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A Galaxy of Guns!!!

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#1 lostguardguy



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Posted 13 October 2012 - 08:25 PM

The Imperium of Man is truly a galaxy of guns. So many forges, foundries, manufactorums, and weapon smiths producing solid projectile fire arms, las, bolt, plasma, and melta weapons. With such an unbelievably large number of variants in hand held death they could never all be completely listed. And to represent this staggering variety the makers of the games give us a surprisingly small number of any of these weapons to bring to bare against the enemies of the God Emperor.


So it is up to the players to make there own. To explore the galaxy of gun with the good old pioneers spirit. There is no status qwoe jest imagination and a bag of bullet. It is time to look up at the GMs. To shout in a defiant voice to that being beyond the heavens that controls life's direction for you lowly guardsmen and say "Excuse me Mister/Miss GM could I pretty please requisition a AK47 ( Assault Kapella "47"/ or other name that makes some sense) its an Armageddon rifle with a "clip" of 30 and one more damage and pen but has ridicules recoil giving it a -10 BS unless braced and cuts the range by 20%."


As well as up to the GMs to keep an open mind and even if something sounds ridiculous to you don't out right say NO try to meet half way. Bring the idea down to Tara. If you cant bring it down to a sensible level at least you tried and remember you have ultimate veto power .

Inconclution as a community we need to represent this galaxy of guns, so please put guns of your personal design here. So we can expand the galaxy one autogun, las cannon ,and bolt pistol at a time.

As well as any ideas for guns that you want to bring to your GM that your not shore about. So you can get a look through different eyes and see if its balanced.

#2 lostguardguy



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Posted 13 October 2012 - 10:02 PM

How to approch your GM [Step by Step]

  1. Be Prepared, Polite, and Courtuse: Make shore you're not being a 'tard' before you ask, as well as ready with the new weapon's stats and the old weapons stats (prefably from the book itself to show him/her your templit is lagit) along with some history  (the more the better to show you serious) and alway be polite.
  2. Location, Location, Location: Find time before or after a game and ask him (or if possible a mid game brake) when you and he/she can be some what alown. [Option1] Simply ask "Would it be possible to add/make/requistion/find a new gun in the game" [Option2] sutily lead into the topic "Isn't weird / Arent you supized that BL / FFG only put a hand-full of guns in the armory section?"  Something to that effect.
  3. Try, Try Again: If no to the frist part dont get dicuriged. Try making the point that it is a galaxy of guns but dont push to hard this is GM taratory and your truspassing (You dont want Slaneesh demons to come outa nowhere and **** ya jest cuz you asked rudly). Just enfasis that it would mean a lot to you and ask him/her to hear you out. Normaly you will be able to make your case. This is where part 1 comes in If you were a coutuse player you'll have better luck here, if you were polite talking to him/her you'll have better luck here, and if your're prepared with history, weapon stats, and how it could come to be in you hands (hipathedicly).

Example of the above:

Player :  "Excuse me Mister/Miss GM could I pretty please requisition a AK47, Assault Kapella "47".  Its an Armageddon autogun with a "clip" of 30 and one more damage and pen but has ridicules recoil giving it a -10 BS unless braced and cuts the range by 20%."

GM : "Well what dose that bring the stats to Player?"

 Player : "Ok, one sec, let me see I wrote it down some where . . . Ya here it is. It has range 80 metiers, single shot, 2 semi,and 6 in rock and roll mode, dam 1d10+5 with 1 pen, the mag holds 30, and reload takes a full round. Almost forgot it has Reliable and Kick like a grox qualities"

GM : "Kick like a grox?"

 Player : "The BS penalty thing."

GM : "Nice. Good integration of the universe."

Player :"Thanks. Soooooo is it ok, can I make the test?"

GM : "One sec, that sound pretty good but where dose the gun come from?"

Player : "Thought you never ask . . . " he says pulling out the Dark Heresy core rule book "In the Drusus Marches sub sector of the Calax . . ." He opens to page 288(pre marked for easy access)"On 47 Kellpa . . ."

GM : "I thought that was a war world?"

Player : "As it is said war is the mother of invention."

GM : "Isn't that adversity"

Player : "Same diff, anyway. Harsh fighting lead to the modification of an Armageddon autogun by a veteran guardsmen that was out of ammo. With a brake in the battling the guardsman reworked it to fire most popular round available. It was to the local big game hunting rifle's hence the added stopping power. But as most genus it was not realized till after his death. Soon after he returned to HQ holding his 9 kilo amalgamation of death dealing perfection he was executed for tech heresy. As soon as his summery execution was finished, not even before the Commissars bolt pistol could stop smoking the base was attacked and the Commissar only got one round of before it jammed on him with no other option he picked up the gun. The Commissar began firing into the on coming enemy even with its egregious recoil the results spoke for themselves. It dropped foe after foe with remarkable eaz. The tech priests noted its superiority to the weapon it once was and a short time after the victory that insewd "ancient" schematics of the weapon were found by the witnessing tech priests. And the weapon is in mass production on several Calaxis Hive and Forge world but still bares the name of the original world it saw its frist action on."

GM : "Nice story and a cool gun but I think it should be 5 not 6 for rock and roll mode. Plus with the new rules for full auto do you really think its guna get six hits, also make the dam 2d5+5, 0 pen and 2 full rounds to reload because of the mag's akword size and shape."

