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(Scenarios) X-Wing series, with miniatures?

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#1 shade666



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Posted 12 October 2012 - 12:50 AM

Hi pilots,

so here it is ! Maybe someone already talked about it, but anyway :

X-Wing licence made great video games. Why wouldn't we transpose the campaigns on table.


Not only the simulation of the starfighters was great, but the campaign itself and objectives of missions where really immersive.

Why? Because we have all differents missions sets ALREADY DONE :) And with original and specific situation to play, asking us for new rules and objectives. (For example I remember a mission where you were piloting an A-wing, and you had to get the 'ID' of an imperial convoy. -means : fly near each ennemy freighters while being chased)

Another good reason, is the "accessories" we have from the video game ! Guys : before playing on table with miniatures, we can 'watch' the mission objectives on a computer, using the briefing from the game ! :) Not so interesting, but funny :)
(watch the end of the video)


For the moment, it is too "soon" to develop a whole X-wing campaign "as in the video game" because we need more different starfighters and vessels.

But we could already think about some specific mecanics and content to 'adapt' :


- how to manage middle size ships on table ? (Corellian Corvette, Freighters, Nebulon-B, etc)

Idea : to keep it 'playable', I would suggest to use cardboards for this, not miniatures, and a bit smaller than the size used for starfighters. (so of course a Nebulon B cardboard will be "bigger" than a x-wing figurine, but will not be "as big" as it should be)
To explain the difference of sizes between starfighters models and the cardboard ships, we can simply explain we are in 3D, it is a perspective view and the "visual"of the middle size ship are smaller because "far".

- it isn't too much hardcore to realise and handle on table.
- you can easily move the cardboard ships on table, it doesnt need to stay stuck
- good compromise between having big ships in scenarios, and not needing a 5m table :)


- how to manage big size ships on table ? (Stardestroyer, Cruiser, etc)

For the moment, no idea what would be playable. Should it depends on the mission? Should it be virtual, should it move? What can starfighters do against it?


- Specific rules for campaign ?

- To be playable, shielded starfighters should be able to recharge their shield (using a house rule)
- Imperial are playing on overwhelming, so they could benefit from more respawn assaults (in case there is a space base, or a stardestroyer near)


Here is the link to the wiki of the game, and description of the missions.


That is it for the moment. See you in space, guys !


#2 drkjedi35



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Posted 12 October 2012 - 02:07 AM

Check out the player made missions and pilot cards here.  You might be able to find everything you need to start this process.

Player-made Missions and Stat Cards


#3 eagletsi111



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Posted 09 May 2014 - 12:16 PM

Darn.   Your link didn't work.

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