quality by 1. Spread decreases the weapon's range to 7m (15m for the Cannon), reduces the Concussive quality to (0) and adds the Recharge quality, but affects all creatures within a 30 degree arc in front of the firer. When firing on Maximal and Spread mode, each shot takes up 3 ammunition instead of 1.
Repulsor Cannon: Repulsor Cannons are similar to Repulsor Rifles in every way except that they are heavy weapons.
Name                          Class    Range    RoF    Damage  Pen Clip     Rld         Special                                                            kg        Availability
Repulsor Rifle           Basic     30m      S/-/-     1d10+5      --    12     3 Full       Concussive (1)                                              9kg     Near Unique
Repulsor Cannon     Heavy    100m    S/-/-     3d10+10    --     3      4 Full       Concussive (3), Felling (1), Blast (1)       50kg    Unique


Set up an example
Bob fires a Repulsor Cannon at Tom on Maximal setting (3d10+12). He rolls 34 for damage. Tom is Hulking size (x2) due to his Power Armor and has a Toughness Bonus of 4, meaning the damage is reduced by 8 down to 26. Tom is standing 10 meters away from a solid plasteel wall. Tom impacts the plasteel wall with 16 meters remaining in his trajectory. Tom treats this as if he'd fallen 16 meters, taking 1d10+16 damage with no reduction from Armor, only Toughness (which is 4). Tom rolls 1d10+16, getting a 22. He then reduces the damage by his TB, which is 4. The total amount of damage he takes is 18.

I realize that's a lot of damage, but think about that compared to a Plasma Cannon on maximal: 3d10+10 with 10 penetration. That means any and all non-vehicle targets will take, on average, 26 damage.

#7 Lynata



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Posted 22 May 2013 - 07:18 AM

The Horatio-pattern Boarding Pistol - a large caseless Naval revolver, fashioned after 17th century flintlocks. ;)


#8 SirFrog



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Posted 24 May 2013 - 08:47 AM

WhiteLycan: The rules are somewhat complex, yes, but the immediate thing I notice is how weird this will be when used on a Space Marine, since they don't count as Hulking due to the Black Carapace. I know this is but a thing to calculate with if you plan to use the Repulsor Rifle, but it is still noteworthy.

#9 Lynata



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Posted 24 May 2013 - 01:29 PM

In such special cases the Black Carapace's advantages could probably be ignored, as it does not actually make the Marine smaller.

For what it's worth, I never understood this weird advantage in the first place, as a Space Marine would always be ~7 feet tall, but with the RAW you don't get the appropriate to-hit bonus even if he is unaware of the attack. Or naked. The Black Carapace only improves interaction with the suit, yet by all rights they should be Hulking even without the armour, so what difference should the Black Carapace negate here?

Oh well … it's probably an issue rooted in the rules for wearing armour more than the ones for playing/using Space Marines.

On the flipside, it could be argued that for the purposes of Marines reacting to this weapon, Hulking also does not apply here because they're much tougher than someone their size would normally be. It's a bit of a cop-out, but hey.
Ultimately, the biggest problem I see is that some big dude would not necessarily take as much damage as he would inflict on someone else were he to be thrown around. I understand that Toughness is supposed to take care of that, but I'm not sure it all works out in every possible situation. Might be interesting to give it a few test runs, though.

#10 WhiteLycan



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Posted 29 May 2013 - 03:44 PM

I totally forgot that space marines aren't counted as Hulking because of their black carapace. I think the hulking would count for the repulsor rifle, however, since I kinda imagined it as being based off of the target's mass, not their to-hit. Their hulking mixed with unnatural toughness would mean repulsor weapons would be pretty weak against space marines, anyway. Average 15 point reduction on their knock back range and 15 reduction on their fall damage. If it was a space marine in my example up there, he would have only taken 4 damage and a rifle wouldn't be able to hurt him at all =/. Be interesting to add a combined-fire capability to the weapon. Maybe I should increase the damage of the cannon since it (and most other cannons) is not really intended to be anti-personnel. 


At one stage of development for the repulsor can on I actually gave it the felling (1) quality but I took it out later. Maybe I should put that back in. 

#11 Amazing Larry

Amazing Larry


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Posted 08 June 2013 - 09:45 PM

Threw this together earlier today, not really an original creation so much as a rough adaptation of a tabletop weapon.


Name                          Class      Range         RoF    Damage     Pen      Clip     Rld                  Special                                        kg        Availability

Ogryn Ripper Gun    Heavy     25meters    -/3/-     1d10+8 I   Pen 0    51      2full         reliable, innacurate, scatter            30           rare

Can also be used as a melee weapon with the following profile: 2d10 Impact 0 pen unweildy, primitive


I thought about giving it the storm trait too, but my players are pretty low level so I'd rather not even though it probably should have it. As it is you put amputator shells in the thing and it's pretty damn harsh assuming it's being carried by someone with the right build.