Player :" Ok I can exept that. So the last thing, I didnt make any sort of gess on, the rarity. "

GM : "What is an Armaggdon's rarity?"

Player : "Average."

GM : "Hummmm . . . well  were not exactly in the Calax and the gun isn't exactly standard, standand issue so increase the rarity by 2 degrees and we will get this set up and rolled up when we reconvean/before the next game" 

#3 Santiago



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Posted 14 October 2012 - 01:38 AM



I don't know if you have acces to Black Crusade but it has some cool rules for weapon mods and several examples.
One of my favourites is the SAW, the Belt fed Armageddon.




#4 lostguardguy



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Posted 14 October 2012 - 10:35 AM

Ya, I know. It's awesome that they added that. It is my favorite part of the BC as well but I didn't think it went in depth enough. Don't get me wrong I like the weapon up grade and down grade system a lot I just think its a bit limited. I also under stand that they can't put too much work into any one part of a game especially an unimportant part such as customizing a weapon but that's why we have this community. So we can expand on the things that the developers couldn't to and enhance the game. Because in the end it is all just for fun.



#5 lostguardguy



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Posted 21 October 2012 - 08:24 AM

Breaze LIght Defence belt fed Auto Pistol

Class Range  RoF   Damage Pen Clip  Rld    Specal    Wt.     Rarity

Pistol   20m  S/3/10   1d10I    0   100  Ful  Unreliable 2kg


Led Storm Heavy belt fed Auto Pistol

Class Range RoF Damage Pen Clip Rld Specal Wt Rarity

Pistol   30m  S/-/8  1d10+4I   0   100  Ful  Unreliable 2kg


Myarter Belt fed Auto Pistol

Class Range RoF Damage Pen Clip Rld Specal Wt Rarity

Pistol   20m  S/3/10   1d10I    0   100  Ful  Unreliable 2kg


Boomer Assult Launcher

Class      Range           RoF      Damage     Pen   Clip  Rld     Specal   Wt Rarity

Pistol   30m(20m)  S/-/-(S/-/-)  1d10+2I(*)    0(*)   5(1)  Ful  Unreliable 2kg



Class Range  RoF  Damage Pen Clip   Rld              Specal              Wt.   Rarity

Pistol   15m    -/3/-   1d10+5I    0     3    3Ful  Unreliable,Inaccurate 2kg


Maritte IX

Class Range  RoF  Damage Pen Clip    Rld              Specal             Wt.   Rarity

Pistol   25m  S/2/-    2d5+3I      0      6   2Ful                2kg


Thor Pointer

Class Range RoF Damage Pen Clip Rld Specal Wt Rarity

Pistol   40m  S/-/-   2d5+2I   0   100 Ful  Unreliable 2kg


#6 Plushy



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Posted 21 October 2012 - 10:05 AM

 Not a gun, but I think a Mono-Truncheon with the Concussive (0) quality makes a good representation of a Shock Maul.

As for guns… Belt-Fed Heavy Bolter with a Motion Predictor and a Custom Grip makes a pretty tasty version of the guns from Aliens.


-/-/8    1d10+8 X Pen 5   100    Rld Full     Tearing       with a +10 to hit when fired on Full-Auto.

My apologies to anyone I offend; FFG staff, playtesters, and forum users alike. 


Please check out my Dark Heresy to Only War conversion! You can find it on the main Only War forum. I'm always looking for more people to playtest it!

#7 lostguardguy



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Posted 21 October 2012 - 03:11 PM

Both are very nice. And when you say the gun from Aliens you mean the M56 Smart Gun right?

Also sorry about the last post by me. My computer is acting up. I'll have to repost it later.

#8 Angel of Death

Angel of Death


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 01:32 PM

Kavan Munitions
Maker of weapons that make you go huh.

Kavan Munitions “Deathstalker” Pistol

The Deathstalker is an odd mix of the a revolver and a monoedge fighting blade. The gun not the most accurate, given no sights and no way to mount any. And when used as a fighting blade, the gun part unbalance it. Still it finds it way into the hands of people, including some naval hands. As a result of the naval service it was also designed to also use the fragmenting ammo at the cost 40 throne per 20 rounds and it is Rare, when loaded with this ammo gains Primative and Tearing traits.

Class: Pistol (Solid Projectile)
Range: 25m
ROF: S/--/--
Damage:1d10+2 I
Penetration: --
Clip: 6
Rld: Full
Special: Inaccurate
Weight: 3.75 kg
Price: 120
Availability: Rare
as a Fighting Blade
Class: Melee
Damage:1d5+1 R
Penetration: 2
Special: Mono, Unbalanced.

Kavan Munitions “Kracker” Shotgun Pistol

The Kracker is one of the scariest weapons ever put into a pistol form. It fires standard shotgun shells out of it short barrel and 8 shot revolving cylinder. If the shot from one of these doesn’t knockdown your target, the noise and muzzle flash still may drive them for cover. Yet this weapon’s ferocious recoil, and poorly weight unblanced design, means that you need a strength bonus of 4+ to fire one handed. Now there is the Kracker 2, that adds a forward pistol grip who stats are in quotes where they change.

Class: Pistol (Solid Projectile)
Range: 15m (8m)
ROF: S/--/--
Damage:1d10+3 I
Penetration: --
Clip: 8
Rld: 2 Full
Special: Inaccurate, Scatter (Scatter)
Weight: 3.75 kg (4.25kg)
Price: 70 (100)
Availability: Rare

"For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"


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