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Anarch deck

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#1 profligate



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Posted 19 October 2012 - 02:22 PM

I like Noise, but making his deck work well can be a challenge.  I always feel broke playing him.  He need to be played aggressively, making a lot of riskier runs early.

Events: 18 cards (11 influence)
Deja Vu X2
Stimhack X3
Infiltration X3
Sure Gamble X3
Easy Mark X3 (3 influence)
Forged Activation Orders X2 (4 influence)
Special Order X2 (4 influence)

Programs: 14 cards
Datasucker X3
Djinn X2
Medium X2
Parasite X3

Hardware: 5 cards
Cyberfeeder X3
Grimoire X2

Resources: 8 cards (4 influence)
Ice Carver
Wyldside X2
Armitage Codebusting X3
Bank Job X2 (4 influence)

Grand total: 45 cards (15 influence)

My intention with this deck is to mess with the corp's economy by destroying ice over and over using Parasite and Deja Vu.  Between that tactic and setting the deck up to make inexpensive runs, it should be possible to scrape by with the available credits.  Make early runs and scout with Forged Activation Orders, then use Special Order to pull out breakers in the order you need them.  Wyldside is your friend here; play it as early as you can and ride it in order to find your pieces ASAP.  Make sure you remember to run the Archives periodically just to keep the corp honest about what you mill off with your virii.

This deck feels so tight already.  I'd love to have one more each of Special Order and Forged Activation Orders, but it feels like the only way to get them is to drop the two Bank Job.  In a deck that feels as cash starved as it is, this seems counterproductive.  I've considered using Modded, but IMO it should be in addition to Easy Mark, not instead of it, and we're already pushed for influence.  I'd also like to play The Personal Touch, but again -- influence.

Thoughts, constructive criticism and suggestions welcomed. :)

#2 Surreal



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Posted 20 October 2012 - 11:40 AM

Looks good. I agree you want to be aggressive with Noise. I would remove Bank Jobs like you said but it depends on meta. I feel I get fewer and fewer chances to use a Bank Job. I would remove 2x Bank Job for 1x Forged Activation Orders and 1x Aesop. You want Aesop to finally remove Wyldside when you don't need it. Also you can sell some Datasuckers and get them back with Deja Vu. 

I would also consider adding more Mimic. You need sentry breaker to be aggressive otherwise one Rototurret might ruin your day by trashing your single Yog or Corroder and you have to worried of this when you are running blindly. I would remove one Stimhack to put at least second Mimic (maybe even 3rd). I might think of adding 3rd Wyldside also. Crash Space/Decoy is something to considered also depending on metagame. It sucks to be killed against Weyland so easily. Luckily Weyland Scorched is not great against Criminals so not many play it.

#3 profligate



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Posted 20 October 2012 - 04:53 PM

Thanks for the feedback.  I think you're right about pulling a single Stimhack for a second Mimic.  I like the idea of putting in an Aesop's Pawnshop; going to give that a shot too, as well as the third Forged Activation Orders.  I'd still like to find a way to put in a third Deja Vu, just for maximum Parasite recycling, but for now, sticking with your suggestions.

#4 R'kik D'nec

R'kik D'nec


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Posted 07 November 2012 - 11:03 AM

If you are thinking about putting Modded in, you should. More efficient than Easy Mark.

Drop one or two of the Stimhacks. You'll virtually flatline yourself if you use all three! Maybe that's how Anarchs get their kicks though! :) 

#5 profligate



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Posted 09 November 2012 - 11:14 AM

I very much like Modded in my Shaper deck, and I recognize that it's more efficient in terms of clicks -- in fact maybe even more importantly so with Wyldside in the mix. However, Easy Mark has the advantage of being actual credits, which can be used for anything. With the current layout of hard/software in the deck, Modded only reaches full potential with Mimic, Yog.0,The Grimoire and Medium, wasting credits on the Cyberfeeder, Parasite, Djinn, Datasucker, Wyrm and Corroder. Considering Cyberfeeder helps with Parasite, Medium and Datasucker, I'm not sold on Modded for this deck.


As for Stimhack, I think it's mandatory even with Easy Mark in the deck.  I usually make 1 or 2 runs with a Stimhack over the course of a game, and it's almost always there so I can score an agenda in a well-defended fort, either mid or late game, though it also has good use against Red Herrings.  I would hate to need a Stimhack for a run and not have access to it, so going fewer than 2 in the deck seems sub-par.

Despite not agreeing with your assessment, I do appreciate the feedback.  It helped me to really articulate the logic behind my previous decisions and feel more confident about my initial gut-feel assessment.

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