#12 Spatulaodoom



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Posted 10 June 2013 - 12:38 AM

The Double Eagle.

This auto-weapon is a prototype created by Magos Proust Gershwin.

Two barrels poke from the mouth of a golden eagle head, and the two curved magazines, one feeding each barrel from the side, slide into extended magazine wells that look like spread wings. The Grox horn grips have been engraved with taloned bird feet gripping the Gershwin family crest


Proust experimented with versions that utilized a single large magazine loaded through the handle, but this required a more complicated loading mechanism, which was more prone to fowling. In the end he decided that a longer reload time was preferable to an unreliable weapon. Spent shell casings eject downwards, out the hollow handle.


Since it makes use of standard projectile ammunition rather than expensive bolt shells or the esoteric technologies of the plasma and melta weapons, it is relatively low tech and inexpensive to produce. It's meant for use by tank crews, downed pilots, navy personel, and others that don't have the space or capacity to carry a rifle (basic) class weapon, but need more firepower than can be provided by your average las pistol.


While the weapon can mow down lightly armored opponents with great efficiency, it's effectiveness declines sharply as the opponent's armor increases. Even still it can be moderately effective due to the “shotgun” like effect of so many bullets seeking weak points in the enemy's defenses.


The recoil of what is essentially a pair of autopistols firing on fully automatic is significant, and it is suggested that anyone wielding it make use of the small foregrip or a recoil gauntlet if one is available. Due to the weight of the slide the Double Eagle will not fire properly unless there are rounds in both chambers, all but guaranteeing a jam or other form of misfire.



Name Class Range RoF Pen Clip Reload Special Availability
Double Eagle Pistol 30M 1/-/5 0 40 2 full storm unique


Notes: The clip size is for both magazines. Individually they have 20 rounds each. This means the weapon can fire four full auto bursts before requiring reloading.

Like the hand cannon the Double Eagle requires either two hands, or a recoil glove to wield properly.

This weapon was created in a game that had already house-ruled down the effectiveness of Righteous Fury to a maximum of 1d10 extra damage rather than multiple chances at full weapon damage. The Double Eagle, as well as another player's recent acquisition of a storm bolter, resulted in further amendment of the rule to indicate that only a single additional attack roll was required to confirm or deny righteous fury for all shots in a single attack.

When he found out about the Magos's pet project the Rogue Trader he was serving with immediately demanded a pair for his own personal use. The Rogue Trader had a penchant for dual wielding pistols, and became quite fond of the weapons, referring to them as his favorite little dakkas.

#13 Errant



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Posted 10 June 2013 - 01:22 PM

Teehee, prone to 'fowling'.

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Posted 18 August 2013 - 08:47 PM

I made these up for my campaign taking place in a star cluster with a xenos race, the Goo'ha, and non-voidfaring humans on the world of Latavia.


Latavian Combat Rifle

Basic-Solid Projectile     Requires: S35 to wield

85m; S/3/-; 1d10+3 I; Pen 1; Clip 30; Reload 1 Full; Two-handed, Storm

This double barreled autogun utilizes an over-under barrel set up that is loaded by a drum magazine attached just in front of the trigger.  The magazine is drum shaped and covers both sides of the barrels allowing them to be fed from the sides by the same magazine, while the most common type of ammunition is steel “Puncher” rounds designed with a protruding spike to penetrate armor.  The higher gravity of Latavia gives the local populace the strength to take advantage of this design as weaker individuals would likely be knocked down by the strength required to wield this weapon, it is, however, incapable of full auto fire to prevent injury to the user.


Latavian Storm Cannon

Heavy-Solid Projectile

300m; S/2/5; 4d10+5 I; Pen 5; Clip 40; Reload 2 Full; Two-handed, Storm, Felling (1)

Like all Latavian weapons this double barreled weapon (side to side) is loaded with Puncher rounds and has fearsome recoil.  This heavy weapon has to be fired from a special tripod in order to manage the recoil of full auto fire with any accuracy.


Latavian Dueling Pistol

Pistol-Solid Projectile

35m; S/-/-; 1d10+3 I; Pen 1; Clip 10; Reload 2 Full; Accurate, Storm

With two side mounted barrels this dueling pistol is loaded with Punisher ammo through two tubes underneath both barrels.  Its intricate design is hard to produce and is reserved for officers and other important or wealth individuals.


Goo’ha Shardgun


95m; S/2/-; 1d10+4 I; Pen 2; Clip 20; Reload 1 Full; Two-handed

The default weapon of the Goo’ha that fires metal shards capable of impaling enemies


Goo’ha Shardcannon


325m; S/4/-; 3d10+7 I; Pen 5; Clip 80; Reload 2 Full; Two-handed, Felling (1)

The default heavy weapon of the Goo’ha that fires large metal shards capable of shooting through enemies

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